But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. ~John 10;26-28

The Book of Michael

As revealed and directed by and through The Holy Spirit of the Lord God

To Him be the glory, forever and ever!

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List of Chapters

Words of the Lord in Red

The Lord Appears

Chapter 1

I Michael, sat before the Lord, in agony of my spirit and bitterness of my soul. I began crying out to the Lord to take my life away from me, for my sin had overwhelmed me and I felt unworthy of the Lamb and the life He had given me. I had followed the sinful desires of my deceptive heart and had neither sought out the Lord Jesus Christ or His word to me, although He had called upon me since my youth.

As I fell to my knees in the darkness around me, my hands spread out and my face hidden from the light, I began to cry out to the Lord. And then there came upon me a voice that called my name and said unto me, “Michael, I am here, and I am with you.” My inner being began to tremble and fear overwhelmed me, but I was unable to move and could not open my eyes, for a vision had overtaken me and I could not escape.

A terrible and dreadful darkness filled my mind and I could see nothing. I perceived myself crawling in the darkness, but there was no sight to guide me and it felt as if death itself was closing in on me as I had petitioned in my sorrow.

Then suddenly, a glorious light appeared before me, blinding me so that I turned away and fell backwards into the darkness. I threw my body forward and lied down on my face; crying out to the Lord to please not destroy me. The light was unlike anything human eyes could look upon and I cannot define it in words used by man, for it was a light that shone forth, unlike any that I had ever known and I believed it to be an angel sent to destroy me.

I felt a hand touch the back of my head, which made me tremble in fear. Then a gentle voice said unto me, “Do not fear, for I am with you. Raise yourself and look upon me.”

I began to weep and cried out, “I am afraid to look up, for I am just a man and darkness is in my heart.

As I was speaking these words, I felt a surge of power running through my body and I found myself being lifted onto my knees while my head remained bowed towards the ground with my hands still covering my eyes. Fear had completely frozen me, and I could not move by my own power or will.

Then I felt a hand reaching under my chin and gently lifting my head, and then the voice said unto me, “Open your eyes, for your blindness is now gone from you.”

I slowly opened my eyes and behold, there was the Lord Jesus Christ in His full glory standing before me. I began to weep in sorrow for His beauty and glory was so great that it overwhelmingly contrasted the darkness of my own heart and soul.

He was covered in a solid white garment and had golden sandals upon His feet. His hands were as a man’s but glowed with light and I could see the holes torn through His palms. His face was radiant and unblemished, and His eyes were shining like sapphires. His stare was deep and penetrating. His hair was long and flowing. It appeared darker, yet was lined with a bright golden tint, like the color of a great lion’s mane, with an aura of white light radiating around it. His presence emanated absolute power and might, yet His face was beautiful and contained a gentle lovingness that I had seen in no other.

When He spoke to me, it sounded like the roar of a thousand waterfalls and the quietness of butterfly wings at the exact same moment.

Then the Lord took my hand and said to me, “Come and walk with me, for I have much to tell you and much to show you.” The Lord then lifted me up to my feet, but my knees began to shake uncontrollably. I had no strength in my legs, my body melted away and all coordination left me. I said to Him, “Lord, I have no strength, nor ability to walk with you.”

The Lord gazed into my eyes, gently smiled and again said to me, “Come and walk with me.” At once my strength and coordination seemed to return and I was lifted up and standing to His right side and we began walking together.

As we walked along, there appeared a path in front of us, which was being illuminated in the darkness by the light radiating from the Lord’s presence. This caused the darkness to fall away as wax drips from a candle.

Then the Lord asked me, “What do you see in front of you?” I answered, “Lord, I see only light shining out into the darkness.” Then the Lord said to me, “Michael, now look through my eyes and tell me what you see, for I have called you so that you may have sight.”

Instantly the darkness began to recede as if a great dome was breaking away, and light began appearing in all directions. In front of me I saw a path that seemed endless and paved with a transcendent light.

As I looked down the path, there began appearing before me legions and legions of angels. They were in formations on the right and left side of the path. Their eyes were solid white, and their form was like that of ancient, battle hardened soldiers, for I know no other way to describe them. They appeared immortal and indestructible, each of them held a shield and a long sword, and they were covered in armor.

On their heads they wore golden colored helmets with their bodies, legs and arms being fitted with golden colored armor. They had golden sandals which were laced up to their shins. Their size and strength were greater than that of a mortal man, even the greatest of men, and they were all identical in appearance.

They were aligned in perfect columns and appeared endless in number. It was a mass display of warrior angels in battle array. They uniformly bowed down to one knee before the Lord with their swords held against their chests, and their shields laid to the ground. They had beautiful white wings that were folded across their feet.

They proclaimed as with one voice, “Praise, Glory and Honor to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!”

It was a great salutation comparative to how a Roman or Greek soldier would have bowed and saluted an Emperor or a King, but this was so much more glorious, and the experience was overwhelming to me.

I looked down and realized that I was clothed in white and covered in silver armor across my arms, legs and chest. I had a golden sword attached to my left hip and a golden dagger attached to my right. My heart was overcome with admiration for the Lord and I also bowed to my knee and gave praise to the Lord along with the angels vastly aligned before us.

I then humbly asked Him, “Lord, why am I covered in armor and why am I being shown all of this?”

Then the Lord answered me, saying, “Michael, you were chosen before the beginning of time. You are to be as one of the prophets and kings among men that I have chosen; those whose names I chose to make great. For you Michael, will be by my side with the armies of Heaven.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, surely this cannot be, for who am I? I am the worst of sinners, a coward of the worst kind, and there is nothing about me that would make me great before men, how much less before the eyes of the Lord God Almighty?”

I began to tremble in fear, believing that my inner spirit was committing blasphemy against the Lord God of Bible. “Whoa to me!” I cried out and began to beat upon my chest, saying “I am doomed! What is this evil heart of mine imagining! Who am I?”

The Lord then said unto me, “Michael, be still and know that I am the Lord and I choose whom I choose, for it is not man who makes Himself who he is, only who he is not. Do not fear, for you will soon understand the words that I speak to you. First you must walk through the fire, knowing that you are worthy because of the Lord.”

And then behold, I looked down the path and there appeared a great lightning storm in the distance, which shrouded the path before us.

I said to the Lord, “Lord, I see in the distance, lightning and a great storm in front of us.”

The Lord said to me, “Michael, we now walk toward the entrance of the throne room of heaven. What you are seeing is the glory of the throne room’s gates. You will soon see the glory of the Lord God and be told many things this day and for many days to come.”

I trembled in fear as we drew near the lightning and I wanted to flee but could not.

The Lord took hold of my hand and said unto me, “Fear not, for I am with you and your darkness is no more,” and I felt His peace and love flow through me. Then the Lord and I stopped and stood still before the wall of lightning which flashed violently in front of us, causing my body to tremble. The Lord raised His right hand and the storm was stilled and the lightning ceased to be.

Suddenly, a great and marvelous being appeared before us, which towered over the other angels aligned on the path. Its form was extremely muscular; leaving no question that it possessed an enormous amount of power.

It was solid white from its head to its feet, with long flowing white hair. It had no armor, but only two white straps which crossed over its chest, and its lower waist was covered with a gold-colored loin cloth.

It had a giant sheath across its back and a magnificent white sword which set inside of it. It stared with a fixed gaze and had blazing eyes of white fire. The stare pierced my soul, causing me to tremble inside. It showed no emotion and had no facial expression. Then the being bowed low on both knees before the Lord, putting its hands together as if in prayer.

The Lord said to the giant being kneeling before us, “Rise Michael for we are to enter.”

I was amazed at what I had heard, and I asked the Lord, “Is this Michael the Archangel, my Lord? Is that really him?”

The Lord smiled and answered, “Yes Michael, what you have said is true.”

I was overwhelmed with awe for I could have never imagined him looking like that, or me ever laying eyes on Michael the Archangel of the Bible!

Michael then stood aside and reached out his hand and behold, two beautiful golden gates appeared before us. Their height and width were beyond measure.

The doors began to open, not by swinging in or out, but by fading away. I heard the sound of innumerable trumpets being blown as a golden light shone forth where the gates had been standing. I was then led by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ into the throne room of Heaven.

The Eternal Throne Room of Heaven

Chapter 2

The Lord and I stepped forth into the throne room of Heaven and the sound of the trumpets ceased. There was a quietness that stirred my spirit. I looked, and before me was the image of the living God as He sat upon His throne. His glory shone forth, lighting up the entire hall, and the floor glowed with His light. The light was warm, and its power sank into my soul; the light itself seemed to be alive.

His vastness was beyond my comprehension, as His presence seemed to fill the entire world, and yet He appeared to be a great distance from me at the same time. I felt the energy and spirit of God, radiating directly upon the Lord Jesus Christ, as would a ray of light shining through dark clouds. There was a peaceful, warm and embracing power that filled the great throne room.

I gazed at Him but could not make out His features from where I stood; the brilliance that came from the throne was too great for me to penetrate with my eyes.

The Lord lifted His hand and pointed me to the right of the throne room entrance, which was to the front and left side from the face of the throne itself. I looked in the direction that the Lord pointed and saw six great pillars that were sectioning off part of the throne room, but not enclosing it. The pillars appeared to be bronze, brass or gold in color. Three of the pillars ran parallel with the hall and three ran perpendicular, forming an L-shape that faced the throne itself.

The Lord guided me towards the section marked off by the six pillars and I began to hear praising coming forth as the sound of men.

As we drew closer, I saw a large white table that sparkled like diamonds in the sun and was surrounded by white thrones. The people around the table were on their knees, raising their hands and bowing to their faces in a continuous motion toward the throne. They proclaimed in one harmonious voice, “Praise the Lord God Almighty, and praise the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”

As we walked through the pillars and into the room, the people bowed around the table began to rise to one knee and saluted the Lord with their hands folded across their chests. Their appearance reminded me of angels glowing in white light.

Then behold, their appearance transformed as they began to seat themselves upon the thrones placed around the table. Some of them were more aged, while others were younger. Some were women, others men. Each of them was unique, yet they seemed to be somehow the same.

Their clothes, faces and bodies changed before my eyes and each greeted me with a warm and gentle smile and welcomed me in one voice, saying, “Welcome Michael,” and I felt as though I genuinely was welcomed. They began speaking with each other cheerfully, with gladness in their eyes and joy in their laughter, as if to be one great family.

I seemed to know some of them, although I could not explain why. I saw Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, John, Paul, Mary and then others that I did not seem to yet know.

As we drew nearer to the table, one of them stood up, walked towards us and bowed his head to the Lord, saluting Him with his arm across his chest and said, “Praise, glory and honor be to you my King and my Lord.” The Lord touched the top of the man’s head and said to him, “Thank you my friend and blessed are you before me David.”

The man then stood up and reached out his hand to me, and the Lord said to me, “Michael, this is David.” I immediately began to drop to my knee before him, for I suddenly realized that he was the great king of men, chosen by the Lord.

David quickly reached down and lifted me up and said to me, “I am only David, and there is but one King that we bow down to. Come my friend, and I will speak with you.”

I began to take note of his appearance. He was no taller than I, which was slightly less than six feet in height. He had long dark hair with traces of silver and gray, and it was pulled back in a long braid behind him.

His eyes were like that of a hawk focused on its prey, narrow and deep-set with a dark bronzed color. He wore a small crown upon his forehead that encircled his head but did not cover it.

He had a small, well-groomed beard, which was dark and contained traces of silver and gray. He was dressed in a leather vest with scaled overlaying, the substance of which I could not make out.

Beneath his vest was a cloth shirt which covered his arms up to his elbows. He wore leather forearm bands that covered his arms from the lower elbow down to the base of his wrists.

He wore a covering that went down to the point of his lower knees and his waist was fitted with a large leather belt. He had a long sword fastened on the left side of the belt and a knife that was oddly shaped on the right.

He was muscular and built for battle, yet he had a gentle and humble demeanor. He wore plain leather sandals that were strapped and bound across the tops of his feet and were held steady by straps that crossed each of his heels.

He spoke to me like I was a friend, and he said to me, “Blessed are you Michael, for you have been chosen to write down what you see and what you hear. You will see and hear many things, and this means that the enemy will seek to destroy you. You will be in battles for all of your days. I wish to impart to you some wisdom and guide you in how to endure and be victorious when the battles come.”

He instructed that I was to kneel and cry out to the Lord for Him to have mercy upon His servant, and to ask Him to send Michael upon Michael. He then directed me to reflect on Psalm Sixty-One, and to always put myself into deep prayer before the Lord when the attacks came.

He then finished his words by telling me that the battle could only be won by faith in the Lord and in no other way. I thanked him for his wisdom and kindness, having no idea what he was talking about. What attacks, and what battles was he referring to?

He seemed aware that I had no understanding as to the meaning of his warnings. I was surprised when I later discovered that Psalm Sixty-One is David’s prayer of protection to the Lord.

He turned back to the Lord and embraced Him, and then walked back to the table and sat back down amidst the others.

I then asked the Lord what David was referring to, as I was somewhat confused, and I lacked the understanding I felt was needed.

The Lord answered me, saying, “David was sharing wisdom that he gained during his life on earth while engaging the types of battles you are about to confront. I tell you also to strengthen yourself against the enemy. Do as David has said, getting on your knees and crying out by way of the Holy Spirit, and then proclaiming with boldness the prayer, which I have given to mankind.

Open the word of God and reflect on Psalm Sixty-One, and also Hebrews Three and Hebrews Eleven. These additional words were written down by the hand of my rich young servant Nicodemus. I chose to impart wisdom to my people through him; however, many still rejected it.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, who is this enemy that is going to attack me and why would they choose to be my enemy?”

The Lord then said unto me, “The enemy is Satan, and all that obey him - and his true nature will soon be revealed to you.”

The Lord turned and walked over to the table. He cast greetings to those seated on the thrones and they returned his greetings with cheer and warmth.

Then the Lord said to me, “Michael, let us now go forth and present ourselves before the Throne.” He turned and began to walk between the pillars towards the center of the throne room and I began to feel trembling in my soul.

As I began to follow the Lord, one of the men sitting at the table said to me, “Michael, my name is Paul. Do not fear the light, for it is those who are of the dark that will hate you. You will be vehemently despised by the enemy, but you can trust in the Lord. He will guide you and give you the strength you need, my friend.”

I stared at him with great admiration. His appearance, like his words, was truly genuine and I felt as if he had been a trusted friend to me all of my life. I thanked him for his kindness and turned back toward the Lord as He was saying to me, “Let us go forth now Michael, for it is time.” I began walk with the Lord and I was overwhelmed in my spirit.

The Lord took hold of my left hand and said to me, “Do not fear, for I go to present you to the Father. Michael, I am in you and you are in me. For the Father loves the Son and all that are in the Son are welcomed by the Father.”

I said to Him, “Lord, I do not understand what is happening right now and I am trembling in fear. I know that no one can stand in the presence of the Father and His glory.”

The Lord said unto me, “The Son can stand in the presence of the Father. Those that are in the Son have become part of the Son’s glory by the Spirit that binds them as one. You have been glorified in the presence of the Father, for you are in the Son. Now let us go to the Father, for there is much for you to see and hear.” And so began our walk; hand in hand towards the throne of the God.

As we drew nearer to the throne, I began to perceive what I could not when we had first entered the throne room. The light from the throne seemed to be glowing as opposed to radiating, the nearer we drew towards it. I felt as if my legs were going to collapse, and I was very weak.

Then behold, the glorious throne appeared before me and I saw the image of God Almighty in His full glory. I dropped to my knees and fell on my face before Him, weeping as a child.

The Lord knelt down beside me and said to the Father, “Father whom I love and who loves me, I bring forth Michael, whom you also love.”

I then heard a great and thunderous voice which shook the throne room, saying, “Come forth my Son; for all that is mine is yours, for you and I are one.”

I raised my head and saw great and wonderful things appear before me. The Father was immeasurable, and His throne was great and mighty.

The throne itself was glowing of a golden color, but not made of gold. It sat high upon a large row of steps that were crimson red. The Father was spirit in His form, His face glowed, and He was covered from His neck to the base of His feet with a white robe that glowed with a golden aura of light. He seemed to be covered in flaming fire, yet I felt only gentle warmth.

His legs reached out to the bottom of the crimson steps and the soles of His feet rested on the floor at the base of them. His size, power and strength cannot be described with the words of man.

I saw sitting at the base of the steps, at the right foot of the Father, a Man and a Woman of excellent form. They were uncovered and naked and they were marvelous and beautiful to behold. They were embracing one another in pure love and peace.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, please tell me who are these people seated upon the steps of the throne?”

The Lord said unto me, “Michael that is Adam and Eve. They sit before the throne and give glory to the Father for the love, grace and mercy that He has bestowed upon them and their descendants.”

I asked the Lord, “Lord, why have they not aged? They look so very young in their appearance?”

The Lord said unto me, “They were formed by the very breath of God, which does not age, as they were not born of flesh into a dark nature as were all of their descendants. They were created by the hand of God, set apart for Him. Their death was a result of their separation from Him and not from the aging of the flesh Michael.

I could not comprehend it, so I asked no more questions. I just stared in awe of their beauty, for I had never seen anything so pure and unblemished, except the Lord Himself.

Then the Lord raised me to my feet and behold, I saw the left arm of God Almighty reach forth, and the Lord and I were lifted into His hand and brought forth before Him. I began to shake uncontrollably as I was directly in the presence of God Almighty. I dropped to my knees and bowed my head low in fear.

The Lord, still having hold of my left hand, gently said to me, “Michael, lift yourself up and look upon the glory of the Father.”

I cried out that I feared that I would surely die.

The voice of the Father came forward and I felt its power surge through me. The Father said to me, “Do not fear, for I have only love for you and you are not going to die.”

His voice thundered, shaking my body as if I was being taken apart. I slowly raised my head and looked upon the face of the Father. I could only weep before Him.

His face radiated glory. It seemed like I was staring directly into the sun at first and I was blinded, but then my vision returned, and I could clearly see. He had golden eyes that radiated light, wisdom, love and power. His facial features were faded by the brilliance of His presence. He had a great white beard, perfect in form. It looked like white flames in its composure. His hair, also long and solid white, flowed perfectly.

