The Garden of the Lord

Chapter 10

In a vision sometime later, I came unto the Lord and He was standing beside a beautiful tree. The tree was positioned in a place surrounded by a pool of crystal-clear water, and from all sides the water surrounded the tree and then exited into a flowing stream.

The entire place was majestic and beautiful, and there was a sense of purity in the air that is difficult to describe.

The tree was not very large; perhaps two times the height of a man, but it was very vibrant and gleaming with beautiful fruit. I could not identify the fruit, as I had never seen any shaped in that form or color.

In front of the tree, where the Lord was standing, was a small waterfall that fell into an open pool of water which flowed around the land where the tree was placed, before running into a stream behind us. The place was walled-in by canyon rocks that shined, as if they contained silver and diamonds.

The Lord was standing in front of the tree with His back towards it and His face towards the waterfall, which formed the pool of water. I approached Him from the far side of the tree, coming up to His right side.

I stood beside Him and gazed as He stared with admiration at the water fall and the pool of water. He looked very peaceful. The whole place was very peaceful and quiet and there were no frustrations of any kind.

As I stood beside the Lord in silence, I looked closely at all the surroundings.

The water was clear, not even blue, just clear and pure. The waterfall was not high, and it fed right out of the canyon wall. The grass, flowers and plants were very vibrant and healthy. The walls, although made of rock, somehow shined.

After a moment had passed, the Lord looked over, smiled and said unto me, “Welcome to my Garden on Earth.”

I smiled back at Him and said, “Thank you my Lord,” and I dropped to my knees before Him and greeted Him by His names.

I kissed His hands and feet and He took me by the hand, lifting me back up to my feet and I stood beside Him once again.

I asked Him, “Lord, what is this place?”

The Lord answered unto me saying, “This is the Garden of Lord, which is called Eden. Behind us, is the Tree of Life. Do you find it a peaceful place to be?”

I said unto Him, “It is very beautiful and peaceful Lord, and much different than I had imagined. Although I am not certain of what I had imagined. It is better than that, whatever it was.”

He then smiled and said unto me, “Yes, it is beautiful here, and I made it to be peaceful and relaxing for the Man and Woman to live here forever, so that they would feel honored and loved here in my presence.”

I did not know what to say, so I remained silent and just listened, as He had deep emotion in eyes as He spoke to me.

The Lord said unto me, “Come and I will show you more, for we are in the center only and there is much more to see.”

He began to walk towards the stream of water, and I followed. As we walked towards the path, I noticed a second tree that stood on the island, some distance from the first.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, is this the infamous tree of the knowledge of good and evil?”

The Lord said unto me, “It is so.”

I stopped and looked at it more closely - and although the tree was exactly like the vibrant and healthy Tree of Life, it possessed only one single piece of fruit. I thought to inquire to the Lord as to why this was, but something made me just want to get away from it as it frightened me so.

I followed the Lord as He walked across the stream. On the other side was a narrow strip of grassy land, which ran parallel between the stream and the canyon wall. We proceeded down the strip of grass, with the water fall behind us and the two trees and stream to our right side.

As we walked, I noticed that the stream flowed gently and had no rocks or deposits that you would expect to see in a stream. There were no wild grasses or plants that sprang forth, nor did I see any type of creature or life in the water. I found it quite odd, but also magnificent.

The Lord led me into a huge orchard of trees that had small canals of water running throughout them, fed from the main stream. The orchard trees were smaller than the two trees by the waterfall, and were full of various kinds of fruits, endless in number.

The grass around the trees was very green and perfectly manicured and maintained. At the bottom of the trees, grew all kinds of flowers in various shapes and colors.

The strips of grass that lay between the rows of trees and water canals allowed for plenty of room for us to walk without stepping into the water or on the flowers. The whole garden appeared to be well maintained, organized and designed for pleasure.

As I walked behind the Lord, I heard laughter coming from beyond the trees. I looked around, but did not see anyone, so I asked the Lord, “Lord, I hear laughter from beyond the trees. Who is it that is laughing?”

The Lord turned towards me and answered unto me saying, “That is Adam and Eve, and we are going to visit with them.”

I was unable to reply; it was amazing to me that I was there in the Garden of Eden with the Lord and going to visit Adam and Eve.

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, is it good for me to be here in this place, in their presence?”

The Lord answered me saying, “It was for mankind that I made this Garden, therefore, let us go and visit.”

