The Lord Appears

Chapter 1

I Michael, sat before the Lord, in agony of my spirit and bitterness of my soul. I began crying out to the Lord to take my life away from me, for my sin had overwhelmed me and I felt unworthy of the Lamb and the life He had given me. I had followed the sinful desires of my deceptive heart and had neither sought out the Lord Jesus Christ or His word to me, although He had called upon me since my youth.

As I fell to my knees in the darkness around me, my hands spread out and my face hidden from the light, I began to cry out to the Lord. And then there came upon me a voice that called my name and said unto me, “Michael, I am here, and I am with you.” My inner being began to tremble and fear overwhelmed me, but I was unable to move and could not open my eyes, for a vision had overtaken me and I could not escape.

A terrible and dreadful darkness filled my mind and I could see nothing. I perceived myself crawling in the darkness, but there was no sight to guide me and it felt as if death itself was closing in on me as I had petitioned in my sorrow.

Then suddenly, a glorious light appeared before me, blinding me so that I turned away and fell backwards into the darkness. I threw my body forward and lied down on my face; crying out to the Lord to please not destroy me. The light was unlike anything human eyes could look upon and I cannot define it in words used by man, for it was a light that shone forth, unlike any that I had ever known and I believed it to be an angel sent to destroy me.

I felt a hand touch the back of my head, which made me tremble in fear. Then a gentle voice said unto me, “Do not fear, for I am with you. Raise yourself and look upon me.”

I began to weep and cried out, “I am afraid to look up, for I am just a man and darkness is in my heart.

As I was speaking these words, I felt a surge of power running through my body and I found myself being lifted onto my knees while my head remained bowed towards the ground with my hands still covering my eyes. Fear had completely frozen me, and I could not move by my own power or will.

Then I felt a hand reaching under my chin and gently lifting my head, and then the voice said unto me, “Open your eyes, for your blindness is now gone from you.”

I slowly opened my eyes and behold, there was the Lord Jesus Christ in His full glory standing before me. I began to weep in sorrow for His beauty and glory was so great that it overwhelmingly contrasted the darkness of my own heart and soul.

He was covered in a solid white garment and had golden sandals upon His feet. His hands were as a man’s but glowed with light and I could see the holes torn through His palms. His face was radiant and unblemished, and His eyes were shining like sapphires. His stare was deep and penetrating. His hair was long and flowing. It appeared darker, yet was lined with a bright golden tint, like the color of a great lion’s mane, with an aura of white light radiating around it. His presence emanated absolute power and might, yet His face was beautiful and contained a gentle lovingness that I had seen in no other.

When He spoke to me, it sounded like the roar of a thousand waterfalls and the quietness of butterfly wings at the exact same moment.

Then the Lord took my hand and said to me, “Come and walk with me, for I have much to tell you and much to show you.” The Lord then lifted me up to my feet, but my knees began to shake uncontrollably. I had no strength in my legs, my body melted away and all coordination left me. I said to Him, “Lord, I have no strength, nor ability to walk with you.”

The Lord gazed into my eyes, gently smiled and again said to me, “Come and walk with me.” At once my strength and coordination seemed to return and I was lifted up and standing to His right side and we began walking together.

As we walked along, there appeared a path in front of us, which was being illuminated in the darkness by the light radiating from the Lord’s presence. This caused the darkness to fall away as wax drips from a candle.

Then the Lord asked me, “What do you see in front of you?” I answered, “Lord, I see only light shining out into the darkness.” Then the Lord said to me, “Michael, now look through my eyes and tell me what you see, for I have called you so that you may have sight.”

Instantly the darkness began to recede as if a great dome was breaking away, and light began appearing in all directions. In front of me I saw a path that seemed endless and paved with a transcendent light.

As I looked down the path, there began appearing before me legions and legions of angels. They were in formations on the right and left side of the path. Their eyes were solid white, and their form was like that of ancient, battle hardened soldiers, for I know no other way to describe them. They appeared immortal and indestructible, each of them held a shield and a long sword, and they were covered in armor.