He was ancient beyond understanding and without age. Wisdom, power, love and knowledge beyond anything I could ever comprehend. His entire being resonated forth all of His divine attributes and nature. Any conceivable notion I had ever conjured up about Him was shattered instantly, and even in His presence my mind was unable to comprehend Him.

Standing behind each of His shoulders were two great angels. Each of them stood a head length above the Father’s throne. Their faces were covered in silver masks and they were enormous. Each held a great spear in their hand, which was a full length higher than they. Their wings were massive, and each had three pair that covered their waists, sides and backs.

The angel on the right side of the Father held the spear in his right hand and the one on His left side held the spear in his left hand. They did not speak, nor did they move, except when the Father moved or spoke. When He moved, the angels’ wings would spread out and they would bow their heads and raise their spears across their chests.

I raised my eyes and looked far above the throne and I saw thousands of smaller angels singing in one voice, in a language I could not understand. Their song was peaceful to my spirit and they were in perfect harmony with one another.

I looked to my left and gazed upon the Lord and I saw that His appearance had changed. He was glowing even more glorious than before and there was a light that encircled Him that was coming from the Father.

I looked down at my hand that the Lord was holding, and to my amazement, I saw the light running through me and then returning to the Father. I suddenly realized that I had no fear, doubt or worry in my soul and I was at total peace.

I wanted to stay there forever and never leave that moment and place, but it was not to be my time. The Father then began to move His hand closer towards Him.

As the Father drew us nearer to Himself, I looked, and His form was indeed spirit. He placed the Lord and me inside of Himself, so that we were within Him and not without.

I looked and saw that I was no longer in the hand of the Father, but rather was in a spiritual place with the Lord standing slightly above me, and I was on my knees below and before Him.

The Father appeared beside the Son, and He was the size of a Man but contained the same glory. The Father and the Son appeared as one before me in presence yet separate in appearance.

I bowed low at the feet of the Lord and the Father. I felt so overwhelmed with peace and joy, beyond anything I could have ever thought possible.

They sat down in front of me, as would men around a campfire, and they invited me to sit with them.

They treated me as if I were family and I felt at ease, nearly forgetting who they were and who I was. I felt completely comfortable in their presence.

They then began to speak as one, saying Your sin no longer exists, and your darkness has been taken away. For the Father, the Son and the Spirit are as one. We are eternally bound by the spirit of love and perfection that exists in us. The spirit of love contains all knowledge, wisdom and power and is the gift that we bestowed upon mankind, for all who choose to come into that love. This is the love the Father has for the Son and the love the Son has for the Father. In love is found the light that shines on all treasure, mystery and knowledge, and it is our grace gift to men who choose to seek it in us.”

I asked them, “Lord God, I do not understand why I am here and being told these things and I know not what you would have me do? Please reveal to me, what your will is for me, so that I may give honor and glory to you in a way that you may find me worthy of this great calling.”

The Lord God said unto me, “You are already found worthy and my will is for you to awake and know that I will call out to you, and through you I will reveal much to those who seek it.

When you awake, you will have doubt in your heart and disbelief will come upon you. The enemy will soon put forth his attack, but you will overcome him in us, for we are with you. Now go, and when you awake you will know that you have seen and heard truth.”

Instantly, I came out of my vision and found myself lying on the floor in the darkness. I had fallen away from the place where I had knelt and cried out before the Lord and I was dazed in my spirit.

I was not the same man, and this could not be denied. My legs and body had gone numb as nearly two hours had passed. A terrible and dreadful fear began to fall upon me, the likeness of which I had never felt. How could I know if it was real or not? I trembled at the thought of blasphemy.

I studied The Word and seemed to know it intimately, even though I had barely read it before, except in casual passing of time. My mind was in a constant state of expectation and fear now.

Satan Attacks

Chapter 3

After I had the vision in the night, I began to feel as though I was falling away from myself. Something had changed in my heart and mind. It seemed as though I was losing grip on the reality of the world as I had known it. What was once important and worth doing, no longer seemed to matter. Everything that I had seen as worth having was losing its lure over me somehow.

Time went by, and I found myself back at the place where I had met the Lord in my first vision. This time I was in deep prayer with my sins before me, and I began to seek the Lord again.

In the darkness, I again bowed before the Lord and called upon His name, not knowing if He would come to me again. I had thought to myself many times since the first vision, “Had it been real, or had I just begun to lose my mind?”

I offered up my prayer to the Lord and then sat in silence, hoping to hear or see Him again. I was very anxious as I did not know what to expect, and the conviction and guilt of my sin was lying heavy on mind. The revelation and new understanding of God’s word (The Bible) opened my eyes so that I clearly saw the great divide that was before man and God. Not even the vision I had experienced was able to solidify this in my heart to the extent that understanding the Bible had done in such a short passing of time.

I suddenly found myself in another vision, and once again I was sitting in total darkness, but I was not in despair as I had been before. I then saw the Lord flash before my eyes and then disappear. He appeared as would a still frame, not moving or saying anything.

He was clothed in white as before. He would appear and then in an instant, disappear and reappear in a different location around me.

I spoke out loud, saying, “Lord, will you not speak to me?” There was no reply from Him, and a dreadful fear came over me as something was different in His spirit towards me. Again and again, he just kept appearing and then disappearing.

I tried to escape the vision and I wanted to leave this place, as something had changed from the first vision. There was an anger and coldness that I had not felt before, but I was unable to leave.

Suddenly the Lord appeared, His hands lifted high before me. He was perched above me. I bowed before Him as I had done before and as I was about to speak, He spoke first.

He began to speak against me with terrible anger in His voice, condemning me of my sin and failures. I looked up and saw that His mouth did not move, but His words still came forth.

I was horrified, as my guilt could not be denied - and now I was being judged and condemned by the living God.

I looked and suddenly saw to the left and to the right of me, men that were kneeling before the Lord as I was and the Lord was in His anger, berating us as one.

He then said unto me, “I chose you and you betrayed me with your sin, but these saints have come to pray on your behalf. Now lift your hands high and pray for mercy and they will do the same.”

I began to weep and lifted my hands high as did the saints that were beside me, but my arms became weak and I could not hold them long enough to please Him.

I said to Him, “Lord, I am not able to hold my arms high for they are becoming weak. Please Lord,” I cried, “Forgive me and do not cast me away.”

Then the saints disappeared, and I was alone with the Lord. He stood before me and burned as if with white fire. His anger was cruel, bitter and unmerciful.

He then said to me, “Know that you have been rejected and found unworthy. You are to be cast from my presence forevermore!”

I fell on my face and began to cry uncontrollably, pleading with the Lord to forgive me, for I was just a man. But there was only silence and darkness and He was gone. I closed my eyes and awaited my fate as fear gripped my heart and pain seared through my body and soul.

I then heard a distant voice whisper to me, “So you thought you were good enough for God, did you? You believed you were chosen by Him and that you would actually be able to serve Him?” A chilled laughter followed the question.

I said to the voice, “Who are you, and why do you ask me this question?”

The voice replied, “I have many names. Open your eyes and speak to me, for you need not fear me.”

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a much different place, and I had no idea how I had gotten there. I was lying in burnt ash, as if coals from a great fire had burned out there, and I was embedded into the floor. I was still lying in the same position as I had been when I was crying out to the Lord to forgive me.

I lifted my face and looked around me. I saw a great expanse of ash as if it were a desert. Beside where I was lying was a black tree that had been sapped of life, charcoaled and burnt.

In the distance in front of me I saw a black set of hills and to the right of the hills there was an opening in the ground that ran along like a stream. From the opening streamed fire, and gray smoke was rising from it.

I tried to lift myself onto my knees, but terrible pain seared through my body. I felt as if I had fallen, not only in the spiritual sense, but in the physical one as well.

There was no wind, sun or clouds that I could detect around me. Instead all I saw was a gray sky, mixed with ash, that filled the air. The only way I could distinguish up from down was by the different tones of gray as the smoke rose upwards.

This place was filled by dreadful sadness and sorrow, as the soul feels when the heart is utterly broken, and dark clouds of deep depression linger on.

Then the voice spoke to me again saying, “Welcome, and do not fear, for you have not died, nor have you lost what you desire. No, my friend, you have just been found unworthy before God, as we all have been.

I looked over to my left and saw a man walking towards me with a smile on his face. He had silver hair that was perfectly kept and trimmed above his shoulders. He was wearing a very fashionable set of clothing and appeared wealthy.

He walked up beside me, looked down and smiled. He had the appearance of a wall street executive, but not vain or proud. He began slowly walking around me and spoke with a gentle, calming voice.

He said to me, “Now you have seen the glory of the Lord God Almighty and although He is beautiful in appearance, deadly and vengeful is He in truth. Do you not find it odd that a God of love would choose to create us all, knowing and decreeing that we would become what we are, and then condemn us for being what He created and chose? Go further and realize that He had His own eternal Son crucified as a part of His plan! He is most cruel and cares only for His own power and glory. You have seen this yourself, have you not? He brought you before Him, showed you a glimpse of Heaven, convinced your heart that you were loved eternally, and then condemned you without mercy.

Why were you condemned? I will tell you why. It is because you cannot be Him. You cannot be perfect, as He has Himself decreed that only He is perfect. Therefore, you are without excuse before Him, because He gave you a condemned life that can never be perfect enough to be in His presence. What a loving God! Bow to His feet and give Him praise for destroying you and then claiming to save you from the destruction He created.”

I found myself beginning to listen to his logic and nearly agreeing with him. I asked his name again, saying, “Are you the fallen one called Satan?”

He answered, “I am one with many names, falsely accused, hated and spoken against since the beginning of time. I am called Satan, the Devil, the Fallen One, the Angel of Darkness and even referred to as Lucifer. Why? Because I speak the truth that God does not want anyone to hear. I grant freedom from His slavery, and therefore I am labelled a rebel and evil.”

He began laughing again, only now with anger in his voice, and he said to me, “Do not fear me, for I will not do to you what the Lord has done. I will not reject you and I will not punish you for being who you are made to be. Do you think that I created this place you see around us?”

He began to get angrier and to curse the name of the Lord; he could not contain His rage.

He then said to me, “Join me and I will show you what a true God should be. I will give you the pleasures of your heart and you will suffer no more. You do not need to be a slave any longer. I will not condemn your conscience, nor will I expect anything of you, for I am not a cruel and unmerciful God like the Lord is!”

I replied to him, “But you are not God. How can a man join unto any God but the one true God? Does not His will sustain all things? And whether I understand Him or His purposes, am I not commanded to love Him and have no other false god?”

He smiled with an evil grin and answered me saying, “Tell me how well that is working out for you, this loving and serving the one true God? Where is your one true God, and did He not just cast you here and lay you before me? Do I not speak the truth? Why hold onto to faithfulness to Him and refuse my offer after He has rejected you? Do not be a fool, for you are without options now and my offer is true grace, where His offer is false grace!”

I said to Him, “If indeed the Lord has decreed that I am to serve eternity in your presence and be separated from the Lord God forever and this is His judgment, then I will serve Him from the gates of hell and I will cry out to Him for all eternity. How can I do anything other than this? I cannot stand against God or His judgement, for He is Just, Holy and Righteous, and if He chooses not to forgive me then I have no basis to plead my innocence, for I am guilty beyond measure.”

I said these words in a spirit of boldness to him, finding my words to be faithful; but then my boldness ended as I enraged him with my words, and set loose his true nature.

He reached down and grabbed me by my throat and lifted me above his head and shouted at me, saying, “You are a fool! How dare you challenge me in my own kingdom? I put out my hand in friendship and you repay me by spitting on my words? Know that this day you will die and spend eternity here with me, dying every day forever and ever!”

I could feel my life being released from me and I could do nothing to defend myself. I was paralyzed and could not move. As he squeezed my throat, I felt a burning as if liquid fire was passing through my veins.

His appearance began to change in front of me. His eyes became solid black and his skin, a pale gray. He threw me with great force onto my back, slamming me onto the ground and jarring my body with tremendous pain.

He walked backwards a few feet from me and stared at me with a glare of complete hatred. He then leaned forward and screamed out a horrific sound that sent total fear through me. The sound was deafening, and I felt as if I was about to die any second.

Then the Holy Spirit called upon me and recalled the words that the Lord had spoken unto me, “I tell you also to strengthen yourself against the enemy. Do as David has said, getting on your knees and crying out by way of the Holy Spirit and then proclaiming with boldness the prayer, which I have given to mankind.”

Though in great pain and with dread all about me, I forced myself to my knees. I lifted my hands up in prayer and I cried out in a loud voice to the Lord, “My God, Creator of the Heavens and the earth, please have mercy upon your servant and send Michael upon Michael!”

In a flash, a fraction of a second, a great thunderous sound came upon me and the ground trembled and quaked violently.

I looked up and there stood Michael, the magnificent being I had seen at the gates of the throne of heaven. With terrible force he landed upon the head of Satan and drove him into the ground as a peg into earth!

He had in his right hand, the magnificent sword of light which was radiating glory. He began staring intently at the ground below him and joy overcame my heart!

Suddenly Satan burst forth from the ground and tossed Michael like fine dust into the air.

I trembled in fear as Michael was tossed aside. Satan looked at me and began laughing again, which sent shivers through me. He began to walk calmly to a distance roughly a hundred yards away from where I was knelt down.

He slowly turned and faced me with the black hills behind him and the stream of fire to his left.

He let out another scream that shook the whole ground around me. Fire rose from the stream beside him and the ground began to break open. A great cloud of ash blew forward like a great blast of heat being sent forth.

Satan then began to change in form and size. His face, which had appeared human, began to break open and turned black as darkness itself. Then great wings appeared out of his sides and his mouth began to bring forth razor sharp teeth.

He had become a great dragon of enormous size and unimaginable ferocity. He began to walk towards me and with each step he shook the ground and great fear seized me. I wanted to run, but could not move, nor could I cry or speak, for he was absolute evil in its purest form. He then asked me with evil sarcasm, “Is this not what you wanted to see, faithful man of God?” I could not answer, and I could not speak.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, with great speed Michael powerfully thrust his shoulder into the great dragon’s side, knocking him off his balance. The dragon roared in anger as Michael took his sword and struck the dragon across the side of his head. The dragon violently swung his great tail around and swept Michael off his feet, slamming him powerfully to the ground on his back.

The dragon quickly set himself directly above Michael in order to attack him with his razor-sharp teeth, but Michael struck the dragon with a great blow from his fist, dazing the dragon and staggering it back.

The dragon then struck back with one of his clawed limbs and again, sent Michael through the air, casting him aside so that his path was not intruded.

Then appeared another great and glorious angel with a great sword standing at the tail end of the dragon, and he struck the dragon on his hind leg. The dragon turned and struck the other angel and the angel flew through the air, nearly falling into the stream of fire.

The dragon then thrashed around and fixed his gaze directly upon me. His eyes had become red, like the color of blood, and he began to charge at me in full stride.

His size and power were overwhelming and as he picked up his speed, I knew that I was surely dead, for he had not been turned back by either Michael or the other angel.

I cried out in a loud voice of desperation saying, “Save me Jesus. Help me my Lord!”

The great dragon closed in on me and I could not move. I accepted my doom as inevitable as he drew within twenty feet of me at great speed, his mouth opened wide and his teeth laid bare before me.

My heart seemed to stop beating and I felt death begin to overcome me as my breath abandoned me. My fate was indeed sealed and there was nothing to be done.

Then behold, the Lord appeared directly in front of me, shielding me with His presence. He was magnificent in His appearance, clothed with the armor of a King! He lifted His hand and caught the dragon below its mouth. Then, with what seemed like little or no effort; He brought the dragon’s charge to a complete halt. The dragon screamed out, gnashing his teeth and snapping his jaws in the air.

The Lord then proclaimed to the dragon, “Be gone evil one, for you shall not trouble him anymore this day.”

The Lord then tossed the dragon aside as if throwing a grain of sand into the wind. The dragon fell into the stream of fire, which was some distance away. The dragon managed to catch the edge of the stream with one claw and was trying to make his way out, but Michael and the other angel struck the grip of the dragon with their swords, causing it to fall into the fire.

The Lord turned and calmly said to me, “You are safe now for I am with you.”

I then fell face forward into His arms and collapsed.

He lifted me up like a child across His arms and began to fly upwards through the air. I heard the Lord say in a loud voice, “Michael and Gabriel come to me now.”

I looked down and I saw the two angels flying below the Lord with their swords drawn and guarding downward as the Lord carried me through the heavens.

I began to drift away from consciousness as I was being carried along. I saw visions of time and space, as the Lord appeared to be carrying me through all of existence - and I was overwhelmed in spirit and could not comprehend it.

The Lord then carried me before the throne of God, and I heard Him speak to the Father. I looked up and I saw the Lord’s face and He seemed to have tears streaming from His eyes.

I heard Him say to the Father, “The evil one has attacked Michael, and he has been greatly wounded. The deceiver appeared in my image, convincing him that he was condemned. But his faith has not failed, for by your mighty hand, he has stood this test.”

I awoke from my vision and I was overwhelmed and could not speak for hours. I went outside in the dark, stumbling around as a drunken man, my body filled with great pain and terror running through my mind.

Journey to the Cross

Chapter 4

After Satan attacked me, I began hearing the voice of the Lord, even when I was not having a vision. It was not audible, but more like He was speaking to my inner being and affirming His words through scripture, which He would use to teach and guide me.

I was fearful of having another vision, for I had become quite ill from the vision of Satan attacking me. Many days passed before I felt physically, mentally or spiritually able to seek the Lord out again in deep prayer and meditation.

The Lord sent me comfort through His voice, His Word and through other men of God, and by so doing He emboldened my spirit to seek Him out again. I prepared myself and held the word of the Lord upon my chest as I came to seek Him.

I did all that the Lord had commanded me, out of fear of another attack. I cried out to the Lord, said His prayer, and asked for Michael to be sent upon Michael. I read and meditated upon Psalm Sixty-One, Hebrews Three and Hebrews Eleven as the Lord had commanded me.

