The Great Forest

Chapter 11

I awoke lying on a rock surface, with the Lord sitting a few feet away from me, staring out into the distance.

I sat up, and the Lord looked over and said unto me, “Come and look down and see what I see.”

I rose to my feet and walked over to Him and sat down beside Him. We were sitting on the edge of a very high cliff. I looked down and saw the entire garden below, and it was vast and very beautiful.

I said unto the Lord, “It is very beautiful Lord and I am very grateful that you have brought me here with you.”

The Lord smiled and said unto me, “You have much more to see and now we must leave the garden, we shall return here again.”

He and I stood up, gazed over the garden’s beauty once more. Then the Lord turned and began to walk away from the edge of the cliff, and I followed Him.

In front of us there was a short tunnel that was formed at the beginning of the cliff, which took us through to the other side of the cliff wall.

The Lord walked us into the tunnel and when we came out of the other side, there was another cliff, very similar to the one we had just left - except it had a much different view.

There was a small boulder on the right edge of the cliff and the Lord sat down on top of it, crossed His legs, and asked me to sit. I did so, on the ground at the foot of the boulder in front of Him.

The Lord asked me what I saw as I looked out from the edge of the cliff.

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I see an open field that runs up to the side of this cliff wall on one side and on the other side of the field, I see a very large forest of great trees, which are higher than we are, with tops that are above the clouds.

To the left of us Lord, I see the cliff wall turn in towards the great forest of trees and there is an opening where I see another great tree, which is separated by a small distance from the others and is smaller in its size.

To the right of us Lord, I see only the continuous field, which is enclosed by the cliff wall on one end, and the great forest of trees on the other end.”

The Lord then said unto me, “Good, then let us go down to the great forest of trees and sit and talk at the foot of the smaller tree.”

He got up from the boulder and offered me His hand, helping me to my feet.

The cliff was very high, and I asked the Lord how we were going to get down. He answered unto me, “We will fly down,” and I saw that I had wings again.

The Lord then smiled and said unto me, “Come now and do not be afraid. Follow me,” and He leapt from the edge of the cliff and soared like an eagle across the field, landing beside the great forest of trees.

I spread my wings and fell forward from the edge of the cliff as The Lord had, gracefully landing beside Him.

Once I landed my wings disappeared and I was again wearing just the white robe, standing at the Lord’s right side. We were slightly to the left of the center of the great forest of trees, towards the end where the smaller tree stood apart.

I stared at the trees and was very impressed by their great size. Their trunks were massive, being so large that one side could conceal ten men standing beside one another in any direction.

The tops of the trees could not be seen from the ground as they were hidden in a line of clouds above. The limbs were very strong and intermingled from one tree to the next, forming a web that interlocked one tree to the other. The trees had no leaves growing on them but were very much alive - like trees in the wintertime. The forest was not that large in its overall size, perhaps half a mile long, with a depth less than that.

As we walked into the forest towards the smaller tree at the end, I saw that there were only twelve trees in each row, although their size had made the forest appear to hold many more.

I could vaguely see beyond the forest line, that which I could not see from the cliff. Although not clear, it appeared to be another field, with a large stream and a smaller tree, standing alone on top of a small hill, and a forest of smaller trees to the right of it.

While we slowly walked among the great trees, the Lord would touch each one as we passed by them, almost pausing as He did so. He seemed to have a bond with them and was attached to them in some personal way.

I felt the need to remain quiet and simply observe. I did not speak while we walked, and instead followed closely behind Him.

We finally came to the far-left end of the forest, into a small opening of grass where the smaller tree was standing. The smaller tree was also great in size but was roughly half the width and height of the other trees in the great forest. There was a slight sink in the ground where it was growing. The smaller tree was also different, and full of green leaves with various fruits growing from its limbs.

From where we stood at the opening in the forest, I could now see the other side of the great forest and the cliff wall clearly.

I had judged correctly in what I thought I had seen, which was a small field that ran from the great forest of trees to a large blue stream. I also observed a larger field that ran up a hill, with a small tree at the top left, and a large forest of smaller trees off in a distance from the right of it.

