The Wisdom of the Lord

Chapter 12

The Lord said unto me:

“The Great Forest represents the chosen faithful among mankind. Each tree is a symbol of their faith, strength and courage to follow me and to seek me out in a world of darkness.

The width of each tree reflects their steadfastness and determination, for their roots of faith are deep and their love for me is everlasting.

They would not be moved by the winds, nor could the changing seasons of the world slow their growth. The limbs that grow from each tree represent the bond of the faithful and their dependence on each other, so that the ones that came before would strengthen the ones that came after.

The soil in which they are planted is the soil of faith, wisdom and knowledge, and the light that makes them grow is the light of eternal love which comes from the Lord God, by way of the Holy Spirit.

The great height of each tree represents the growth towards the light above, which reaches above the first Heaven and beyond the clouds.

The appointed faithful reached heights in which they no longer saw this world below, but only the Heavens above. No longer do they look down to the world of darkness, which lies beneath the clouds, but to the things above, which are love, truth and eternal light.

The large stream that runs parallel to the Great Forest is the River of Life that flows from the eternal Son. This stream represents the eternal love, which was poured out by the light of life, so that the darkness of all mankind was washed away for eternity.

The chosen faithful were planted in the soil closest to the stream, for they loved the light and accepted their calling into the light. Their faithfulness caused them to grow into greatness, so that the revelation of the light would serve as a great beacon to all mankind, and mankind could not say that they did not see.

Those who see and come to the River of Life and drink freely from its waters will understand the light. In love, the light will cause them to take root and grow as well. This is the large forest on the far side of the River of Life that you see.

Those who do not drink from the River of Life will never know or love the light, and therefore their eternity in the blinding light will be as darkness to them, for the spirit does not ever perish.

The row of great trees closest to us, at the end of the Great Forest, are those that have lived in your generation of time. Each row behind them represents the twelve chosen faithful from each generation of mankind before you.

Do not be quick to think that these are celebrated people in the eyes of the world, for some have been, but others were hardly known to mankind. Still some in your day are from very humble beginnings and though they are great among the faithful, they are still humble before me in love.

These chosen faithful have served me with all their hearts, minds and souls and have loved me since the time of their calling. They have sought out my wisdom and my friendship, and some have suffered greatly for my name.

The love that is in them is the love that is in me and therefore they have fought against the darkness all of their days, so that the light would stay lit for a world that does not understand or seek to know it.

As you can see, some of the ones in the last row have a few leaves left, as their days are coming to an end in the world of darkness, but they are to stand as great beacons to those who seek the River of Life and the Great Forest of faith, which is the way back to the Garden of the Lord and the Heavens beyond.

From all walks of this world I have called my servants. One was raised poor and fatherless and as an infant, I became His only Father. One was a witness to the great atrocities of war. One was of great wealth that set aside worldly possessions to follow me. One was raised in the poorest of neighborhoods among violence and darkness. One was a lost soul from a land of mankind that does not accept me as the Lord.

The calling of the faithful ones is by my word and my word only, and these are the ones who heard my calling and chose to walk into the light of love, despite the wrath of darkness that surrounded them.

They will soon lose their final leaves and cross over the field of glory that you see. I will meet them at the entrance of the Garden - which is the tunnel we passed through - and I will take them into the Garden of the Lord while they await the coming of the eternal Kingdom of Light.

All who see the Great Forest and drink from the River of Life will follow the chosen faithful, and no amount of darkness around them will prevent them from entering.

Those who do not drink from the River of Life will not enter the Garden of the Lord. They will be in darkness and then forever blinded with hatred with the coming of eternal light, for they have chosen not to know it or love it.

The light of the Lord God is eternal and all consuming. It is the source of all love, wisdom, knowledge and power and it was sent to mankind to free them from the darkness. Those who do not accept this source, instead accept the power of darkness - and they cannot love the light.

So, when the corrupted flesh fades and their days of death in the world of darkness come to an end, they will hate the light. And the light by its very nature, will cause them to be blind and suffer.

All that they have ever hated and refused to love, will now be their eternal dwelling place for the light does not destroy its creation, only the darkness within it.

I came, so that the darkness that indwelt mankind would be forever taken away.

Do not think that I judge as the world judges, for it is not I who condemns, but the darkness condemns itself. For what can darkness know of the light? For hate and love have no place among one another, nor does hate choose to walk into the light.

This is the condemnation that comes for all who have loved darkness and then meet the eternal light. The light that I speak of is the eternal glory of the Lord God and the Spirit of Love that binds them as one.”

The Lord smiled and asked unto me, “Do you understand what I have told you so far?”

I answered unto the Lord, “Lord, I understand what you are telling me, however, I cannot say that it all makes sense to me at this moment.

It seems too simple to me, after all that has been written and all the questions that have been debated. I think I will have many questions Lord, but I want to just listen more for now.”

The Lord then said unto me, “The truth is always simple, and has been known but not understood by mankind, even in the revelation of my coming; more has needed to be said. You will have much time to ask me questions. Come, let us walk and I will tell you more.”