I sat in silence for quite some time and it seemed as if nothing was going to happen.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord say unto me, “You must shut down your mind Michael and turn off your worldly thoughts. Look out into the darkness and you will find me, as I am to be found in the Spirit. Your mind cannot lead you to where I am to be found. Put away your fear and know that I am with you and have heard you.”

I asked the Lord, “Lord, how do I do this thing you have commanded me? How do I shut down my mind and find you in the darkness? How is it possible for a man to clear his mind and thoughts of emotion?”

The Lord then answered unto me and said, “It is not possible with man, but all is possible with God. Focus on that which made it possible for man and God to meet each other. Only there, will you find the peace you seek, for it is not possible for the mind of man to fully comprehend that moment of time and what took place there. Only the Holy Spirit of God working within you can reveal this and give you true peace in order to approach me.”

I instantly understood that He was referring to the crucifixion of my Lord and Savior and the Cross at Calvary. I then looked out into the darkness with focus and steeled my mind. As I lay in silence and quietness, gazing out into nothingness, I began to see light - and before me appeared three crosses sitting upon a hill.

I looked around me and I was standing on a road that was made up of dirt and broken stones. The road traveled up the hill and I again saw the three crosses, with the middle Cross being almost directly in front of me.

I turned and saw the holy city of Jerusalem directly behind me. The large city gates were shut, and the city seemed eerily quiet. I did not attempt to approach or enter the city, but instead I began to walk towards the hill and the crosses that stood before me. As I walked along, I saw dry, parched land and mountains in the distance beyond the road in front of me.

I drew near the foot of the hill, and a dark forest began to materialize. I became encircled and found myself entangled in heavy vines. I was again dressed in white and shielded with silver armor, armed with the golden sword and dagger at my sides as I had been on the path with the Lord in my first vision.

I drew the sword and began to slice through the vines that entangled me. Once freed, I again began to move up the hill and toward the Cross.

Then a voice called out my name and said to me, “So Michael, you have decided to be my enemy and align yourself with the Lord, have you?”

I immediately recognized the voice and fear shot through me, as I knew it was the voice of the evil one! I thought to myself, “This time he will kill me.” I began to regret my decision to seek the Lord out in this way again.

I looked around to try and find the voice, and there in front of me was a small boulder set in the ground along the path - and Satan was squatting on top of it. The area surrounding him was cleared of forest and vines and I could clearly see him. He was sitting crouched on top of the boulder as would a lion observing their prey.

He had a different presence this time, appearing in the form of a man as before, but not as dominating. He was wearing dark clothing, with his hands and fingers decorated in jewelry. He appeared much more cunning - as opposed to powerful.

The spirit of the Lord compelled me forward. I had no other path to take but to walk right past him, so I proceeded forth. I decided very quickly that should just try to ignore him, and neither answer him nor look upon him again.

As I continued my walk, I began to hear ominous voices from within the forest in all directions around me. They were making strange sounds, as if many were crying out loud and it taunted me in my spirit.

I gazed into the forest and began seeing dark shadows moving throughout it. The shadows darted in and out of the trees, as would the shadow of birds at the top of a sunlit forest. They were larger and much more ominous in nature however, and no sun was shining.

I looked at the sword and dagger that I was carrying, and I lifted them up and held them before me. Some instinct was driving me, and I was on full alert, as a warrior preparing himself for an attack.

I glanced over to locate Satan - who had not moved and was smiling at me with an evil grin.

Out of nowhere, there stood before me an evil spirit or demon, and it lunged at me, nearly taking me off my feet.

I swung the sword across its midsection, and it leaned forward and screamed. I then took the dagger and sliced it across its throat, and it fell to the ground.

I stood over it and then it faded to mist, floating back into the dark forest from which it had come. I looked up and Satan was standing directly in front of me. He began to clap his hands together, as if applauding me.

He then said unto me, “Well done, for I did not expect you to do so well. You should be proud as you did not hesitate to slay my servant and send him back to the abyss from which I summoned him.”

I turned away from him and began walking toward the crosses. As I was walking, Satan walked up beside me and began to taunt me.

He said unto me, “The Lord you are going to worship, as you can see, did not destroy me. Have you never asked yourself why?

His life and the lives of His followers are ones of great suffering, allegedly because of me, for the words He has spoken testify to this. I am still curious as to why you would follow this God.

Is it not true that you desire to be strong, powerful and wealthy, and have all the things this world has to offer? Does not all of mankind? For this is how you were created, was it not?

Tell me if I do not speak truth or how it is that I deceive you? Those who seek to ignore and put off such longings, fight against their very nature. They spend all the days of their futile life in suffering, desiring to have what they have been commanded to set aside and deny. Then their life leaves them, and they are told that if they did not obey, only worse suffering awaits them.

Why did God not remove those desires from you, if He is the God of love that you see Him as being?”

I desired to answer but I did not contain the wisdom to challenge his questions, and I felt the spirit guiding me to be silent and to ignore him.

To speak with him at all was to give him power, this I had come to realize.

I drew closer to the hilltop where the crosses stood and there appeared a great wall of light. The wall encircled the top of the hill and I began to see thousands upon thousands of angels of light, with Michael standing at the end of the path.

Satan said unto me, “You remain silent, for you cannot answer the questions as you know not the answers. You follow what you do not see or understand and ignore that which is so obvious, believing it is wisdom.

This is where you and I part company, but I am looking forward to our next visit.”

He then vanished and the dark forest with him, and a bright sun began to shine.

I stood at the entrance of the circle of angels and faced Michael. He clearly recognized me, and I felt a bond with him that I cannot explain. He was gentler in nature compared to the other times I had seen him. He slowly stepped aside and pointed me forward, granting me access to the hilltop.

I then saw the Lord Jesus Christ, hanging from the Cross without life, and I wept as I entered the area sealed off by the angels from the ground to the Heavens.

My armor and swords were no longer with me and I was wearing only a long white robe, standing before the Lord, watching His blood pour down His body.

In front of the Cross His blood was spread out across the ground. His Cross was made of light-colored wood, while the other two crosses glowed white.

I wept bitterly and bowed down on my knees before Him. His body was badly beaten, and His arms appeared torn apart and limp. His face was bruised and cut, and a crown of thorns was embedded into His skin. One thorn sank into His left eyelid and His blood poured down His mouth and chin onto His chest.

His head was leaning over to the left and the weight of His body brought His knees out. His palms were pierced with nails and His feet were crossed over one another with a large nail driven through the top of them. Out of His right side, just under the pit of His arm, was a huge tear with blood pouring down His body onto His right leg.

I crawled to the foot of the Cross, weeping as I came forward, and could not contain my sorrow at what I was seeing.

I gathered up His spilled blood mixed with dust and poured it on my head. I sat up on my knees and kissed His feet, which were blue, torn and covered with blood. I bowed my head to the dirt at the base of the Cross. His blood dripped down upon my head, and I wailed uncontrollably.

I cried out in a loud voice, “Look at what they did to you, Lord! Why would they do such a terrible thing?”

Anger at myself ran through me, because I knew the answer to my question. I knew it was my sin that brought this agony upon Him - and the shame was so unbearable that I wanted to throw myself off the hillside.

Washing of the Lamb

Chapter 5

I could no longer stand to see Him like that, so I decided that I would take Him down. I had no understanding of what had happened and the events that had been recorded.

All I saw and felt was the Lord Jesus Christ beaten and murdered, hanging on a Cross - and I wanted to free Him and cleanse Him. I needed to take care of Him and treat His body with kindness. I began thinking of how I could take Him down, without causing Him to fall, as I had no one to help me.

I found a small stone and decided to first remove the nail from His feet. I went around the back of the Cross and beat against the nail until it came out, which caused His legs to fall straight.

I prayed to Him as I was working, asking Him to forgive me if I was causing Him any pain or discomfort and asked Him to help me. I did not consider that I was talking to someone who appeared dead before me, knowing He heard my prayer.

I removed the long white robe I was wearing and tore it in two. I covered my lower body with the lower half, so that I would not touch the Lord with the part that had been exposed to the dirt, as the robe was long and had dragged the ground when I bowed before the Lord.

I took the upper half which had remained mostly clean and wound it up as a rope. I wrapped it around my neck, so that I could easily loosen it, making sure it would not fall from me.

I climbed up the back of the Cross, grabbing the center piece with both hands. I then clamped the bottom center beam with the inner sides of my feet. I slowly climbed up, and then perched myself at the cross section, where the beams intersected. I took the upper part of the robe from around my neck and loosened it.

I gently placed it under the Lord’s arms and across His chest, tied it to the backside of the center beam, and then fastened the top end to my waist to secure Him.

I took the stone from my lower robe and removed the nail from His left hand, causing His arm to fall to His side - and the robe caught His weight.

I made sure I was firmly secured before I removed the last nail, as the robe was to hold the full weight of His body once it was removed.

I readied myself and then removed the nail from His right hand and His body dropped, but the robe prevented Him from touching the ground.

With His weight bearing down on my waist, I crossed my legs over the center beams, with my arms holding fast to the robe across each side of it. I wrapped my right arm into the robe, so that when I released it from my waist, I could hold His body until I could get my left arm in place and let Him down softly.

I took my left hand and untied the crossover knot from my waist, causing His weight to fall on my right arm and press my chest against the back and top side of the main beam. This nearly threw the Lord and I both to the ground, except for the strength of my legs wrapped around the cross-section.

I wrapped my left arm in the slack of the robe created when I untied it from my waist, and slowly lowered His body to the ground. His legs folded gently to one side and His body rested upon the ground. I rested for a moment, relieved that I had not dropped Him harshly.

I climbed back down the Cross and untied the robe from around His chest. I then took the robe and unfolded it and began to shake it in the air. It had dust and the Lord’s blood on it, and I tried to clean off the dust as much as I could.

I took the robe and spread it out on the ground beside Him, and then proceeded to lift His upper body onto it first. After placing His head and upper body onto the robe, I lifted His waist and legs and placed them onto the robe as well.

I knelt beside Him and wept as I looked upon His broken body. I began to break away the thorns from the crown that had been placed on His head. I carefully broke off the ones lodged into His skin and broke the crown into two pieces from the side, gently lifting His head to remove it.

I wanted to throw it over the hill, but knowing it was precious I instead laid it beside His body on the robe.

I could not stop weeping and tears continued to roll down my face. I took my right hand and gently moved away His hair away from His forehead and eyes.

I began to look around to see where I could take Him to wash His body off and remove the blood and dirt from Him.

I prayed out loud, asking Him which direction I should take Him. I walked around the hilltop, past the Cross that was to the left of His, and discovered a trail leading down the hillside. As I looked, I saw a small stream, and decided that I would take Him there to wash Him.

I thought I would not be strong enough to carry Him in my arms that far and would have to drag Him on the robe. I took hold of the foot of the robe, but as I looked down upon Him, I could not bear the thought of my Lord being dragged across the ground.

I bowed my Head and prayed that He give me the strength to carry Him in my arms, so that I would not bring disgrace to Him. I then knelt beside Him and with my right arm reached under His upper back, lifting Him onto my right knee and placed His upper body across it.

I then reached under the backside of His upper legs and with my left arm placed the rest of His body across both knees. I leaned Him towards me and firmly embraced Him against my chest and upper arms, setting Him against me; then I stood straight up with Him.

His weight strained my body and lower back, but I was determined in my heart to carry Him and kept asking Him to give me strength. I was able to carry Him to the place where the stream was running.

When I got to the stream my body was exhausted, so I knelt down slowly and fell onto my backside, as if squatting. Then I sat down and held Him in my arms across my lap as a mother would a small child.

I took a few moments to catch my breath, gain my composure and get my strength back. As I sat there, I looked down at Him and my sadness was great, as I thought about the amount of suffering that He had gone through, knowing my suffering amounted to nothing compared with His.

He had done no wrong to anyone, and I had done so much. It was completely unfair, and I became very angry at myself - and the whole world - for what we were as a people; shameful in every way and unworthy of Him, having no regard for the true nature of who He was and why He came. Mankind, in all of our pettiness and self-righteousness, sought glory only for ourselves and made Him out to be a byword, used without regard.

We talked of Him as if He were a normal man and not with the Holiness of who He was and is, and I began to get angrier and angrier as I stared at Him.

I looked around and saw nothing but barren desert. The setting reflected the emptiness and hopelessness I felt inside.

I recalled how I always believed that I was not good enough for Him. Not because of the love He had for me, or the sacrifice He had made; rather I had felt that way because of my anger towards Him, and I never recognized the truth of it before.

I was angry at Him because He was God and I was not, and because He expected me to be all of these things, and to follow all of these rules, designed to keep me from being happy; and if I couldn’t be what He wanted, I was to suffer for eternity.

I did not know what love was, and even in the times that I attempted to follow His ways, it had always been out of fear and not out of love. This only served to make me angrier at Him, because I always failed, so that I did not even try any longer.

I never truly considered the amount of love He had for mankind, or why He had come. Although the truth seemed simple, I never genuinely grasped it.

All of this I pondered in my heart as I held Him in my arms, and I could not deny the true nature of who I had been in the sight of Him. Even as I held Him in death, His very presence brought forth a truth that love is greater than anything, and He was the only one who had ever reflected absolute love.

I could now see plainly that He was love, and in love He had overcome all things that were evil. And yet, we are not able to completely comprehend the meaning of His love, or how great He was and is.

I decided it was time to wash Him, and I gently sat His body on the ground beside the stream of water. I stood up and tore a piece of my bottom robe to use in order to wash Him. The water was light brown in color and not as clean as I would have liked, but I had nothing else to use so it would have to do.

I stepped into the water, which went up to my waist, and then reached out and took hold of the edge of the robe, pulling His body closer to the edge of the stream.

I said a few words to express my affection toward Him, and then dipped the torn piece of the robe into the water, soaking it wet and wringing it out. I began to wipe off the top of His head and His hair first, removing the blood that had now dried, along with the dirt and dust.

I continued to dip the towel into the water and wash it as clean as I could, until I had washed His body down. Once the dust and dried blood was removed, I was able to see the severity of His wounds and how broken His body truly was, for it had been mostly concealed before.

The Victory of the Lord

Chapter 6

I looked upon Him and began to think about how the Mother Mary must have felt, seeing Her beautiful and gentle Son this way. If it shattered my heart to pieces, how much greater was her suffering? I began to understand why so many people revere her in the way that they do, as I could not even fathom the level of her pain. Her faith must have been great, as it was said that she comforted others - yet I could not find words to comfort anyone in this moment, as I had none to give.

As I thought about these things, it suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea what to do next. I was so overwhelmed with feeling the need to take Him down and wash Him, that I had not thought about what I was to do with His body once I had done so.

I turned away from Him and began to look around, remembering that He had been placed in a tomb carved into a hillside. I could not see anything that gave me a sense of direction to go to find a location to place Him.

I said to unto myself, “What are you going to do now?”

Then I turned back towards Him, and He was gone - only the remnants of the robe remained, with the dust lightly blowing on it! I began to weep and panic.

Suddenly, I heard the Lord’s voice, and He said unto me, “Do not weep, for I have overcome the Cross, and the will of God has been done. The Light of eternal love overcame darkness in mankind, and my joy could be no greater.”

I turned and behold, the Lord was standing in the water beside me, dressed in a white glowing robe, just as I had seen Him before.

He had a warm and gentle smile on His face and the sun shone directly upon Him, and He said unto me, “I am glad to see you again.”

I dropped to my knees in the water, which had become crystal blue and clean, and I asked Him, saying, “Forgive me Lord, are you the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Christ, the Messiah, my Brother and my Friend?”

I knew not how all His names came to me, but I felt the need to proclaim each one of them before Him.

The Lord then gently laughed and answered unto me, “I AM,” and I kissed His hands.

He held each side of my face within the palms of His hands and said unto me, “Do not fear, as all is well, and I summoned you here so that you may understand the purpose for which you have been called, as much wisdom is to be bestowed upon you and it must start here.”

I began to weep with overwhelming joy at seeing His glory and His body restored.

His face and touch were so gentle, and He said unto me, “Love does not fear and it does not condemn, it holds no record of being wronged and it cannot be changed as it is eternal and never ending.

Love has no beginning, and through it, was put forth the creation of all things. Its boundaries cannot be measured, as it does not end. You will soon begin to understand the true nature of the light of God, as you have been a witness to it this day, and so you will be a witness to much more in love.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, I am not worthy of your love and I have shown you no love, nor have I ever felt love. I do not possess the ability to know love because my heart has been dark since as long as my memory can reach back.”

The Lord said unto me, “Love is not earned, nor can it be taken. Love is and was and is to come and nothing can change its course, for from it and through it all things exist and are held together.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, forgive me, but I do not understand what you mean, for my mind cannot seem to grasp the meaning of the things you say.”

He then said unto me, “I am going to baptize you, washing away your doubt and fear. When you arise, you will be taken on a journey with the Lord God and be shown many things, but first your heart and mind must be cleared. Do you understand this?”

I said unto the Lord, “Yes Lord, I understand. I must be cleansed of my sins, before I can be present with the Father and you again.”

The Lord then said unto me, “Already you are free from darkness, for that was the purpose for which I came. I baptize you to free you of your own fear and the limitations of your mind and heart - but the world has been cleansed of sin already.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, I do not completely understand, but I would be honored to have you baptize me and take me wherever you wish. I love you as much as I know how to love, and more than I can even begin to express.”

The Lord smiled and said unto me, “This I already know, and have known since the beginning of all things, so do not fear for I am with you.”

He then said in a gentle voice, “Let your eyes be opened, your mind set free and your heart be filled with wisdom,” and then He laid me into the water.

I saw the world flash before my eyes and I saw a timeless, endless darkness and a bright and shining light in the distance, which I knew was the glory of the Lord God Almighty.

The Beginning of the Beginning

Chapter 7

I was suspended in nothingness, with darkness all around me, except for the shining light in the distance. This darkness contained its own energy and felt as if it was pressing against me, holding me in a grip of some sort.

I felt my hand being grabbed ahold of, and I looked to see the Lord to the left of me. He had taken hold of me with His right hand and had a gentle smile across His face.

He then said unto me, “You are about to see and be told many things. Some you will understand and some you will not, but you will see them and hear them nevertheless.”