The large stream ran parallel to the forest line, but it broke into a smaller stream in front of the smaller tree of the great forest, and it ran up the hill and around the small tree on top of the hill.

Beyond that, I could not see how far the large forest of smaller trees or the large stream ran, parallel to the great forest of trees.

The Lord walked down the small incline of the smaller great forest tree and laid His hands upon the trunk of it, looking up at it with a smile across His face. He turned around with His back towards it and sat down at the base of the tree, facing the forest that was behind me.

He then motioned me over to Him, saying unto me, “Come now and talk with me for a while, as it is time for me to give you wisdom and understanding about what you have seen and heard, and what you are still to see and hear.”

I walked over and sat down beside the Lord and waited for Him to begin to speak to me.

Whenever the Lord would speak with me, He always caused me to listen in a way that gave me wisdom and a sense of worthiness. He had a mysterious gentleness, patience and kindness when He spoke, and He left me without any doubt as to the absolute authority, wisdom and power of His words.

He had not ever commanded or spoken to me in a way that made me feel like I was being ruled over, even though He was the King of Kings and was the Lord Almighty. His voice, eyes and words always conveyed love, peace and understanding - and there was no judgment or condemnation of me in His presence.

There was no pride, conceit or arrogance in Him, as was always to be found even in the humblest of men, and particularly men of great power and influence.

He was so different, and I imagined how much His demeanor and speech must have amazed the people of Judea and Samaria when He walked among them, as it was something that I had never witnessed from any person I had ever spoken with. I was always eager to hear Him speak about anything He wanted to say.

And so He began to speak and He called me by my name, saying unto me, “Michael, listen closely to my words, so that you may know and understand what you have seen and heard.

For I have called unto you for this very purpose, so that you may write down all of these things and share them with those who seek me.

Many generations of mankind have passed by since the time of the reconciliation and I have heard the cry of my people, as they seek to find me in the new world that mankind has built.

I have chosen to speak unto them through The Holy Spirit, and you are to write these things down, calling it the Book of Michael and giving it unto the world.”

I then said unto the Lord, “Lord, I am trembling in fear at what you are saying. I am not a saint, a theologian or even a scholar of Your Word Lord.

I have not walked in your footsteps, nor have I lived as a man of faith should. The notion that I would be chosen to write down the Word of the Lord, is too great for my heart and mind to conceive, my Lord.

I am fearful that I would commit great shame to your Holy name, and that this shame would be greater than I can bear, for I fear your judgment upon me if I have not clearly heard your word my Lord, or that I may be deceived and commit the worst of sins.”

The Lord then placed His hand upon my shoulder, and said unto me, “I do not choose those who are great, wise or held in high regard to the world. I choose the weak, the lost, the shamed and the humble. For in them is the spirit of surrender and humility. Those who see themselves as the wise, the rich and the intelligent need not know me, for they are their own God.

I tell you the truth, even those who have been called by me to lead the church, would not be able to write what you have seen, for they would be much too fearful of their judgment.

I do not give you this wisdom and knowledge so that the world will love me. I give you this wisdom and knowledge so that the world will know that I love them and have not forsaken them.

For it is written that my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me; so then do not fear, for my sheep will know the truth of the words I have called you to write down.

Those who do not know my words are not my sheep and they do not know me, nor have they ever known me. But know in your heart, mind and soul, that I have called you for this purpose.

Have faith and believe what you see, do not see what you believe. Now prepare your heart, for I am going to explain to you what you have seen and heard and entrust you with much wisdom - and write it down you will.”

I answered unto the Lord, “Lord, I will obey your commands, for I love you Lord and I wish to please you. I will do so with great fear and trembling, but I have faith that you will guide me by way of your spirit, and I pray Lord that you not let your servant be led astray.”

The Lord then said unto me, “In trembling and fear have all of my words been written by mankind. It takes great faith, courage and trust, and these gifts have been given unto you, so that the guardian of the darkness will not cause you to fall. Know that I am with you, just as I have been with all those before you, and do not fear.”

The Lord smiled and began to look around. Then His face began to change, as if He had great sorrow in His heart and I felt like weeping inside because of it. He began to speak and explain many things, and I sat there amazed and overwhelmed by all that I heard.