The Scroll of Fire

Chapter 14

As I sat alone in the desert, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, while I was bowed before Him in deep prayer. And behold, I was taken up in the Spirit and I saw an expansive desert and the Lord was standing in His glory beside a single cliff wall.

He summoned me unto Him, and I bowed with my face before Him and I said unto Him, “Forgive me Lord. Are you the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Christ, the Messiah, My Brother and My Friend?”

And the Lord said unto me, “I am He, Michael - and I am here, and I am with you.” I then kissed His feet and raised myself to my knees and kissed the palms of His hands. He reached down and lifted me to my feet.

Then the Lord looked out in the distance and He said unto me, “Behold Michael and tell me what you see.”

I looked out into the expanse of the desert and the sky above, and I saw, scattered throughout the desert floor, legions upon legions and thousands upon thousands of angels staring intently into the sky, as if they were awaiting a message. They were glowing with a white aura of light and their eyes burned like sapphire in the sun.

I looked up toward the heavens and behold, the sky was glowing red, like the color of a blazing fire, and there was a massive hole in the center of the sky. The hole appeared to be like an upward whirlwind, with a bright light shining down the center of it, and the sight of it made me tremble inside.

I turned to ask the Lord what this was, and behold, He was as a blazing fire before me. His eyes, hair and body were ablaze as with white fire, and His power was radiant and beautiful before me. I looked, and my cloak was glowing white and my eyes were set ablaze and the Spirit of the Lord burned inside me.

The Lord then extended two beautiful and magnificent white wings, took hold of my hand, and said, “Come with me Michael.” And in an instant, He lifted me up to the top of the cliff wall that rose above the desert floor. We stood beside one another looking out over the magnificent desert floor and the multitude of angels that were lining it.

As I gazed up at the red sky above, the Lord then took me by the hand and He said unto me, “Michael, take this, and write down what it says and what I will show you.” I looked and the Lord had a scroll in His right hand, and He began to unseal it before me. He opened the scroll up and showed it to me, but I could not read it, as the writing was glowing with white fire. I said to the Lord, “Lord, I cannot read what it says, as it looks like fire burning on the scroll.”

The Lord then rolled the scroll back up, and He said unto me, “Take the scroll and set it inside your cloak.”

So I took the rolled up scroll, and placed it against my chest on the inside of my cloak - and my chest begin to burn. I said unto the Lord, “Lord, the scroll that you have given me is burning against my heart. What shall I do with it?” Then the Lord rose above me, hovering above me off of the side of the cliff wall, and He said unto me, “Soon I will call you and tell you what the scroll says, and I will tell you what to write down, and you will give it to those I tell you.”

Then at once, all the angels on the desert floor took flight and rose into the whirlwind and up into the red sky. The number of angels that rose could not be counted, all of them ablaze with white fire. The Lord then looked at me and said unto me, “Michael, I shall soon return and summon you unto me and give you the answer you seek.” Then He turned and He soared into the center of the whirlwind and a bright and glorious light surrounded Him.

Then all was quiet, the red sky became clear blue, and the whirlwind was gone. I sat on the cliff and was once again dressed in a worn cloak; and silence was over the desert where I sat. My chest still burned as I sat in astonishment as to what I had just seen and heard, and my heart was greatly troubled within me.

Then my vision ended, and I was back in the world of the fallen. My chest still burned, and it continued to do so for the next 3 days.