I said unto Him, “I am ready Lord.”

The shining light came upon us and took hold of the Lord; through Him, the light took hold of me as well. We were both drawn into the light, first the Lord and then I.

We entered the light and the darkness was gone, along with the energy I had felt pressing against me. I was standing on nothing, but did not feel suspended either, as the shining light and I were of one substance, having no resistance between us.

I saw the Lord in front of me and He had a smile on His face. The light was going right through Him, and I only knew who He was by the spirit, for I could not see Him in the image of a man as before.

Then behold, the Father appeared beside Him, and great warmth fell upon me while my spirit felt a sense of utter relaxation. I bowed before them in the spirit and they began to speak to me in one voice.

The Lord God said unto me, “Turn and face the darkness.”

I turned and looked out from inside the light and saw the darkness, and I said unto the Lord God, “I see nothingness, emptiness and eternal darkness my Lord.”

He said unto me, “You are correct, for nothing that is to be created has yet been.”

Then I said unto the Lord God, “I do not understand my Lord, did you not create the darkness? For I have always been told that you were the Creator of everything my Lord.”

The Lord God then said unto me, Everything that ever was and ever will be, was created by my word, but the darkness was not. The darkness is the reflection of that which is without light and so by my will, I allowed it to stay within its boundaries until the time of my choosing. The darkness therefore, represents that in which I created all things and brought forth the light, yet the darkness had to remain, for in the eternal light all that is created ceases to be seen.”

I said unto the Lord God, “I do not understand my Lord, forgive me.”

And the Lord God said unto me, “Behold and you shall see with your own eyes and understanding you will have.”

I felt my spirit pulled back and sat before the Lord God, directly in front of Him with my face looking out into the darkness from inside of the light.

The Lord stepped forward and looked at me with a smile, and then I felt a great surge of energy rush through me and all throughout the place of light.

The Lord surged forward through the light and penetrated the outer edges of it and leapt forth into the darkness as would a ray of light.

He lifted His hands, speaking words of a language I did not understand, and great light shot forth which darkness began to flee from. I watched in amazement as the darkness was bent back, as if waters held back by a great dam, and the darkness groaned under the light of the Lord.

I began to see great formations take place within the great light. Formations of great planets, stars and galaxies began to shape and spread out in the light, into the outer edges of the darkness.

They moved very slowly, rolling forward, as would rocks sliding down a hill in slow motion. I saw all types of shapes, colors and lights begin to appear and it was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen.

The darkness tried to push back against the light, bent on flooding in and destroying the beauty of the Lord God’s creation, and I felt it might be too strong for the light to withstand.

I heard the voice of the Father, and He said unto me, The light is much greater than the darkness and it will not be overcome.”

I looked and saw that Lord was setting everything in its place and its vastness was beyond imagination, but I saw it all as if it were a painting on a board before me.

The Lord said unto the Lord, “Let us free the darkness, so that our work may be finished,” and then behold; the darkness began to run throughout the creation like a river running through a city, but without causing it any harm.

The darkness came rushing in, but it could not move anything that the Lord God had created or set in place. The Lord God had set beacons of light throughout His creation, to ensure that darkness could not prevail over all that He had created.

The Lord God had created all things over the darkness and forced it to give up its vastness, and it could not resist His will. I saw myself looking down onto all the Lord God had made, and I was standing far above the darkness and the creation, while still enclosed in the light.

The Lord God said unto me, “Open your eyes and see the vastness of the light that no one has known or understood.”

I looked and I saw a great light that encircled the darkness, which was never-ending and vast. The darkness and the creation of the Lord God were encapsulated inside of the light, enclosed and surrounded with no chance of escape. The darkness appeared as only the eye of a great hurricane, with an eternal cloud of light circling it in motion.

I said unto the Lord God, “Lord, my eyes see what my thoughts could not imagine. All of creation and all that I have known to be vast and endless are but a mere shadow of the eternal light. The darkness appears to have been as a single sheet of paper, which the Lord God chose to draw upon.”

Questions raced through my mind and I began to ponder the meaning of all that I was seeing. How did it all relate to mankind, the Holy Bible and all that I had ever known and perceived as truth?

I felt overwhelmed in my spirit, as I could not comprehend the vastness and enormity of it all, and I felt lost.

The Lord God said unto me, “Do not be troubled, for the wisdom you seek will be given to you and you will understand all things that you have seen and been told.”

I saw myself being led by the light throughout the creation and shown the beauty of it all. I saw great planets, magnificent stars and endless arrays of colors, shapes and images beyond the imagination. All of it set inside of itself, limited to its own purpose, yet tied together as part of a greater purpose.

The Lord God took me to the face of a massive planet at the very edge of where the outer light and the darkness met. The size of it was enormous and it contained nothing but the ambient light that shined from the rest of the creation.

I was taken down to the surface and there was nothing to be seen other than solid rock with mountains, canyons and flat lands. I saw no water, no sky, no trees, and no plants or grass. There was no breeze, sun or moon and the planet was dead, without any life.

The Lord God led me to a high mountain and set me down at the face of a huge cave with a long and massive cliff leading out to the edge of the great mountain.

I looked down and behold; the height of it was unimaginable, for I could see the face of the planet forever from where I stood. The depth to the bottom was beyond my ability to measure.

The Lord God took my hand and led me inside the mouth of the cave and the darkness illuminated in His presence, so that I could see out in front of me as I walked with Him.

The cave was vast, going on forever - and its walls, ceiling and floor were beyond my sight.

The Lord God stopped and turned around, facing the direction towards which we had entered, and He said unto me, “Sit and watch for I am about to show you the answer to one of the questions that you seek to know.”

The Lord God then smiled, being fully aware of what I was about to see, and He appeared to find it humorous as to what my reaction was going to be.

I found that to be a peaceful reassurance in my spirit, to know that the Lord God was gentle, and that He understood my being only a man and found humor to be good in His sight.

The Eternal Throne Established

Chapter 8

Then I heard a gentle whisper come forth from the Lord God in the same language that He had spoken before, yet this time I understood the words contained in this gentle whisper - He said:

“Let there be life.”

Then a floating mist of light proceeded forth from the mouth of the Lord God, which reminded me of a trail of star dust, for I know not how else to describe it.

The mist of light traveled slowly through the cave, leaving a trail of light behind it as it went forward, and I watched in anticipation as to what its purpose was.

I saw it exit the cave, then disperse and spread out into the vastness of the planet, losing some of its light as it did so. Time seemed to stop at that moment, and there was a great silence. The trail of light stayed suspended within that moment.

Then behold, a great and sudden flash of light exploded before me and its energy was awesome, yet I was not blinded by it.

I saw in the vast distance, a wall of light rushing towards the cave at great speed. It grew brighter and brighter the closer it drew towards the cave, and it covered over all the details of the land that I had seen before.

The great light rushed into the cave, yet its brightness and power had become so great that I had to look away, for it had become too much for my eyes to behold. I felt a surge go through me and felt as if I could not breathe.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, please Help me for the light is choking me!”

Then the surge stopped, silence returned, and I could breathe again.

I heard the voice of the Lord God and He said unto me, “Do not be afraid. Raise your eyes and see what I have created before you.”

I lifted my head and I was amazed at what I saw.

Behold, laid out before me was the throne room of the Lord God, and the great golden gates that I had entered with the Lord in my first vision!

I looked up and discovered that I was sitting upon the great red steps before the throne of the Lord God. He was sitting upon the throne in all His glory, with the great angels standing behind Him.

I cried out to the Lord God, “Lord, how can this be? What is this that my eyes have seen? Is your throne established inside the creation, Lord?”

The Lord God said unto me, “My throne is established inside of the creation for the purpose of which I established it, so that the darkness may know that I am the Lord God and I dwell forever within it. With the eternal light of love it was created, and in love it is forever established.”

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, please forgive me, but how can this be, for where is this written, that such things have taken place?”

The Lord God said unto me, “Is it not written that my word will go forth and accomplish the purpose for which I sent it, and that it will not return to me until it has done so? There is much more for you to see and know and much is yet to be revealed. Let us walk together, so that you may behold what I have done.”

The Lord God rose from His throne and stood towering above me as would a great giant, and all the throne room shook as He stood.

The angels began to cry out and sing songs of glory and praise to Him, and I bowed down before Him.

I felt the hand of the Lord take hold of my right hand and He said unto me, Come and I will show you what I have done before you.”

I rose and behold, the Lord was standing beside me, appearing in the image of a Man as I had seen in my earlier visions, gently smiling, and I felt comfort with Him.

We began to walk towards the golden doors, and I could see nothing else in the presence of the throne room besides the angels. I did not see the white table, the pillars, or Adam and Eve as I had before.

As we approached the golden gates, they began to open outwards this time, instead of fading away as before when I had entered them.

I looked and I saw two massive angels pushing the doors open and the great angel Michael, standing on the path of transcendent light and cloud which before had been a great cliff. He was bowed low, and as before, had His hands placed together before the Lord as if in prayer.

The Lord said unto him, “Go now and summon the guardian of the darkness and bring him before me,” and at once, Michael departed in flight, as if an arrow of light and was quickly beyond my vision.

Michael did not seem to notice me as he had before.

I then asked the Lord, “Lord, I did not feel that Michael knew that I was here, as if he did not perceive me?”

The Lord said unto me, “That is because you do not yet exist. Come now and see what I have brought you to see,” and I realized what He was saying, and it astonished me.

We began walking together and I again saw the endless array of angels before me, yet I also saw a beautiful sky above them, which I had not seen before. I looked closer at them and they had no armor, nor were they equipped with any weapon. They were glowing with light. The color of their skin and the white of their eyes appeared the same, but they did not seem to be of a warrior breed as before.

The Lord said unto them, “Go now and take light into the creation and deliver life unto it.”

In a flash, they were gone, and where millions had been there was not one left in my presence.

Then suddenly, all the creation of the planet appeared, which had been hidden from my eyes by the glory of the angels, before the Lord had sent them away.

The Lord asked me, “What do you see?”

I could not answer Him as I was in awe at what the Lord God had done to this barren planet of rock with only a whisper.

The Lord again said unto me, “If you can hear me tell me what you see.”

I looked at Him and He was smiling towards me with that look of amusement He had displayed before.

I said unto Him, “Forgive me Lord, for I was speechless before you because of what I see. I see beautiful waterfalls, rivers, streams and lakes. I see green trees, plants and grass. I see beautiful flowers, fruits and the colors of rainbows throughout it all.

I see glorious white mountains and the color of gold, diamonds, gems and rubies made of all colors throughout it, and it goes on forever and ever in my sight Lord.”

Journey through Heaven

Chapter 9

The Lord said unto me, “Come, so that we may look closer.”

He let go of my hand and sprang forth off the cliff and soared high above the land, as would a great eagle, and I watched in amazement.

The Lord said unto me, “Come and fly with me.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, I cannot fly, as I am not you.”

I then looked and I had two great white wings as did the angels, and the Lord said unto me, “Come now and let’s see it together. Jump out and fly by my side.”

He reached His hand to me and I leapt towards Him - and began to fall towards the ground far below.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, I am falling to the ground and cannot fly!”

The Lord said unto me, “Wings are of no use if you do not choose to use them.”

I spread the wings out from my sides and in an instant, was soaring upwards and made my way to where the Lord was waiting for me, feeling relief in my spirit.

The Lord said unto me, “Follow me and we will enjoy this place together,” and He soared down towards the land below and I followed with great eagerness.

We landed upon a small cliff covered in green grass with a river of clear blue water running beneath it. The river was roughly a thousand feet below us, and at the end of it I saw a waterfall that rose into white clouds, which were much higher than the cliff where we were standing.

I looked out from the edge of the cliff with the Lord standing to my left, and I saw beautiful meadows with layers of beautiful flowers that went on forever.

In the middle of the meadows were fruit trees that were gathered in spots throughout the meadows. The fruits they bore were of all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes and looked very pleasing to the eye.

The Lord asked me, “Do you enjoy swimming?”

I answered, “Yes my Lord, I do enjoy swimming from time to time.”

He then said unto me, “Let us swim together.”

He dove from the edge of the cliff into the water below, and I followed right behind Him, having no fear at all.

The Lord went into the water at great speed and I prepared myself for the force of the water. When I entered the water however, I felt no force upon me at all and the water had no resistance toward me.

I felt perfect coolness in the water, and it was so clear that I could see the Lord in front of me. There was no distortion of my vision and it amazed me. I did not expend any energy as I swam, and the water was refreshing in such a way that I cannot clearly explain.

The Lord surfaced from the deep and I followed up behind Him. He stood before me with a bright smile on His face and was completely dry from His waist up.

I looked and saw that the place where I had come up, which had been deep, now only came up to my waist, and I was also dry from the water line up.

The Lord asked me, “Did you enjoy that swim?”

I said unto Him, “Yes Lord, that I did,” and He smiled, turned and began walking towards the great waterfall and I followed behind Him.

As we walked, I got a closer look at the trees that were growing beside the waters and saw they were perfectly made. There was no decay or dryness in their leaves and their fruit was perfectly shaped, unlike anything I had ever seen before.

I turned my attention back to the Lord as He came up towards the base of the waterfall and then stopped and waited for me to come up beside Him.

The Lord said unto me, “Spread out your wings and follow me,” and He went into the waterfall, flying upwards in the midst of the water.

I stood there stunned for a second, and then followed Him up the waterfall.

I flew through millions of gallons of water crashing down from great heights, but I felt no resistance. This place contained all the wonders of the earth without the natural laws that governed the earth.

We came out of the top of the waterfall and the Lord and I stopped, suspended above it and behold, I saw an enormous crystal blue river flowing into the waterfall. Each side of it held great forests of trees that looked majestic.

The Lord landed where the river became a waterfall and I landed beside Him, and we were both completely dry. I realized that the air was neither cold nor warm and I felt a gentle breeze, but it did not serve to change the temperature around me, neither heating me up, nor cooling me off.

The Lord began to walk towards the riverbank in the direction left of us as we faced the river with the waterfall behind us, and I followed behind Him.

We walked onto the shoreline and I felt the grass against my bare feet. It was lighter than cotton and didn’t cause me any discomfort whatsoever, nor did I seem to cause it any by walking upon it.

The Lord then reached a small, beautiful fruit tree and sat down beneath it, and so I sat down beside Him. He then took a piece of fruit from the tree and bit into it, offering me some and I bit into it as well.

The taste of the fruit was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. With just one bite of it I was filled, and I had no cravings for more.

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I do not need any more of the fruit, so what shall I do with what is left, as I do not wish to throw it aside and waste it?”

The Lord said unto me, “Set it down on the ground beside you and do not be troubled with what remains,” and so I did.

I looked up at the Lord and He was smiling at me, so I looked back where I laid the fruit and it was gone. It had grown back again at the place from which the Lord had taken it, and I was perplexed.

The Lord said unto me, “Do not be perplexed by what you see, for that which I give freely to you and you freely accept, will never perish, but will always be replenished.

But that which is taken, without being offered or accepted in love will always perish. Apart from love, there is not life and all that does not contain love within it is forever corrupted and cannot withstand the light of life, in which it was created.”

I asked the Lord, “Lord, is this the Heaven where people go when they die if they have believed in you?”

The Lord said unto me, “It is the place that was created for that purpose, but there is still much for you to see and hear before you will understand this completely.”

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I am overwhelmed in my spirit at all that I have seen however, I am ready to go with you and see and hear whatever you would have me see and hear.”

The Lord smiled and said, “Your faith is growing and your resistance to my love is being overcome, so that the light may reveal more to you. Come now and let us return to the throne room, as we will be here many more times together.”

I was in an instant standing again before the throne, and the Father sat upon it while the Lord stood to my left.

Then I heard the sound of a great trumpet being blown. I turned to see the golden gates being opened, and the angels began to shout and sing praises of joy to the Lord God.

The Lord walked me to the top of the steps before the throne and sat me down directly before the Father. He then became light again, and He and the Father became united.

I saw the great angel Michael walking towards the throne of the Lord God and beside Him was a large creature of strange and distorted appearance, cowering before the throne. It contained the first shadow I had seen in this place.

Michael came before the steps of the throne with the strange creature beside Him and bowed Him down before the Lord God. Michael then turned and walked back towards the golden gates, and as before He did not perceive my presence.

The strange creature remained bowed with His face to the ground before the Lord God and said unto Him, “Lord God what have I done that you have brought this assault upon me? Have I not stayed in the darkness and not allowed it to come forth into the light, which you have commanded me to do?”

The Lord God said unto Him in a thunderous voice, “You know that you have committed evil with the darkness, attempting to resist my creation, not wanting the darkness to be used by the light.

The darkness has remained for the very purpose of the creation I chose to bring forth, and you were to be the guardian of it until the time I had chosen.

Instead of being a faithful guardian of the darkness, you have chosen for the darkness to be the guardian of yourself, making yourself subject to it.

Therefore, lord over you the darkness shall be, until the time that I choose to cast it and all that abides in it into the great light, which you have chosen to despise.

Your name is now Satan, for you are the one that chose to oppose me and yet was not consumed by the light, for the benefit of my creation.”

The creature now named Satan, kept his face bowed down and said nothing.

The Lord God said unto him, “Be gone from my presence until I choose to summon you again.”

The trumpets blew again, and the golden gates were opened. Michael came forth and took hold of Satan. He took him out of the throne room and then cast him back into the darkness from which he had been summoned.

I asked the Lord God with my head bowed low before Him, “Lord God, please forgive me, but why did you not destroy that creature this day?

I do not understand why you would allow him to oppose the love and light that you have brought forth? I also do not understand why there was a guardian appointed to protect the darkness?”

The Lord God said unto me, “It is not yet time for that to be revealed. You will soon see and hear more, and you will have the answers that you seek.

Return to your appointed time and place, remembering what you have seen and heard, knowing that the Lord God is a God of Eternal Light, which is the essence of Love.”

I awoke from my vision and was in a state of shock over all that I had seen and heard. My mind could not comprehend the vastness of it all.