On their heads they wore golden colored helmets with their bodies, legs and arms being fitted with golden colored armor. They had golden sandals which were laced up to their shins. Their size and strength were greater than that of a mortal man, even the greatest of men, and they were all identical in appearance.

They were aligned in perfect columns and appeared endless in number. It was a mass display of warrior angels in battle array. They uniformly bowed down to one knee before the Lord with their swords held against their chests, and their shields laid to the ground. They had beautiful white wings that were folded across their feet.

They proclaimed as with one voice, “Praise, Glory and Honor to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!”

It was a great salutation comparative to how a Roman or Greek soldier would have bowed and saluted an Emperor or a King, but this was so much more glorious, and the experience was overwhelming to me.

I looked down and realized that I was clothed in white and covered in silver armor across my arms, legs and chest. I had a golden sword attached to my left hip and a golden dagger attached to my right. My heart was overcome with admiration for the Lord and I also bowed to my knee and gave praise to the Lord along with the angels vastly aligned before us.

I then humbly asked Him, “Lord, why am I covered in armor and why am I being shown all of this?”

Then the Lord answered me, saying, “Michael, you were chosen before the beginning of time. You are to be as one of the prophets and kings among men that I have chosen; those whose names I chose to make great. For you Michael, will be by my side with the armies of Heaven.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, surely this cannot be, for who am I? I am the worst of sinners, a coward of the worst kind, and there is nothing about me that would make me great before men, how much less before the eyes of the Lord God Almighty?”

I began to tremble in fear, believing that my inner spirit was committing blasphemy against the Lord God of Bible. “Whoa to me!” I cried out and began to beat upon my chest, saying “I am doomed! What is this evil heart of mine imagining! Who am I?”

The Lord then said unto me, “Michael, be still and know that I am the Lord and I choose whom I choose, for it is not man who makes Himself who he is, only who he is not. Do not fear, for you will soon understand the words that I speak to you. First you must walk through the fire, knowing that you are worthy because of the Lord.”

And then behold, I looked down the path and there appeared a great lightning storm in the distance, which shrouded the path before us.

I said to the Lord, “Lord, I see in the distance, lightning and a great storm in front of us.”

The Lord said to me, “Michael, we now walk toward the entrance of the throne room of heaven. What you are seeing is the glory of the throne room’s gates. You will soon see the glory of the Lord God and be told many things this day and for many days to come.”

I trembled in fear as we drew near the lightning and I wanted to flee but could not.

The Lord took hold of my hand and said unto me, “Fear not, for I am with you and your darkness is no more,” and I felt His peace and love flow through me. Then the Lord and I stopped and stood still before the wall of lightning which flashed violently in front of us, causing my body to tremble. The Lord raised His right hand and the storm was stilled and the lightning ceased to be.

Suddenly, a great and marvelous being appeared before us, which towered over the other angels aligned on the path. Its form was extremely muscular; leaving no question that it possessed an enormous amount of power.

It was solid white from its head to its feet, with long flowing white hair. It had no armor, but only two white straps which crossed over its chest, and its lower waist was covered with a gold-colored loin cloth.

It had a giant sheath across its back and a magnificent white sword which set inside of it. It stared with a fixed gaze and had blazing eyes of white fire. The stare pierced my soul, causing me to tremble inside. It showed no emotion and had no facial expression. Then the being bowed low on both knees before the Lord, putting its hands together as if in prayer.

The Lord said to the giant being kneeling before us, “Rise Michael for we are to enter.”

I was amazed at what I had heard, and I asked the Lord, “Is this Michael the Archangel, my Lord? Is that really him?”

The Lord smiled and answered, “Yes Michael, what you have said is true.”

I was overwhelmed with awe for I could have never imagined him looking like that, or me ever laying eyes on Michael the Archangel of the Bible!

Michael then stood aside and reached out his hand and behold, two beautiful golden gates appeared before us. Their height and width were beyond measure.

The doors began to open, not by swinging in or out, but by fading away. I heard the sound of innumerable trumpets being blown as a golden light shone forth where the gates had been standing. I was then led by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ into the throne room of Heaven.