The Tree of Jacob

Chapter 13

The Lord and I then stood up from the last tree where we had been sitting and started to walk towards the stream on the far side of the Great forest, away from the cliff wall.

I began to think about this last tree in the Great forest row, the one which we sat near. The Lord had not told me anything about this tree. Since He had said I would have time to ask questions, I decided to not ask Him at that time and just continued to follow.

We walked through the large stream that the Lord had called “The River of Life” and its water was waist-deep and refreshing.

We crossed over at the point where the smaller stream broke away from the River of Life. This smaller stream ran up a hill and surrounded the small tree on top of the hill. With the River of Life and the Great Forest behind us, we began to walk up the hill towards the smaller tree on top of the hill, with the small stream to our left.

I noticed that the smaller stream ran out from under this small tree on top of the hill and the current flowed downhill, feeding into and not being fed out of what the Lord called the River of Life at the bottom of the hill.

When we got a short distance from the small tree on top of the hill, the Lord stopped and began to stare at it with deep intensity in His eyes.

He began to glow brightly, and His appearance began to change before me. His eyes glowed like the sun and His body became like pure light.

I stood there looking at Him, not understanding what was going on, and after a moment He returned to the image of Jesus Christ that He had been before. He sat down in the field about ten feet away from the tree and I sat down beside Him.

As we sat there, more than a few minutes went by with neither of us saying anything. The Lord was looking down at the ground and running His hand through the beautiful green grass and appeared to be in deep thought.

He raised His head to look up at the small tree and then said unto me, “Behold before you, the Tree of Jacob, which I have called Israel.”

I was stunned at what He had said and so I began to look closely at the tree so that I may see more of its features. The tree was much smaller than the trees of either the Great Forest or the other large forest to the right of it, but it was filled with leaves and several different kinds of fruits.

I looked closer and began to see that the tree was very, very old and its bark had been greatly weathered. I desired to look at it closer still, so I stood up and began to walk towards the tree.

The Lord called out and He said unto me, “Do not draw near the tree, for it is not to be touched. For this tree has set itself apart from me and wishes not to be touched by me or any that are in me. This is the choice given under the Covenant of Moses.”

I backed away from the tree and sat back down beside the Lord and said unto Him, “Lord, forgive me for I did not mean to offend you in any way.”

The Lord smiled and put His hand on my shoulder and said unto me, “You did not offend. I will not touch the tree either, until the time to do so is here. This tree has rejected me, and I have given the tree and all those who belong to it the choice to do so.”

I looked back at the tree and behold; the tree began to die before me. The tree branches withered, and the fruit dried to nothing. The stream around it began to dry up, with only a small amount of water left. The grass and everything around it began to die as well.

Then the tree, the stream and everything around it, was replenished again as it had been before. This happened several times - over and over the tree and all that was around it would be at the point of death, but then would be replenished again. It was as if many ages of the tree were flashing before me and I began to understand as I watched this.

The changing of the tree finally ceased, and it was restored to its original state as when we first sat down before it.

I thought about all the struggles that Israel had gone through and how so many times, the people of Israel had suffered. I wondered how they had persevered for so long.

The Lord then said unto me, “Do not let your thoughts lead you astray and do not let your heart be troubled. The seed of Adam, Abraham and David has been preserved, so that through this tree, the Great Forest and the River of Life has sprung forth.

There is still hope that this tree will become the greatest of them all. Come now and let us walk and I will talk with you more.”

The Lord and I stood up and glanced at the Tree of Jacob once more, before turning to walk down the hill. We headed towards the far end of the Great Forest, away from the small stream at the end of the Great Forest where we had sat before.

As we walked through the great field with the River of Life to our right and the Great Forest beside it, I saw endless fields of green grass before us and the very large forest of trees to our left.

The trees of the large forest were healthy and beautiful and were of normal size. There was another stream of water within this forest however, and unlike the Tree of Jacob, this stream was fed from the River of Life and did not pour into it.

The grass of the fields was a little higher than my ankle and there was a gentle breeze that blew across the open meadows.

We came to the end of the Great Forest, encircled by the River of Life at the far end. It turned and ran under the cliff walls that enclosed the Garden of the Lord.

The Lord and I sat down in the meadows of grass at the end of the Great Forest. He gazed out over the endless meadows and the other large forest to our left with a majestic look in His eyes.

He then smiled and said unto me, Today you have seen much - and you will see much more. Soon I will answer the many questions that you have, but wisdom is a journey that does not end. Go and rest now, for I will come to you again and will give you answers to give unto the world.”

I awoke from my vision and began to study The Word of God about all that I had seen and heard, and The Word of God began to speak out to me, unlike ever before.