The Garden of the Lord

Chapter 10

In a vision sometime later, I came unto the Lord and He was standing beside a beautiful tree. The tree was positioned in a place surrounded by a pool of crystal-clear water, and from all sides the water surrounded the tree and then exited into a flowing stream.

The entire place was majestic and beautiful, and there was a sense of purity in the air that is difficult to describe.

The tree was not very large; perhaps two times the height of a man, but it was very vibrant and gleaming with beautiful fruit. I could not identify the fruit, as I had never seen any shaped in that form or color.

In front of the tree, where the Lord was standing, was a small waterfall that fell into an open pool of water which flowed around the land where the tree was placed, before running into a stream behind us. The place was walled-in by canyon rocks that shined, as if they contained silver and diamonds.

The Lord was standing in front of the tree with His back towards it and His face towards the waterfall, which formed the pool of water. I approached Him from the far side of the tree, coming up to His right side.

I stood beside Him and gazed as He stared with admiration at the water fall and the pool of water. He looked very peaceful. The whole place was very peaceful and quiet and there were no frustrations of any kind.

As I stood beside the Lord in silence, I looked closely at all the surroundings.

The water was clear, not even blue, just clear and pure. The waterfall was not high, and it fed right out of the canyon wall. The grass, flowers and plants were very vibrant and healthy. The walls, although made of rock, somehow shined.

After a moment had passed, the Lord looked over, smiled and said unto me, “Welcome to my Garden on Earth.”

I smiled back at Him and said, “Thank you my Lord,” and I dropped to my knees before Him and greeted Him by His names.

I kissed His hands and feet and He took me by the hand, lifting me back up to my feet and I stood beside Him once again.

I asked Him, “Lord, what is this place?”

The Lord answered unto me saying, “This is the Garden of Lord, which is called Eden. Behind us, is the Tree of Life. Do you find it a peaceful place to be?”

I said unto Him, “It is very beautiful and peaceful Lord, and much different than I had imagined. Although I am not certain of what I had imagined. It is better than that, whatever it was.”

He then smiled and said unto me, “Yes, it is beautiful here, and I made it to be peaceful and relaxing for the Man and Woman to live here forever, so that they would feel honored and loved here in my presence.”

I did not know what to say, so I remained silent and just listened, as He had deep emotion in eyes as He spoke to me.

The Lord said unto me, “Come and I will show you more, for we are in the center only and there is much more to see.”

He began to walk towards the stream of water, and I followed. As we walked towards the path, I noticed a second tree that stood on the island, some distance from the first.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, is this the infamous tree of the knowledge of good and evil?”

The Lord said unto me, “It is so.”

I stopped and looked at it more closely - and although the tree was exactly like the vibrant and healthy Tree of Life, it possessed only one single piece of fruit. I thought to inquire to the Lord as to why this was, but something made me just want to get away from it as it frightened me so.

I followed the Lord as He walked across the stream. On the other side was a narrow strip of grassy land, which ran parallel between the stream and the canyon wall. We proceeded down the strip of grass, with the water fall behind us and the two trees and stream to our right side.

As we walked, I noticed that the stream flowed gently and had no rocks or deposits that you would expect to see in a stream. There were no wild grasses or plants that sprang forth, nor did I see any type of creature or life in the water. I found it quite odd, but also magnificent.

The Lord led me into a huge orchard of trees that had small canals of water running throughout them, fed from the main stream. The orchard trees were smaller than the two trees by the waterfall, and were full of various kinds of fruits, endless in number.

The grass around the trees was very green and perfectly manicured and maintained. At the bottom of the trees, grew all kinds of flowers in various shapes and colors.

The strips of grass that lay between the rows of trees and water canals allowed for plenty of room for us to walk without stepping into the water or on the flowers. The whole garden appeared to be well maintained, organized and designed for pleasure.

As I walked behind the Lord, I heard laughter coming from beyond the trees. I looked around, but did not see anyone, so I asked the Lord, “Lord, I hear laughter from beyond the trees. Who is it that is laughing?”

The Lord turned towards me and answered unto me saying, “That is Adam and Eve, and we are going to visit with them.”

I was unable to reply; it was amazing to me that I was there in the Garden of Eden with the Lord and going to visit Adam and Eve.

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, is it good for me to be here in this place, in their presence?”

The Lord answered me saying, “It was for mankind that I made this Garden, therefore, let us go and visit.”

The Lord turned to the right, away from the stream of water and into the orchard of trees, and I followed closely behind Him. He guided us through the trees and we came out to a large opening of grass and another pool of water, being fed by another waterfall that came from the cliff wall.

There were flowers, green grass and smaller trees around the pool of water. I saw beautiful birds of all shapes and colors, flying back and forth throughout the garden and over the falls.

I saw a ledge that protruded out below the waterfall and above the pool of water. I looked at the ledge, and behold, there sat Adam and Eve on the ledge together. They were laughing and gently teasing a butterfly.

I was stunned by their beauty and form. They were perfectly made and without any noticeable defect; completely naked, but their bodies were so beautiful that I did not feel embarrassed by their nakedness.

They were very muscular in their form. Both had flowing blonde hair, with Adam’s at shoulder length and Eve’s to the middle of her back. They had no body hair that I could see and were perfectly groomed. Their skin was bronze-colored, but not as if it had been tanned by the sun.

Adam was large in his frame and a foot taller than Eve. The color of their eyes was dark brown, both being the same, and they looked like twins to me.

The Lord walked to edge of the pool and they suddenly noticed His presence. With child-like joy, they leapt to their feet and dove into the pool of water, swimming as fast as they could to get to Him.

When I saw their eagerness, I thought to myself, “They revere the Lord and respect Him as much as I do.”

As I was thinking this, the Lord turned to me having known my thoughts, and He gently smiled and said unto me, “No, you misunderstand what you see,” and for a moment, I felt shame and I was not sure why.

The Lord turned back towards the water as Adam and Eve were exiting the pool.

They ran to the Lord, but did not bow to Him - instead, they jumped into His arms and began to hug Him and kiss Him on the cheeks, like He was their long-lost friend. They did not notice me or sense my presence in any way that I could tell.

They gathered up flowers and brought them to Him. Eve made a necklace out of some and placed it over the Lord’s neck, and I watched in amazement. They had absolutely no idea as to who the Lord was or what power He possessed, treating Him as if He were just like them.

They began to pull on His hands, leading Him towards the pool of water - and without hesitation, the Lord dove into the pool and Adam and Eve followed behind. They started splashing the water at one another and playing like children, and I could do nothing but watch in amazement and perplexity.

They had absolutely no fear of the Lord, and the Lord did nothing to show His power, might or glory before them. He was as much a child with them as they were with Him.

It was difficult for me to watch the Lord - whom I had just seen create the entire universe, command mighty angels and battle Satan - now swimming and playing like a child. I sat down in the grass and flowers, watching silently for some time.

After they swam for a while, they exited the pool on the side across from where I was sitting and began to dry off. Adam went and gathered fruit, as Eve and the Lord sat down in the warmth - which was contained in the Garden, as there was no sun and only clear blue skies above.

Adam quickly returned and they sat down and began to eat the fruit together, without praying first - which bothered me, but I did not know why. I expected Him to make them give thanks, but He did not do so.

As they finished eating, Adam stood up and walked a short distance away from the Lord and Eve, and made a whistling noise.

Seconds later, to my amazement, three beautiful white horses came forth from within the tree orchard. They were walking and not running, and just as Adam and Eve, they were also flawless and perfect, without any blemish or defect. They were so white that they almost glowed.

The horses walked right up to them as they stood together, resting their heads on their shoulders. Adam and Eve petted them slowly and affectionately. After a few moments, the horses bowed low and they climbed on their backs gently, riding off into the tree orchard, laughing and shouting.

After a moment, I could no longer see or hear them. I found myself sitting there alone and I felt a little uneasy in my spirit.

I began to wonder why the Lord was acting this way and what His purpose was for bringing me here. Of course, I did not yet know what the purpose was for all that I had seen, so I guessed that this was no different.

This place was full of comfort; even the grass and flowers felt like the softest fabric, just as they had in Heaven.

I laid down in the bed of flowers and stared into the sky, with many thoughts going through my mind. The sky was a clear blue with no clouds, and although there was light, it was not like the light from the sun, as it did not radiate, as would light that you normally see across the skyline.

I felt very peaceful, safe and without worry, and I wondered how the world would be if it was all just like this place. I wondered how the world would react to the Lord, if they had seen Him like I had just seen Him.

It did not take me long to realize that the world would reject Him, because they already had. They did not understand who He was, and neither had I.

As these thoughts went through my mind, I began to feel myself falling into a peaceful drowsiness, and I shut my eyes and quickly fell into a restful sleep.

The Great Forest

Chapter 11

I awoke lying on a rock surface, with the Lord sitting a few feet away from me, staring out into the distance.

I sat up, and the Lord looked over and said unto me, “Come and look down and see what I see.”

I rose to my feet and walked over to Him and sat down beside Him. We were sitting on the edge of a very high cliff. I looked down and saw the entire garden below, and it was vast and very beautiful.

I said unto the Lord, “It is very beautiful Lord and I am very grateful that you have brought me here with you.”

The Lord smiled and said unto me, “You have much more to see and now we must leave the garden, we shall return here again.”

He and I stood up, gazed over the garden’s beauty once more. Then the Lord turned and began to walk away from the edge of the cliff, and I followed Him.

In front of us there was a short tunnel that was formed at the beginning of the cliff, which took us through to the other side of the cliff wall.

The Lord walked us into the tunnel and when we came out of the other side, there was another cliff, very similar to the one we had just left - except it had a much different view.

There was a small boulder on the right edge of the cliff and the Lord sat down on top of it, crossed His legs, and asked me to sit. I did so, on the ground at the foot of the boulder in front of Him.

The Lord asked me what I saw as I looked out from the edge of the cliff.

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I see an open field that runs up to the side of this cliff wall on one side and on the other side of the field, I see a very large forest of great trees, which are higher than we are, with tops that are above the clouds.

To the left of us Lord, I see the cliff wall turn in towards the great forest of trees and there is an opening where I see another great tree, which is separated by a small distance from the others and is smaller in its size.

To the right of us Lord, I see only the continuous field, which is enclosed by the cliff wall on one end, and the great forest of trees on the other end.”

The Lord then said unto me, “Good, then let us go down to the great forest of trees and sit and talk at the foot of the smaller tree.”

He got up from the boulder and offered me His hand, helping me to my feet.

The cliff was very high, and I asked the Lord how we were going to get down. He answered unto me, “We will fly down,” and I saw that I had wings again.

The Lord then smiled and said unto me, “Come now and do not be afraid. Follow me,” and He leapt from the edge of the cliff and soared like an eagle across the field, landing beside the great forest of trees.

I spread my wings and fell forward from the edge of the cliff as The Lord had, gracefully landing beside Him.

Once I landed my wings disappeared and I was again wearing just the white robe, standing at the Lord’s right side. We were slightly to the left of the center of the great forest of trees, towards the end where the smaller tree stood apart.

I stared at the trees and was very impressed by their great size. Their trunks were massive, being so large that one side could conceal ten men standing beside one another in any direction.

The tops of the trees could not be seen from the ground as they were hidden in a line of clouds above. The limbs were very strong and intermingled from one tree to the next, forming a web that interlocked one tree to the other. The trees had no leaves growing on them but were very much alive - like trees in the wintertime. The forest was not that large in its overall size, perhaps half a mile long, with a depth less than that.

As we walked into the forest towards the smaller tree at the end, I saw that there were only twelve trees in each row, although their size had made the forest appear to hold many more.

I could vaguely see beyond the forest line, that which I could not see from the cliff. Although not clear, it appeared to be another field, with a large stream and a smaller tree, standing alone on top of a small hill, and a forest of smaller trees to the right of it.

While we slowly walked among the great trees, the Lord would touch each one as we passed by them, almost pausing as He did so. He seemed to have a bond with them and was attached to them in some personal way.

I felt the need to remain quiet and simply observe. I did not speak while we walked, and instead followed closely behind Him.

We finally came to the far-left end of the forest, into a small opening of grass where the smaller tree was standing. The smaller tree was also great in size but was roughly half the width and height of the other trees in the great forest. There was a slight sink in the ground where it was growing. The smaller tree was also different, and full of green leaves with various fruits growing from its limbs.

From where we stood at the opening in the forest, I could now see the other side of the great forest and the cliff wall clearly.

I had judged correctly in what I thought I had seen, which was a small field that ran from the great forest of trees to a large blue stream. I also observed a larger field that ran up a hill, with a small tree at the top left, and a large forest of smaller trees off in a distance from the right of it.

The large stream ran parallel to the forest line, but it broke into a smaller stream in front of the smaller tree of the great forest, and it ran up the hill and around the small tree on top of the hill.

Beyond that, I could not see how far the large forest of smaller trees or the large stream ran, parallel to the great forest of trees.

The Lord walked down the small incline of the smaller great forest tree and laid His hands upon the trunk of it, looking up at it with a smile across His face. He turned around with His back towards it and sat down at the base of the tree, facing the forest that was behind me.

He then motioned me over to Him, saying unto me, “Come now and talk with me for a while, as it is time for me to give you wisdom and understanding about what you have seen and heard, and what you are still to see and hear.”

I walked over and sat down beside the Lord and waited for Him to begin to speak to me.

Whenever the Lord would speak with me, He always caused me to listen in a way that gave me wisdom and a sense of worthiness. He had a mysterious gentleness, patience and kindness when He spoke, and He left me without any doubt as to the absolute authority, wisdom and power of His words.

He had not ever commanded or spoken to me in a way that made me feel like I was being ruled over, even though He was the King of Kings and was the Lord Almighty. His voice, eyes and words always conveyed love, peace and understanding - and there was no judgment or condemnation of me in His presence.

There was no pride, conceit or arrogance in Him, as was always to be found even in the humblest of men, and particularly men of great power and influence.

He was so different, and I imagined how much His demeanor and speech must have amazed the people of Judea and Samaria when He walked among them, as it was something that I had never witnessed from any person I had ever spoken with. I was always eager to hear Him speak about anything He wanted to say.

And so He began to speak and He called me by my name, saying unto me, “Michael, listen closely to my words, so that you may know and understand what you have seen and heard.

For I have called unto you for this very purpose, so that you may write down all of these things and share them with those who seek me.

Many generations of mankind have passed by since the time of the reconciliation and I have heard the cry of my people, as they seek to find me in the new world that mankind has built.

I have chosen to speak unto them through The Holy Spirit, and you are to write these things down, calling it the Book of Michael and giving it unto the world.”

I then said unto the Lord, “Lord, I am trembling in fear at what you are saying. I am not a saint, a theologian or even a scholar of Your Word Lord.

I have not walked in your footsteps, nor have I lived as a man of faith should. The notion that I would be chosen to write down the Word of the Lord, is too great for my heart and mind to conceive, my Lord.

I am fearful that I would commit great shame to your Holy name, and that this shame would be greater than I can bear, for I fear your judgment upon me if I have not clearly heard your word my Lord, or that I may be deceived and commit the worst of sins.”

The Lord then placed His hand upon my shoulder, and said unto me, “I do not choose those who are great, wise or held in high regard to the world. I choose the weak, the lost, the shamed and the humble. For in them is the spirit of surrender and humility. Those who see themselves as the wise, the rich and the intelligent need not know me, for they are their own God.

I tell you the truth, even those who have been called by me to lead the church, would not be able to write what you have seen, for they would be much too fearful of their judgment.

I do not give you this wisdom and knowledge so that the world will love me. I give you this wisdom and knowledge so that the world will know that I love them and have not forsaken them.

For it is written that my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me; so then do not fear, for my sheep will know the truth of the words I have called you to write down.

Those who do not know my words are not my sheep and they do not know me, nor have they ever known me. But know in your heart, mind and soul, that I have called you for this purpose.

Have faith and believe what you see, do not see what you believe. Now prepare your heart, for I am going to explain to you what you have seen and heard and entrust you with much wisdom - and write it down you will.”

I answered unto the Lord, “Lord, I will obey your commands, for I love you Lord and I wish to please you. I will do so with great fear and trembling, but I have faith that you will guide me by way of your spirit, and I pray Lord that you not let your servant be led astray.”

The Lord then said unto me, “In trembling and fear have all of my words been written by mankind. It takes great faith, courage and trust, and these gifts have been given unto you, so that the guardian of the darkness will not cause you to fall. Know that I am with you, just as I have been with all those before you, and do not fear.”

The Lord smiled and began to look around. Then His face began to change, as if He had great sorrow in His heart and I felt like weeping inside because of it. He began to speak and explain many things, and I sat there amazed and overwhelmed by all that I heard.

The Wisdom of the Lord

Chapter 12

The Lord said unto me:

“The Great Forest represents the chosen faithful among mankind. Each tree is a symbol of their faith, strength and courage to follow me and to seek me out in a world of darkness.

The width of each tree reflects their steadfastness and determination, for their roots of faith are deep and their love for me is everlasting.

They would not be moved by the winds, nor could the changing seasons of the world slow their growth. The limbs that grow from each tree represent the bond of the faithful and their dependence on each other, so that the ones that came before would strengthen the ones that came after.

The soil in which they are planted is the soil of faith, wisdom and knowledge, and the light that makes them grow is the light of eternal love which comes from the Lord God, by way of the Holy Spirit.

The great height of each tree represents the growth towards the light above, which reaches above the first Heaven and beyond the clouds.

The appointed faithful reached heights in which they no longer saw this world below, but only the Heavens above. No longer do they look down to the world of darkness, which lies beneath the clouds, but to the things above, which are love, truth and eternal light.

The large stream that runs parallel to the Great Forest is the River of Life that flows from the eternal Son. This stream represents the eternal love, which was poured out by the light of life, so that the darkness of all mankind was washed away for eternity.

The chosen faithful were planted in the soil closest to the stream, for they loved the light and accepted their calling into the light. Their faithfulness caused them to grow into greatness, so that the revelation of the light would serve as a great beacon to all mankind, and mankind could not say that they did not see.

Those who see and come to the River of Life and drink freely from its waters will understand the light. In love, the light will cause them to take root and grow as well. This is the large forest on the far side of the River of Life that you see.