The Lord turned to the right, away from the stream of water and into the orchard of trees, and I followed closely behind Him. He guided us through the trees and we came out to a large opening of grass and another pool of water, being fed by another waterfall that came from the cliff wall.

There were flowers, green grass and smaller trees around the pool of water. I saw beautiful birds of all shapes and colors, flying back and forth throughout the garden and over the falls.

I saw a ledge that protruded out below the waterfall and above the pool of water. I looked at the ledge, and behold, there sat Adam and Eve on the ledge together. They were laughing and gently teasing a butterfly.

I was stunned by their beauty and form. They were perfectly made and without any noticeable defect; completely naked, but their bodies were so beautiful that I did not feel embarrassed by their nakedness.

They were very muscular in their form. Both had flowing blonde hair, with Adam’s at shoulder length and Eve’s to the middle of her back. They had no body hair that I could see and were perfectly groomed. Their skin was bronze-colored, but not as if it had been tanned by the sun.

Adam was large in his frame and a foot taller than Eve. The color of their eyes was dark brown, both being the same, and they looked like twins to me.

The Lord walked to edge of the pool and they suddenly noticed His presence. With child-like joy, they leapt to their feet and dove into the pool of water, swimming as fast as they could to get to Him.

When I saw their eagerness, I thought to myself, “They revere the Lord and respect Him as much as I do.”

As I was thinking this, the Lord turned to me having known my thoughts, and He gently smiled and said unto me, “No, you misunderstand what you see,” and for a moment, I felt shame and I was not sure why.

The Lord turned back towards the water as Adam and Eve were exiting the pool.

They ran to the Lord, but did not bow to Him - instead, they jumped into His arms and began to hug Him and kiss Him on the cheeks, like He was their long-lost friend. They did not notice me or sense my presence in any way that I could tell.

They gathered up flowers and brought them to Him. Eve made a necklace out of some and placed it over the Lord’s neck, and I watched in amazement. They had absolutely no idea as to who the Lord was or what power He possessed, treating Him as if He were just like them.

They began to pull on His hands, leading Him towards the pool of water - and without hesitation, the Lord dove into the pool and Adam and Eve followed behind. They started splashing the water at one another and playing like children, and I could do nothing but watch in amazement and perplexity.

They had absolutely no fear of the Lord, and the Lord did nothing to show His power, might or glory before them. He was as much a child with them as they were with Him.

It was difficult for me to watch the Lord - whom I had just seen create the entire universe, command mighty angels and battle Satan - now swimming and playing like a child. I sat down in the grass and flowers, watching silently for some time.

After they swam for a while, they exited the pool on the side across from where I was sitting and began to dry off. Adam went and gathered fruit, as Eve and the Lord sat down in the warmth - which was contained in the Garden, as there was no sun and only clear blue skies above.

Adam quickly returned and they sat down and began to eat the fruit together, without praying first - which bothered me, but I did not know why. I expected Him to make them give thanks, but He did not do so.

As they finished eating, Adam stood up and walked a short distance away from the Lord and Eve, and made a whistling noise.

Seconds later, to my amazement, three beautiful white horses came forth from within the tree orchard. They were walking and not running, and just as Adam and Eve, they were also flawless and perfect, without any blemish or defect. They were so white that they almost glowed.

The horses walked right up to them as they stood together, resting their heads on their shoulders. Adam and Eve petted them slowly and affectionately. After a few moments, the horses bowed low and they climbed on their backs gently, riding off into the tree orchard, laughing and shouting.

After a moment, I could no longer see or hear them. I found myself sitting there alone and I felt a little uneasy in my spirit.

I began to wonder why the Lord was acting this way and what His purpose was for bringing me here. Of course, I did not yet know what the purpose was for all that I had seen, so I guessed that this was no different.

This place was full of comfort; even the grass and flowers felt like the softest fabric, just as they had in Heaven.

I laid down in the bed of flowers and stared into the sky, with many thoughts going through my mind. The sky was a clear blue with no clouds, and although there was light, it was not like the light from the sun, as it did not radiate, as would light that you normally see across the skyline.

I felt very peaceful, safe and without worry, and I wondered how the world would be if it was all just like this place. I wondered how the world would react to the Lord, if they had seen Him like I had just seen Him.

It did not take me long to realize that the world would reject Him, because they already had. They did not understand who He was, and neither had I.

As these thoughts went through my mind, I began to feel myself falling into a peaceful drowsiness, and I shut my eyes and quickly fell into a restful sleep.