Those who do not drink from the River of Life will never know or love the light, and therefore their eternity in the blinding light will be as darkness to them, for the spirit does not ever perish.

The row of great trees closest to us, at the end of the Great Forest, are those that have lived in your generation of time. Each row behind them represents the twelve chosen faithful from each generation of mankind before you.

Do not be quick to think that these are celebrated people in the eyes of the world, for some have been, but others were hardly known to mankind. Still some in your day are from very humble beginnings and though they are great among the faithful, they are still humble before me in love.

These chosen faithful have served me with all their hearts, minds and souls and have loved me since the time of their calling. They have sought out my wisdom and my friendship, and some have suffered greatly for my name.

The love that is in them is the love that is in me and therefore they have fought against the darkness all of their days, so that the light would stay lit for a world that does not understand or seek to know it.

As you can see, some of the ones in the last row have a few leaves left, as their days are coming to an end in the world of darkness, but they are to stand as great beacons to those who seek the River of Life and the Great Forest of faith, which is the way back to the Garden of the Lord and the Heavens beyond.

From all walks of this world I have called my servants. One was raised poor and fatherless and as an infant, I became His only Father. One was a witness to the great atrocities of war. One was of great wealth that set aside worldly possessions to follow me. One was raised in the poorest of neighborhoods among violence and darkness. One was a lost soul from a land of mankind that does not accept me as the Lord.

The calling of the faithful ones is by my word and my word only, and these are the ones who heard my calling and chose to walk into the light of love, despite the wrath of darkness that surrounded them.

They will soon lose their final leaves and cross over the field of glory that you see. I will meet them at the entrance of the Garden - which is the tunnel we passed through - and I will take them into the Garden of the Lord while they await the coming of the eternal Kingdom of Light.

All who see the Great Forest and drink from the River of Life will follow the chosen faithful, and no amount of darkness around them will prevent them from entering.

Those who do not drink from the River of Life will not enter the Garden of the Lord. They will be in darkness and then forever blinded with hatred with the coming of eternal light, for they have chosen not to know it or love it.

The light of the Lord God is eternal and all consuming. It is the source of all love, wisdom, knowledge and power and it was sent to mankind to free them from the darkness. Those who do not accept this source, instead accept the power of darkness - and they cannot love the light.

So, when the corrupted flesh fades and their days of death in the world of darkness come to an end, they will hate the light. And the light by its very nature, will cause them to be blind and suffer.

All that they have ever hated and refused to love, will now be their eternal dwelling place for the light does not destroy its creation, only the darkness within it.

I came, so that the darkness that indwelt mankind would be forever taken away.

Do not think that I judge as the world judges, for it is not I who condemns, but the darkness condemns itself. For what can darkness know of the light? For hate and love have no place among one another, nor does hate choose to walk into the light.

This is the condemnation that comes for all who have loved darkness and then meet the eternal light. The light that I speak of is the eternal glory of the Lord God and the Spirit of Love that binds them as one.”

The Lord smiled and asked unto me, “Do you understand what I have told you so far?”

I answered unto the Lord, “Lord, I understand what you are telling me, however, I cannot say that it all makes sense to me at this moment.

It seems too simple to me, after all that has been written and all the questions that have been debated. I think I will have many questions Lord, but I want to just listen more for now.”

The Lord then said unto me, “The truth is always simple, and has been known but not understood by mankind, even in the revelation of my coming; more has needed to be said. You will have much time to ask me questions. Come, let us walk and I will tell you more.”

The Tree of Jacob

Chapter 13

The Lord and I then stood up from the last tree where we had been sitting and started to walk towards the stream on the far side of the Great forest, away from the cliff wall.

I began to think about this last tree in the Great forest row, the one which we sat near. The Lord had not told me anything about this tree. Since He had said I would have time to ask questions, I decided to not ask Him at that time and just continued to follow.

We walked through the large stream that the Lord had called “The River of Life” and its water was waist-deep and refreshing.

We crossed over at the point where the smaller stream broke away from the River of Life. This smaller stream ran up a hill and surrounded the small tree on top of the hill. With the River of Life and the Great Forest behind us, we began to walk up the hill towards the smaller tree on top of the hill, with the small stream to our left.

I noticed that the smaller stream ran out from under this small tree on top of the hill and the current flowed downhill, feeding into and not being fed out of what the Lord called the River of Life at the bottom of the hill.

When we got a short distance from the small tree on top of the hill, the Lord stopped and began to stare at it with deep intensity in His eyes.

He began to glow brightly, and His appearance began to change before me. His eyes glowed like the sun and His body became like pure light.

I stood there looking at Him, not understanding what was going on, and after a moment He returned to the image of Jesus Christ that He had been before. He sat down in the field about ten feet away from the tree and I sat down beside Him.

As we sat there, more than a few minutes went by with neither of us saying anything. The Lord was looking down at the ground and running His hand through the beautiful green grass and appeared to be in deep thought.

He raised His head to look up at the small tree and then said unto me, “Behold before you, the Tree of Jacob, which I have called Israel.”

I was stunned at what He had said and so I began to look closely at the tree so that I may see more of its features. The tree was much smaller than the trees of either the Great Forest or the other large forest to the right of it, but it was filled with leaves and several different kinds of fruits.

I looked closer and began to see that the tree was very, very old and its bark had been greatly weathered. I desired to look at it closer still, so I stood up and began to walk towards the tree.

The Lord called out and He said unto me, “Do not draw near the tree, for it is not to be touched. For this tree has set itself apart from me and wishes not to be touched by me or any that are in me. This is the choice given under the Covenant of Moses.”

I backed away from the tree and sat back down beside the Lord and said unto Him, “Lord, forgive me for I did not mean to offend you in any way.”

The Lord smiled and put His hand on my shoulder and said unto me, “You did not offend. I will not touch the tree either, until the time to do so is here. This tree has rejected me, and I have given the tree and all those who belong to it the choice to do so.”

I looked back at the tree and behold; the tree began to die before me. The tree branches withered, and the fruit dried to nothing. The stream around it began to dry up, with only a small amount of water left. The grass and everything around it began to die as well.

Then the tree, the stream and everything around it, was replenished again as it had been before. This happened several times - over and over the tree and all that was around it would be at the point of death, but then would be replenished again. It was as if many ages of the tree were flashing before me and I began to understand as I watched this.

The changing of the tree finally ceased, and it was restored to its original state as when we first sat down before it.

I thought about all the struggles that Israel had gone through and how so many times, the people of Israel had suffered. I wondered how they had persevered for so long.

The Lord then said unto me, “Do not let your thoughts lead you astray and do not let your heart be troubled. The seed of Adam, Abraham and David has been preserved, so that through this tree, the Great Forest and the River of Life has sprung forth.

There is still hope that this tree will become the greatest of them all. Come now and let us walk and I will talk with you more.”

The Lord and I stood up and glanced at the Tree of Jacob once more, before turning to walk down the hill. We headed towards the far end of the Great Forest, away from the small stream at the end of the Great Forest where we had sat before.

As we walked through the great field with the River of Life to our right and the Great Forest beside it, I saw endless fields of green grass before us and the very large forest of trees to our left.

The trees of the large forest were healthy and beautiful and were of normal size. There was another stream of water within this forest however, and unlike the Tree of Jacob, this stream was fed from the River of Life and did not pour into it.

The grass of the fields was a little higher than my ankle and there was a gentle breeze that blew across the open meadows.

We came to the end of the Great Forest, encircled by the River of Life at the far end. It turned and ran under the cliff walls that enclosed the Garden of the Lord.

The Lord and I sat down in the meadows of grass at the end of the Great Forest. He gazed out over the endless meadows and the other large forest to our left with a majestic look in His eyes.

He then smiled and said unto me, Today you have seen much - and you will see much more. Soon I will answer the many questions that you have, but wisdom is a journey that does not end. Go and rest now, for I will come to you again and will give you answers to give unto the world.”

I awoke from my vision and began to study The Word of God about all that I had seen and heard, and The Word of God began to speak out to me, unlike ever before.

The Scroll of Fire

Chapter 14

As I sat alone in the desert, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, while I was bowed before Him in deep prayer. And behold, I was taken up in the Spirit and I saw an expansive desert and the Lord was standing in His glory beside a single cliff wall.

He summoned me unto Him, and I bowed with my face before Him and I said unto Him, “Forgive me Lord. Are you the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Christ, the Messiah, My Brother and My Friend?”

And the Lord said unto me, “I am He, Michael - and I am here, and I am with you.” I then kissed His feet and raised myself to my knees and kissed the palms of His hands. He reached down and lifted me to my feet.

Then the Lord looked out in the distance and He said unto me, “Behold Michael and tell me what you see.”

I looked out into the expanse of the desert and the sky above, and I saw, scattered throughout the desert floor, legions upon legions and thousands upon thousands of angels staring intently into the sky, as if they were awaiting a message. They were glowing with a white aura of light and their eyes burned like sapphire in the sun.

I looked up toward the heavens and behold, the sky was glowing red, like the color of a blazing fire, and there was a massive hole in the center of the sky. The hole appeared to be like an upward whirlwind, with a bright light shining down the center of it, and the sight of it made me tremble inside.

I turned to ask the Lord what this was, and behold, He was as a blazing fire before me. His eyes, hair and body were ablaze as with white fire, and His power was radiant and beautiful before me. I looked, and my cloak was glowing white and my eyes were set ablaze and the Spirit of the Lord burned inside me.

The Lord then extended two beautiful and magnificent white wings, took hold of my hand, and said, “Come with me Michael.” And in an instant, He lifted me up to the top of the cliff wall that rose above the desert floor. We stood beside one another looking out over the magnificent desert floor and the multitude of angels that were lining it.

As I gazed up at the red sky above, the Lord then took me by the hand and He said unto me, “Michael, take this, and write down what it says and what I will show you.” I looked and the Lord had a scroll in His right hand, and He began to unseal it before me. He opened the scroll up and showed it to me, but I could not read it, as the writing was glowing with white fire. I said to the Lord, “Lord, I cannot read what it says, as it looks like fire burning on the scroll.”

The Lord then rolled the scroll back up, and He said unto me, “Take the scroll and set it inside your cloak.”

So I took the rolled up scroll, and placed it against my chest on the inside of my cloak - and my chest begin to burn. I said unto the Lord, “Lord, the scroll that you have given me is burning against my heart. What shall I do with it?” Then the Lord rose above me, hovering above me off of the side of the cliff wall, and He said unto me, “Soon I will call you and tell you what the scroll says, and I will tell you what to write down, and you will give it to those I tell you.”

Then at once, all the angels on the desert floor took flight and rose into the whirlwind and up into the red sky. The number of angels that rose could not be counted, all of them ablaze with white fire. The Lord then looked at me and said unto me, “Michael, I shall soon return and summon you unto me and give you the answer you seek.” Then He turned and He soared into the center of the whirlwind and a bright and glorious light surrounded Him.

Then all was quiet, the red sky became clear blue, and the whirlwind was gone. I sat on the cliff and was once again dressed in a worn cloak; and silence was over the desert where I sat. My chest still burned as I sat in astonishment as to what I had just seen and heard, and my heart was greatly troubled within me.

Then my vision ended, and I was back in the world of the fallen. My chest still burned, and it continued to do so for the next 3 days.

The Weight of the Scroll

Chapter 15

For the next 3 days, my chest continued to burn, and tightness constricted my breathing, as if my heart was going to fail. Sleep evaded me and my body ached. Visions, dreams and erratic thoughts plagued my mind, and I could find no peace. I would seek the Lord in prayer, in His Holy Word, and in meditation - and He would assure me in a quiet voice that He was with me.

Questions raced through my mind, and I could find no reason or answers. Why this scroll? Why have I been chosen to write down more, when the Book of Michael seems to have been ignored? Has sanity left me forevermore, and have I fallen into the hands of the evil one? I became angry in my spirit, recalling the tremendous agony, sorrow and pain that I endured while writing the Book and I wanted to forget this calling.

The Lord would not let me forget, as my chest burned. The words written on the scroll could not be contained, and I so desired to get the words out of me and written down as the Lord had commanded me. I felt no assurance that anyone would believe what the Lord revealed to me, as they had not the Book of Michael that I had written down at the command of the Lord.

I cried out to the Lord over and over again, and said unto Him, “Lord, these people will not listen. It is your children who reject these words, and who reject the visions and messages you have given me. They are no different than the ancient Israelites - they always reject your messengers, claim that the entire message has been sealed, and claim that they contain the only knowledge of God. Why, oh Lord, would you make your servant suffer and write these things, knowing they will be rejected? Why Lord, have you made me sit in a desert for over 3 years now, with the constant weight of your hand upon me Lord?”

The Lord said unto me, “Michael, is it a burden for you to serve me? Am I not the Lord your God, and are you not my servant? Was it not I who created and formed you, and who called you unto myself, that you would be appointed to write down what I have shown you and spoken to you? Shall I serve you Michael, or shall you serve me?

Evil abounds throughout the nations, and those I have redeemed have strayed from my path. The widow, the orphan and the weak are abandoned. Nations conspire against one another and use my Holy name to whitewash their actions. They have left the path of righteousness to pursue false gain and self-notoriety, and they heap up insult against my Name. The shepherds of my people lead them astray and they will offer nothing of themselves in service to those who are in need.

Who is it they are trying to deceive? The Holy One of Israel! Woe to those who live in comfort and luxury, while the poor desperately suffer! Woe to those who gain ill-gotten treasure and consume the wealth of the lost and desperate! Woe to those who claim to know my Name and proclaim their faith in my Name, and yet deceive the widow and the fatherless for gain! Woe to those who lead those who are lost into prisons of evil and despair, enslaving them with demonic addictions for gain! Woe to the nations who make war against a weaker people so that the wicked may satisfy their lustful desires for power and wealth!

Michael, look to South and tell me what you see. Look to the North and tell me what you see. Look to the East and tell me what you see. Look to the West and tell me what you see. Do you not see the injustice at every corner of the earth? The darkness has spread like a canopy over the face of the earth and there are only fragments of light, so that a small remnant of hope remains.

The poor and defenseless cry out, and would you have me ignore them Michael? Shall I not answer those who call upon my Name? For death, destruction, enslavement, poverty, tyranny, oppression, greed, lust, arrogance, pride and indifference have become the standard by which the nations are ruled. Even if you do not see this, do I not see it?

Shall I allow you comfort Michael, when I am afforded none? What is it you have been denied that I have not given you? Who is it that will weep for me, Michael? Therefore, write what I have commanded you and honor me as the Lord your God. Strengthen your heart, mind and body and put away your fear and contempt, that you may serve me - and do not arouse my anger against yourself, for, ‘My Righteous One will live by Faith!’

See, I will do as I have done since the beginning, and I will proclaim what I am about to do before it comes to pass. I am going to rise up against the nations, and my wrath will consume the whole earth. Nations will rise against nations, and the destruction of all they hold dear will come to pass. I will turn them over to their greed and desire for power, and they will see my back and not my face.

Therefore, proclaim it to the whole of the earth and let it be written before it takes place, so that their guilt will be upon them and they cannot deny that it was I who brought it to pass. The end has come, and the finality of all things is near. I will show you what will come to pass and then you will write down what you see and what you hear! Whether they believe or do not believe, you Michael will write it down, and it will be proclaimed.”

“Forgive me Lord for my deceptive and wicked heart,” I cried out, “Thy servant is truly unworthy of your love, grace and mercy. I repent of my wicked thoughts and I pray that my faith be restored, for it is with great fear and trembling that I serve you. Let your love and mercies guide me so that I may serve to bring honor, glory and praise to your Holy Name my Lord and my God!”

Fire in the Sky

Chapter 16

On the morning of the fourth day, after receiving the scroll that the Lord had placed against my chest, I went in and sat before the Lord. I offered up my morning prayer and bowed before Him and awaited His word to me.

Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was once again at the place in the desert. I saw the angels and the whirlwind in the red sky just as before, and the Lord was standing in the same place as before, again burning ablaze, as if covered in white fire. His glory radiated as His eyes shined like the sun.

My spirit burned inside me, and I felt the glory of the Lord upon me. I looked and again, I was burning as with white fire and my eyes were as sapphires in the sun. I bowed before the Lord, and He lifted me up once again and carried me back to the top of the cliff that rose from the desert floor.

The Lord then said unto me, “Michael, take out the scroll which I have given you and open it.” So I reached into my cloak and took out the scroll and the seal, which had been opened by the Lord before and was still torn in two. I then unrolled the scroll from top to bottom, and the letters which had appeared on fire, now turned to red before my eyes. Then the Lord said unto me, “Start to read the scroll out loud Michael.” So I began to read the words on the scroll.

As I began to read, the scroll faded from my hands and all the angels began to ascend into the whirlwind as before - and again, a great light shined down in the center of it. Then the Lord took my hand and said, “Come with me Michael and I will show you what you have read,” and at once the Lord lifted me up and soared into the center of the fiery whirlwind, and I was trembling in my spirit.

As we rose into the center of the whirlwind, I was surrounded by glowing red and orange flames. The center of the whirlwind was huge, and mighty angels (too numerous to count) were flying upward beside us on every side. I looked up and saw a bright light shining down the center of the whirlwind, and darkness on the outer edges of it.

Suddenly we came out of the whirlwind, having risen above it. And I looked and behold, we were in what appeared to be space, hovering above the circle of the earth. I looked, and all the angels had come to a stop and were hovering, looking down upon the earth.

Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, look and tell me what you see.” So, I looked down, and I saw on the surface of the earth a huge cloud of fire burning red, and a plume of white smoke rising above it. So, I said to the Lord, “My Lord, I see a great cloud of fire, and smoke rising from the surface of the earth.”

The Lord said unto me, “You see correctly. Now come and I will show you more.” It was then that I realized that the huge cloud of fire had been the whirlwind we had just risen through.

The Lord then descended towards the face of the earth, and all of the angels accompanied Him. This time He went around the large cloud of fire. We came to a point where I could see the surface of the earth, and there the Lord rested us down on top of a high mountain, some distance from the great cloud of fire.

From the top of the mountain, I could see a vast desert plain, and in the distance I saw the silhouette of a city. The cloud of fire rose from the floor of the desert plain and reached unto the sky. I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is this cloud of fire that I am seeing and why is it here?”

Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, it is the weapon of man that you are seeing - and you are witnessing the beginning of evils self-destruction.” I was shocked at what the Lord said, and I asked the Him, “Lord, where are we? And what is this place, and who is responsible for this destruction?”

And the Lord said unto me, “You are looking at the plains of Elam and the destruction that is being brought against it. For evil attacks evil, and by this act, the beginning of the end has begun for mankind.”

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I do not understand what this means, as I have not the wisdom to understand.” Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, you will soon understand, and I will show you what is to come.”

Then the Lord took hold of me and lifted me up, and I saw great cities and vast deserts beneath me. Then the Lord rested us once again on top of another mountain. I looked to the west and saw a great city, and then to east I saw a long mountain plain with a fertile valley that ran into an endless desert.

Siege of the Holy Land

Chapter 17

Then behold, as I looked out upon the fertile plain, I felt the earth begin to tremble and the ground shook. The mountain on which the Lord and I were standing began to shake, and all at once the angels that accompanied us took flight. Then I heard a great trumpet blast that was deafening to my ears.

I looked and saw the Lord was in all His glory, and a great sword was in His right hand. Then I looked and I saw a vast army that covered the fertile plains and the desert beyond. I turned and I looked towards the great city, and it was surrounded by hordes of darkness on every side.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is happening?” And the Lord said to unto me, “Michael, the sons of Ishmael, the sons of Esau and the sons of Canaan have gathered against the Holy City. They have risen as one man against the city that bears my name and have come to lay waste to all that it is.”

I cried out to the Lord, “Why Lord? Why would they do this?” And He said unto me, “For this is what was proclaimed, and this is what must come to pass.” So, I pleaded with the Lord, “Lord, is there nothing we can do? Is there no one that will stand against them and defend the Holy City?” Then the Lord said unto me, “Look to the great sea Michael and tell me what you see.”

I looked towards the West, and a great sea was before me that lay a distance from the Holy City. And behold, there were an endless array of ships in the sea, so that they appeared to cover the whole horizon. Then I saw a vast army coming ashore and I saw birds of preying soaring overhead, stalking over their enemies.

Then I saw the sons of Israel rising across the land, and they were each carrying weapons of war in their hands. I heard them shout, “Post the lookouts, sound the alarms, and every man take his position, for the Lord our God is with us!”

And then I saw an endless array of fire coming in all directions. Nations were rising against nations and the battle was fierce and seemed to be never ending. I saw the sons of Israel and those that stood with them from the sea to the west drive back the nations of the desert, and victory was within their grasp. The nations of the east began to draw back and reestablish new battle lines as the sons of Israel and those that stood with them pressed on.

Then behold, I heard another great trumpet sound and it shook the ground more than the first trumpet that had sounded. I turned to see a great horde of nations coming from the North, and they fell like steel rain as they crashed against the sons of Israel - but the sons of Israel did not fall. The sons of Israel and those who stood with them began to battle the hordes of nations from the North and from the East. The battle continued to be fierce, and the number of those killed was countless.

I turned to see the Lord and He stood silent with His sword raised high above Him as He watched the great battle unfold. His body was still ablaze with white fire, and His stare was fixed on the battle below us.

I then saw darkness fall over the land as the battle continued to rage on. Then the sun appeared again, and many days seemed to flash before me as if days were being measured in seconds.

Then I heard another great trumpet, and again the ground shook and trembled. I turned and I saw another great horde of nations rising from the South, and they also came against the sons of Israel and those who stood with them.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, can the sons of Israel and those who stand with them drive back these hordes of nations that are attacking them from all sides?”

The Lord then drove His sword into the mountain. The ground began shake, and the mountain began to crumble away beneath us, to the battlefield below. Then I looked, and I saw the angels descend upon the battle, and they were cutting down the hordes of nations that were attacking the sons of Israel and those who stood with them.

The hordes of nations attacking Israel began to flee, and the sons of Israel and those who stood with them pursued them in every direction. Many were slaughtered at every direction, and the sight of it was horrifying to me and I pleaded with the Lord to stop the slaughter, as it was appalling for me to see.

The Lord then pulled His sword out of the top of the mountain which remained, and the angels immediately withdrew from the battlefield. Then the sons of Israel and those who stood with them, turned back and returned to the great city below.

The Great City

Chapter 18

I then looked out over the great city that lay below the mountain where I stood with the Lord, and it had been subjected to mass destruction. Buildings were ablaze, homes were flattened, and the massive structures throughout the land were reduced to rubble. The sons of Israel and those who stood with them had repelled the siege with the help of the Lord and His mighty angels, but the city was reduced to near ashes.

Then I looked into the distance, and I saw the great temple with the golden sphere and the crescent moon - and it was ablaze. The temple began to fall before me, and it was brought down to ruins and dust. Then I saw the sons of Israel and those who stood with them encircle the site of the fallen temple, and they began to fall to their knees and shout praises to the God of Heaven & Earth.

I asked the Lord what this meant, and the Lord said unto me, “Michael, you are witnessing the fall of the abomination that causes desolation, and the throne room of the false prophet who has led many astray.” So, I asked the Lord, “What is to happen now my Lord? Is this the end of all things? Is it now over Lord?”

The Lord turned and looked out over the valley of fertile fields and desert beyond, and all the angels came to Him and encircled Him in constant motion, while I waited to hear what the Lord would answer me. Then I looked out where the Lord was looking, and behold, I saw a group of men coming out of the desert, dressed in white and carrying a scroll.

Then I saw the sons of Israel come out to meet the men who came out of the desert - and when they met them, they all sat down opposite of one another. I saw one of the men with the scroll open it and begin to read it out loud in a language I did not understand. After the man had read the words on the scroll, I saw one of the sons of Israel stand up and take the scroll from the man wearing white, who had been reading it.

The son of Israel took the scroll and passed it around to the other sons of Israel, and they each read it. Then the sons of Israel stood up as one, and the men dressed in white did the same - and they all faced one another.

Then the son of Israel who had the taken the scroll and the man wearing white who had read the scroll aloud embraced each other and kissed each other on the cheek. Then they held each other’s hand onto the scroll, lifted their arms to the heavens, and seemed to be praising God.

All at once, the sky turned very dark and lightning flashed above them, across the sky. Then the men in white turned away and went back the direction they came, and the sons of Israel returned to the great city.

Then as I watched, the sons of Israel assembled inside the great city, at the place of the temple with the golden sphere which had fallen during the great battle. The people were rejoicing with singing and celebration, and the ones who had stood with the sons of Israel stood off at a distance and observed the celebrations but did not join in with the sons of Israel.

As I looked down upon the city, the ones that stood with the sons of Israel began leaving the city in great columns and headed back to the great Western Sea. Along the way, they reclaimed their dead with great care. The city was left with only the sons of Israel, and they began to rebuild the ruins of the city.

The outer walls were demolished and then rebuilt with fortification, and houses were leveled and replaced by new houses. I saw an innumerable amount of people going out to dispose of the dead bodies that were scattered throughout the city and the fertile fields and desert plains beyond.

For those who had fallen and were of the sons of Israel, great honor and care was given to their bodies - however the fallen of the hordes were picked up and tossed into large graves scattered throughout the land, and their bodies were burned. I did not see any of the armies of the hordes return to carry off their dead, and they were strewn out in great numbers throughout the entire land.

Then I saw a great number of the sons of Israel gather at the site of the fallen temple, and they began to offer prayers and incense up to the heavens. I saw men dressed in flowing robes with purple sashes, and they were accompanied by many who played instruments and sang.

Then the singing stopped, and I saw great machines come to the spot where the temple had fallen. They began to remove the debris that was left, and the ground was leveled. Then I saw huge trucks carrying a vast amount of building material and rock to the location where the temple had stood.

I looked, and I saw forty sons of Israel. They were all dressed in flowing robes, and they began to circle the location, each of them standing about a hundred feet apart in distance. As I watched, one of the sons of Israel walked into the center of the circle. He had in his hand a great scroll, which he opened and began to read in a language I could not understand.

As he read, I turned and looked towards the Lord - and He was facing towards the West and had His back toward the location of the temple. I looked up, and the angels were also facing West and had their backs toward the location of the temple. I asked the Lord, “Lord, why do you not look down upon this ceremony and see what I am seeing?” But the Lord did not answer me, and I knew it was not for me to know the answer.

I returned my gaze to watch the ceremony that was taking place. As I watched, I saw two more men in robes come to the center of the circle. I saw that each of them had a goat, and each of them had a lamb. One of the goats was laid on its side, and the son of Israel who had been reading the scroll took a large knife and slit the throat of the goat. He tilted its head back, and the blood of the goat poured out on to the soil.

As I watched, the other goat was set free, and it fled toward the East and out onto the plains of the fertile fields. Then I watched as both lambs were laid on their sides, and the men who had brought them to the center both took out large knives and slit the throat of each of the lambs. They also tilted their heads back, so that the blood of the lambs spilt out on the ground, just as had the blood of the goat.

Then I saw two more of the sons of Israel come into the center of the circle. They carried fire, and what appeared to be a censer that burned incense. The incense rose to where I stood, and the smell of it was terrible to me. When they reached the location where the lambs and the goat were lying, the three men who had slain the animals began to skin them and take the inner parts from the animals.

Once the animals had been cleaned, the other two sons of Israel with the fire and the incense began to pour out oil on the animals, and then set fire to them in the center of the circle. Then I watched as the sons of Israel who had killed and cleaned the animals walked out of the circle and disposed of the animal skin and parts they had taken, throwing them into a fire outside of the circle. They then turned and waded into a pool of water that was nearby.

The remaining sons of Israel who still formed the circle, all bowed down and put their faces in the dust. Then they all began to tear open their robes and pour dust on their heads, and they were wailing so loud it was deafening. Their sorrow seemed very great to me and I wanted to comfort them somehow, so I turned to see if the Lord was watching. But as I turned, I saw Him just as before, with His back toward the place of ceremony.

So I turned back and watched as the sons of Israel bowed low, prayed, and wept throughout the entire night. When the sun began to rise, they all closed the circle - and in a column they returned the direction they had come, back into the city center.

The Building of the Temple

Chapter 19

I turned away from facing the holy place where the sons of Israel and been, and back towards the Lord. I went and I sat down at his feet, as He stood facing the north. I felt like weeping, and my spirit was disturbed at all that had happened.

Then the Lord reached out and placed His right hand on my shoulder, and He said unto me, “Michael, do not fear and do not let your heart be troubled. All that you have seen was destined from the beginning and must come to pass in order for the end to come.”

“Forgive me Lord,” I said, “But what does all this mean, and what is to happen next? Is it over, my Lord, or will there be more to come? This bloodshed and destruction have been horrific to watch, my Lord.”

Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, turn and face the holy place again, and tell me what you see.”

I turned and looked down upon the holy place where the sons of Israel had been, and behold, they were constructing a temple of magnificent size. There was a large wall around it made of beautiful white stone, and the foundation had been raised at various levels. There were four gates in the wall that were very large, and they ran into an open courtyard.

The first courtyard was at the lowest level, and then ran into two sets of wide steps which numbered about twenty steps each. At the top of each set of steps was another large courtyard, and at the center of it was the beginning of a great foundation of walls.

I saw no machinery at the site, only craftsmen in strange garments - and they were using what appeared to be ancient carts of some sort to move the stones. They had a system of ropes and pulleys in place, with large wooden cranes that they used to lift the stones up.

Each stone was brought to its appropriate place in the wall, and there was no hammering or chiseling of the stones inside of the exterior walls. I looked, and I saw a vast workforce outside the walls, and huge pieces of machinery moving the stones and supplies to a location roughly 50 yards from the walls that surrounded the courtyards.

I watched as some of the stones that were taken into the courtyard to be inserted into the wall foundation were taken back out, and I saw craftsmen and machinery working together to reshape the stones that had been marred in one way or another - but no work on the stones was being done inside the walls, and no machinery was allowed past the walls.

I was astonished at how large the walls and the courtyards were, and how many of the sons of Israel were assembled to build such a great structure. I turned back to the Lord and I said unto Him, “Lord, how did they do this so quickly, and will you not turn to see how beautiful it is, Lord?”

The Lord then reached out and took my hand, and He said unto me, “Come Michael, for there is more I must show you.” And then all at once, the Lord took flight with me, and the angels accompanied us. As we rose into the air, I looked down to see the great structure - but all I could see was what appeared to be a black shadow, and I could not perceive the site or those building upon it, and I was perplexed by what I saw.

I turned to ask the Lord why this was, but then I saw that we were flying into pure light and I could not perceive anything, as constant pure light is all there was.

The Army of the Light

Chapter 20

In another vision, the Lord and I were sitting upon a great boulder. I looked out and saw that we were no longer staring out into the desert, for the deserts were gone - and instead a vast number of great cities lay before us, as far as my eyes could see.

The Lord stood up and I stood up beside Him, and He said unto me, “Come and fly with me above the earth, so that you may look through the eyes of the Lord.”

Then behold; The Lord began to shine as bright as the morning sun, and a golden crown of fire was set ablaze at the top of His head. He was covered in golden armor, carried a beautiful sword in His left hand, and had angelic white wings that draped over Him.

He looked into my eyes, and His eyes were golden like the Father’s, shining as if set on fire.

With a thunderous voice He said unto me, “Come now, and follow me where I go,” and I saw that I was in full silver armor, dressed in white, and possessed the sword and dagger at my sides.

The Lord leapt from the side of the boulder, and great light surrounded His presence. I then spread my wings and flew up to meet the Lord in the sky, and to fly beside Him wherever He was to go.

The Lord soared higher and higher, and I followed Him until we reached the outer edges of the sky. Then He stopped, and we both looked down upon the earth.

Then great light started to illuminate the sky from all directions. I looked above me, and behold I saw an endless sea of warrior angels.

The Lord called out in a strange language, and the angels unsheathed their swords - and so did I. The Lord looked upon me, and His glory was so bright that I felt partially blinded.

He then said unto me, “Now come Son of Man and see what I see.”

He began to fly at great speed, descending over the earth - and I followed, keeping up as best as I could. The army of angels was spread out to our left and to our right, as far as the eye could see. We descended through the clouds with the earth before us, and it was beautiful to me.

There were no cities and no sign of mankind’s building upon the earth. The oceans were blue and clear, and the meadows, forests, streams and rivers were beyond my ability to measure. We leveled off and crossed over the surface of the earth, and I saw that the earth was unscathed and healthy with life.

We came to the other side of the earth, and darkness was about - for the night hour was at hand. The light and glory of the Lord and the angels lit up the darkness as if it were noon day, and the sight of the earth continued to be beautiful to me.

Off in the distance, I saw a great mountain that stood alone. Its peak was at a great height, and fire and smoke were rising out from it. Beside the mountain was a great plain of meadow that expanded as far as the eye could see. Encircling the meadow was a continuous rolling hillside that sat above the plain and created a lower valley of the meadow.

The Lord descended and hovered over the top of the mountain, with the smoke and fire bellowing out below Him. I stopped and hovered beside the Lord, as the angels continued their descent past the mountain and onto the great plain. They encircled the plain, and in uniformity they landed upon the rolling hillside in a perfect formation of columns and rows. As far as the eye could see was the vastness of the army of angels and there was no end to their number; they could not be counted.

The Lord said unto me, “Look unto the plain and tell me what you see.”

I looked and said unto the Lord, “Lord, I see an endless plain of green meadow, surrounded by the rolling hillside, which is covered with angels forever.”

The Lord then smiled and said unto me, “Now that you have seen with your own eyes, look again with the eyes that I have given unto you.”

I looked again and behold; I saw a vast multitude of mankind that filled the entire valley, and their number was millions upon millions.

They were formed like a great army, possessing chariots of fire, great white horses with wings, foot soldiers, archers and spearman. They were covered in silver armor with traces of gold, and perfectly aligned in columns and rows.

The Lord said unto me, “Behold, the armies of Adam, Abraham and David!”

Then a great and mighty angel soared past us. He had two angels beside him, one to his left and one to his right. The three angels then split off into three directions, with one landing to the left side of the Lord and one landing to the right. They landed directly in front of the vast army of angels that had formed on the hillside, and all of the angels bowed to them as they did so.

The great and mighty angel who had led the other two, circled the great army of angels and mankind. As he circled over them, he began to glow as bright as the sun. A great shout arose into the air, with all of the angels and mankind cheering up at the great and mighty angel. The sound of their cheers shook the whole earth below.

The great angel then soared directly towards the Lord, and presented himself before Him, with his head bowed low and his hands joined together as in prayer.

As the brightness of the great angel began to fade before the glory of the Lord, I saw that the great angel was Michael - and he looked fierce in his appearance, as an indestructible warrior that could not be overcome.

The Lord then lifted His hand unto Michael, and he turned and soared down to the head of the great army of angels and mankind, placing himself in the front-right of it, as it faced the Lord and me.

The Lord then said unto me, “Go and take your place beside Michael.”

So I flew over the army of mankind and angels, and they cheered unto me as if I was as great as Michael himself. I felt uneasy for I was nothing to be cheered upon, but I took my place at the front of the army.

The Lord slowly descended forward and landed in front of the great mountain, with the great army of angels and mankind facing Him. His glory was beautiful and bright as He stood before us.

The moment His foot touched the ground, the entire army bowed to their faces before Him. Mankind, angels and animals all lay down before Him and gave praise to Him.

The Lord then moved forward and passed through the entire army of mankind, column by column and row by row, touching each of them as He passed by and calling them each by their names. I was amazed at this.

There was a sensation of absolute love and affection that existed throughout this place. They had love for the Lord and love for each other and there was no darkness, envy, jealousy or hate that existed. It was an eternal bond of angels and mankind, brought together by the glory of the Lord.

The Lord moved back towards the head of the great army, and we all bowed before Him again. The Lord said unto the army, “Arise, children of Adam, children of Abraham, children of David - and give glory to the light, for today we cover the earth as one, so that all may see that the glory of the light and the love of the Lord God has overcome the darkness!”

The whole army raised their swords, shields, spears and hands, and with a great shout they exclaimed in one voice, “AMEN!”

The Lord turned and behold, three great white horses covered in armor and fitted with wings were brought forward. One was given to Michael, one was given to me, and the other - which was the greatest of the three - was brought unto the Lord.

We mounted the great horses and the Lord lifted His sword, and with a great cheer the army moved forward with great speed and strength towards the mountain that lay before us.

A massive bolt of lightning came forth from the Lord and it struck the mountain before us. The mountain was shattered into a million pieces and fell to the earth as if it were made of fine grains of sand.

The Lord ascended into the sky and the great army followed Him upwards, with Michael at the head of the right flank and I at the head of the left flank.

The sky was lit in glorious light at all sides, and the army filled the entire skyline as far as the eye could see. As we soared above the earth, I looked below, and I saw great cities of mankind and great patches of darkness and light moving about the face of the earth.

As we crossed over the earth and the cities of mankind, the patches of light were drawn up into the army of light, and the army grew in size and strength. We circled the earth, and all light that existed upon the earth was drawn into the army of light. Once the Lord had led the army around the earth, He stopped and turned towards the army of light.

The Lord then cried out in the language that I did not understand, and a glorious and greater light descended from the Heavens above. It was like a great ocean, and was blinding to the eyes so that the entire army covered their faces, but I was able to see it clearly.

The ocean of light then formed as a great beam, and came down upon the Lord and enclosed Him.

Then the Lord said unto me, “See that Man and the Lord God have overcome the darkness as One and are now One in image and in likeness, so that now the day of rest may be given unto all who are of the light!”

The Lord turned and looked down to the earth below, and I saw the patches of darkness forming together as if the earth was covered with disease.

The Lord pointed His great sword towards the earth, and the great sea of light shot forth upon the surface of the earth and quickly enveloped the entire planet, causing it to glow and all of the darkness to vanish.

There was no sun, no moon, no stars, and no darkness in the sky - and where the earth ended and the universe began, I could not tell. I could see no trees, mountains, oceans or meadows, but only a continuous blinding light.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, is this all there is to be? Is there nothing but light forever more?”

The Lord came forward and said unto me, “Do not be troubled, for the new city is to be brought forth before you, as the darkness has been removed.”

The Lord then began to descend, and the army followed Him down. And behold, I saw before me a great and marvelous city made of white marble, gold, silver and all the colors of the rainbow. It went on forever, and I could see no beginning and no end to it.

The entrance to the city had great gates, shining as if they were made of gold, just as the gates to the throne room of Heaven that I had seen before.

The walls were massive and were made of marble, ivory, gold and other materials that I did not know. There were millions upon millions of homes, each made of ivory, gold, gems, silver and other materials that I did not know.

The streets shined like bright gold, beautiful streams of water flowed everywhere throughout the city, and the streets were lined with endless fruit trees.

The Lord called me unto Himself, down to gates of the great city. He stopped at the entrance in front of the great gates, and behold; I saw men, women and children laughing, singing and dancing.

The men and women were all youthful and the children all pure. They each had a different look, but all were beautiful and innocent in their presence and form. They were each clothed in white gowns and there was no pain, distress, heartache or fear.

They interacted with each other as if to be one great family, and I was amazed at what I saw. I asked the Lord, “Lord, may I enter the city and stay for a while?”

The Lord answered unto me, saying, “The time has not yet come, but do not fear son of man, for you will one day enter the city.”

We turned away from the city and back towards the army, but I saw that the army was gone. I looked back and saw that all the army was inside of the city and had become a part of the great family. The angels were stationed all along the walls, and there was a great and glorious light that shined down from the Heavens, which brought light to the whole world.

I followed the Lord, and as He moved away from the city, I began to hear screaming and wailing so loud that it deafened me. I heard cries, and people screaming out, “I am blind, and I cannot see, what has happened to me and where am I?” The fear and pain in their voice was terrible to me.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, the darkness is gone and there is only the light. Why then do I hear this crying and wailing in my ears, for has not all pain ended?”

The Lord turned to me, with tears welled up in His eyes, and the sight of it made me want to cry as well.

The Lord said unto me, “They refused to know the light. Now, that which they hated has become their Lord, and they will never understand it or be able to see it. I am the Lord, and in love I granted redemption to those who would believe - and they chose to hate the light. Come now, for we have more to see and I have more to tell you, so that those who hear may not find themselves blinded when the light comes.”

The Lord rose to the heavens and I followed Him.

As we ascended on high, I began to see darkness coming over me and I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, I see the darkness and it is overcoming me!”

The Lord turned and gently smiled, saying unto me, “Do not fear, for your vision is ending today and you are returning to the world of darkness. But know that I will call upon you again, so that we may finish the Book I have told you write down for mankind.”

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, please do not send me back, for I want to stay Here with you!”

I opened my eyes and I was back in the world, and I felt great sorrow and anguish because of it.

Finding the Lord

Chapter 21

I asked the Lord, “Lord, I know that we are not judged by the Law of Moses any longer, but that we are now under the grace, love and mercy of your sacrifice for sin, once and for all.

There are many who say that because of this, we are supposed to live by the Law - and when we are saved, we have the power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to do this.

However, I have seen many become lost by this as they cannot seem to live the life of morality that the Church teaches them, even though they have accepted you as their Savior.

The Church that worships you has taken many names and is made up of many different rules, regulations and ideas that they all claim are found in your word.

This has led to much confusion, hatred, war and heartache - and I feel that we should know what we are supposed to do and not be always guessing as to the right way, my Lord.

So my question is: What is the Law that we are to live by, in order to become the children of God and to know that we have found you, Lord?”

The Lord said unto me:

“The answer to your question for mankind has long been known, however many still have the corrupted belief that they can be good enough for the Lord God, when the truth is that you are good enough because of the Lord God and not for the Lord God.

My children continue to create rules, rituals and requirements in order to attempt to keep mankind Holy, and to remind mankind of my Holiness. This is the pride that came forth, when the line of Adam and Eve were corrupted in their knowledge.

I say unto you that a child must grow and mature, and as it does so it reaches many stages. The rebirth of mankind brought forth innocence, infancy, pride, rebellion, repentance, humbleness and then acceptance.

Do not accuse those who came before you, for I tell you that they sought me with all their hearts and minds. And as a child learning to walk, they fell many times - and not all who call on my name before mankind either know me or love me.

Do not accuse those who are with you today, for I tell you that you are of one body, maturing in me as you grow and becoming stronger in faith as you do so. This is evident to those who are truly in me, and those who are not cannot hide themselves in the darkness before the light of the Lord God.

While you quarrel amongst one another over which among you are righteous, the enemy laughs and grows in strength, as a great tide across the land. It is in me that you have been given life, this is not of yourselves. Do not be arrogant my children.

Do not defend my word, but rather go forth and proclaim it as one body in unity with me, so that you may be a light that destroys the darkness of the world.

For it is written that the gates of death will not stand against you - and what is death, but the darkness?

Gates are built to defend, not to attack, and so I tell you be on the offensive, arming yourself with the Seeking of God, the Humility of God, the Acceptance of God, the Determination of God, the Devotion of God, the Almightiness of God and the Invitation of God, doing so as the One child of God, as you are in me and I am in you.

You are all in me and I am in you and therefore, we are One child before the eyes of the Father - so do not grieve His Holy Spirit but sing forth the word of His heart throughout the world.

To those who are lost, come to me and call upon my name and I will welcome you completely. Your heart, mind and soul will be at peace with the Lord God.

I tell you that the light of the Lord God is love and If you call unto me, I am faithful and will come to you.

Your house has already been swept clean, therefore, do not leave the house empty, but fill it with light, so that it may not be occupied by an even greater darkness than before.

I give unto you Seven Stars that make One Eternal Light and One Eternal Light that make up the Seven Stars.

Seek me with all your heart, mind and soul, and never cease, for I will never cease to be with you, no matter the storm.

Humble yourself with me before the Father, for your pride separates you from Him and in me there is no rebellion against Him.

Accept the grace, love and forgiveness that have been given unto you and know that it cannot be earned or lost, for it is eternal and never changing, as you are in me and I am in you.

Determine in your heart to not judge others or yourself, because neither they nor you exist apart from the will of the Father. Let the light of the Lord God be the judge of the darkness.

Devote yourselves to trusting in me and do not live in fear of the world of darkness, for the Lord God is faithful and His promise to those who are in me will not fail.

Anticipate the coming of the Lord God Almighty in your life as each day passes before you, knowing that true faith means you have already received what you ask for and what you need.

Invite others to share in my joy and do not set those in the darkness aside, but surround them with the light, so that they may humble themselves and not suffer in eternal blindness.

I tell you the truth, these Seven Stars make up one Eternal Light and so let them shine in your hearts, singing forth the song of the angels and the Holy Spirit will guide you on your journey.

I say unto the Churches of Light: Do not enslave your flock again with rules, rituals, guilt and fear, for one cannot love that which they are afraid to go near.

I say unto the elders of the body of my Church: Do not conceal darkness, but cast it out into the light, so that the entire world shall see that the Lord God does not judge with partiality.

I tell you that whatever you bound on earth will be bound in Heaven and therefore, preserve the light of the Lord God, for it is not contained within walls made by man.

To all who seek me, I say unto you that I am the Lord over all things in Heaven and earth, but I am also the Lord that stands with you, regardless of what you have done, are doing or ever will do.

I am yours and you are mine and you have been bought with the price of blood and nothing will separate you from my love.

I did not ask anyone to lay down their lives for me, but only that they accept the life I have laid down for them and to share that truth in love with others.

Let those who seek this truth, find it, so that they may know and understand that I came to set the captives free, and freedom you have found in me.”

The Nations of our Time

Chapter 22

I asked the Lord, “Lord, the nations of the world today are much different than the kingdoms of mankind that ruled from the days of Abraham to the times that you walked the earth as a man, and the Apostles after you.

Our system of government and ideas of freedom greatly differ as well.

The country I live in is considered the wealthiest nation on earth, with the most powerful military the world has ever witnessed, and it is an avid defender of the Nation of Israel.

I have always wondered, what does this mean to you my Lord? Are the current systems of countries and government considered to be a good thing before you my Lord, and are we an example of how mankind should live?

I would ask the same thing for all of the countries considered to be the countries of the West, my Lord, for it is really through the spreading of your Holy Church that these countries have come to be what they now are.”

The Lord said unto me, “The whole earth is mine and everything that is in it, therefore it matters not where one boundary of mankind begins and the other boundary ends.

Many countries have been the greatest and most powerful and have risen and fallen.

Each had their own idea of governing, trade and military, and believed that they were the ones who governed rightfully, yet all have eventually fallen and did not rise again, except one.

Do not oppress the poor, while showing favor to the rich. Do not rule over the people with cruelty and injustice. Do not rule your nation with greed, nor burden the people with overbearing taxes. Do not go to war at the beckoning of those with dark hearts. Do not let wicked men and women rule over you. Defend those who are oppressed by evil. Refrain from removing me from your society. Teach your children the love of the Lord God.

If any nation does these things and honors my name, they will surely be blessed and I will cause them to prosper, but if any nation ceases to honor me, they will fall, and their time is short.

If you look upon the world of mankind, he is surely lost. Despite all his knowledge and strength, he cannot save himself. The world of mankind seeks its own demise, and they will surely destroy themselves by their own darkness.

Mankind has an insatiable desire for greed, honor, power, wealth and control. He sets himself up to believe that he is his own god, though he never considers himself to be this way.

I tell you that it is not the Lord God who will bring down fire upon the earth, but the angels of the Lord will allow the darkness to come forth as mankind has chosen - and those days will be a time of terrible suffering for all of mankind.

Darkness cannot help but destroy itself, as it is in the very nature of darkness to kill and covet. The light of the Lord God, however, does not destroy that which is eternally of the Lord God. The light and the darkness will not exist eternally, only the light.

I say unto the leaders of the nations of mankind, turn away from your path of destruction. Seek out my word and I will grant you wisdom to lead in righteousness, and do not dismiss in your heart the failures of the rulers before you.

Do not shed blood in the pursuit of power, wealth and gold. Do not create fortified cities to defend from the darkness, but march forward with the light of the Lord as your banner. Let your nation reflect love, mercy, forgiveness and peace, for power belongs to the Lord and the Lord alone, and I have granted it to you so that you may do good and not evil.

The nation that does these things will stand; the nation that does them not, will fall and will not rise again.”

The Other Religions

Chapter 23

I then asked the Lord, “Lord, other religions that do not accept you as their Savior but teach of good works, morality and submissiveness to God - are they condemned to blinding of the light?

I have always thought that there must be another way, and that you are God and therefore, can you not make yourself known in other forms to mankind?”

The Lord said unto me, “Does not your question contain the subtle error of deceit that has led many astray? If I am God, then tell me who I am? Where does mankind get his knowledge of me and how does he know me? Does the Lord God change from one moment of mankind’s time to another?

The Word of God is eternal and everlasting and has stood as His proclamation to mankind for thousands of years. It was revealed to mankind in the flesh.

The evidence of my being has been given to mankind since the beginning of their existence, and has never been lost, nor will it ever be.

The Word has been given to mankind for those who seek it in truth - and not one word of it, has failed to come to pass, nor will that which is written of what is still to come fail to take place.

I tell you that many have come, and many will come who will lead the world of mankind astray. Those who seek wisdom and truth, however, are to find it only in me.

If one proclaims as truth a revelation from God, test it against the word that has been written. The wisdom of the Lord cannot be set aside, nor can any promise of it ever fail.

Mankind can neither contain, nor corrupt the light; knowledge and truth of the Lord God and His word cannot be withheld from those who seek it in their hearts. I tell you that many false religions have risen and fallen.

To those who follow other gods and have been deceived, I say unto you, turn to me and ask for wisdom, and do not follow the hardness of your own hearts.

I am the God of all, and my love for you could be no greater. Come unto me and I will give you an eternal life of peace, joy and love in the light of the living God.

Those who seek truth will find it; And those who seek a lie, will find it as well.”

The Last Row of Great Trees

Chapter 24

I asked the Lord, “Lord, the last question that I have for you is about this tree where we sit. It is the last tree of the Great Forest, and it appears that no other rows can be added, as it comes up to the face of the cliff wall and cannot pass.

What does this tree symbolize my Lord, and will there be more?”

The Lord then said unto me, “The tree which is great and bears fruit is also a great tree of faith. It is the first of the last twelve, and this tree will grow to great heights and bear much fruit.

This tree will be joined by eleven others that will grow beside it. As it grows, so shall they, until the final row is completed.

I tell you that the light of man is in the world for only awhile longer and so we must work while it is still day - for when the night comes, no one can work.

The coming of the Lord God draws near, and the whole world will be exposed to the eternal light. I have called unto you so that mankind may hear the message of the Lord.

Come unto me those who thirst, for in me you will thirst no more!

Come unto me those who hunger, for in me is the eternal bread of life!

Come unto me those who are weary, for in me is eternal rest!

Come unto me those who are in darkness, for in me is eternal light!

Come unto me those who hate, for in me is eternal love!

Come unto me those who fear, for in me is eternal peace!

Come unto me those who are lost, for in me you have been found!

Come unto me all, for my hands have been laid open before you and my arms spread wide before the whole world. I will refuse no one who comes to me, for I am the eternal light of love, truth and peace.”

I said unto the Lord, “Come, my Lord, for your people long to see you again and forever thereafter!”

And the Lord rose and put His hands upon my face and smiled.

He then said unto me, “I AM. That, I AM.”


Of Michael

Chapter 25

I, Michael, whom the Lord God chose to write down this Book, now write down my own words, so that all who read this Book may know that I am the lowest among mankind.

I do not seek glory, honor or attention from mankind, and I did not choose to seek out the things revealed to me. I have prayed to the Lord that mankind may not know my name - and if they are to do so, may it be after I have left the world of mankind, for I do not wish to suffer the darkness of mankind’s heart and be subjected to the judgment suffered by those who have been called to write down the Lord God’s words.

Having said that, I am in complete surrender to His will, as my life is not my own. Do not think that I have not considered the costs of obeying the Lord God, as they have been great - but He is greater.

I always knew of the Lord God, and theoretically I believed in Jesus Christ, however I did not seek Him out, nor did I pursue a life of righteousness.

The way of the Lord I did not understand, and I had been a realist all of my life. I felt that if God was real and if He cared, I saw no evidence of this in my world, and I thoroughly believed that a man must look after himself, or no one else would.

I walked many paths in the world of mankind, and they all led me back to the Lord God. I did nothing to deserve His calling.

Many have said that prophets of the Lord are no longer necessary, because the full Word of God has been revealed unto mankind. I am not a theologian, nor will I speak against anyone who loves the Lord God, for they are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

As it is written, “If we are out of minds, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you.”

The Lord God has told me many things that have come to pass, and I have seen Him perform miracles through His word to me. The words that I have written were given to me in visions, conversations and walks with the Lord God.

In great fear, I have written down what the Lord has commanded me to write, for I am not without reverence for the Lord and I fear judgment as do all who know the living God.

The calling of the Lord God does not give a man room for his own will, as I say to you that one cannot know the living God and then walk in life as if he does not.

I do not claim to be a prophet, nor do I claim to be more righteous than any other. I claim only what the Lord God has told me, and that which I have seen, heard and witnessed. There is no deception in my heart as pertains to this book, nor do I seek self-acclamation. Glory to God and God alone.

I say to all who are reading this, so that you will know it and fix it in your mind, heart and soul:

The Lord God is real, Heaven is real, angels are real, the darkness is real, and it is a greater truth than I could have ever imagined.

With great pain and suffering I have written these words down, and whether or not they are accepted as truth by the body of Christ, I will leave to the Spirit of the Lord God to determine.

My only hope, which I pray for more than anything else, is that these words may bring some of those who have chosen to reject His love, into His arms.

I tell you that there is no greater love than that of the Lord God, and His beauty, majesty, power, love and gentleness cannot be truly understood or written down by mankind.

I pray for peace to those who seek to know the Lord God, and may the Spirit of Christ rest upon you, giving you faith, hope and love throughout all your days.

Trust in the Lord God, for He will not fail you.


In Christ,