The Weight of the Scroll

Chapter 15

For the next 3 days, my chest continued to burn, and tightness constricted my breathing, as if my heart was going to fail. Sleep evaded me and my body ached. Visions, dreams and erratic thoughts plagued my mind, and I could find no peace. I would seek the Lord in prayer, in His Holy Word, and in meditation - and He would assure me in a quiet voice that He was with me.

Questions raced through my mind, and I could find no reason or answers. Why this scroll? Why have I been chosen to write down more, when the Book of Michael seems to have been ignored? Has sanity left me forevermore, and have I fallen into the hands of the evil one? I became angry in my spirit, recalling the tremendous agony, sorrow and pain that I endured while writing the Book and I wanted to forget this calling.

The Lord would not let me forget, as my chest burned. The words written on the scroll could not be contained, and I so desired to get the words out of me and written down as the Lord had commanded me. I felt no assurance that anyone would believe what the Lord revealed to me, as they had not the Book of Michael that I had written down at the command of the Lord.

I cried out to the Lord over and over again, and said unto Him, “Lord, these people will not listen. It is your children who reject these words, and who reject the visions and messages you have given me. They are no different than the ancient Israelites - they always reject your messengers, claim that the entire message has been sealed, and claim that they contain the only knowledge of God. Why, oh Lord, would you make your servant suffer and write these things, knowing they will be rejected? Why Lord, have you made me sit in a desert for over 3 years now, with the constant weight of your hand upon me Lord?”

The Lord said unto me, “Michael, is it a burden for you to serve me? Am I not the Lord your God, and are you not my servant? Was it not I who created and formed you, and who called you unto myself, that you would be appointed to write down what I have shown you and spoken to you? Shall I serve you Michael, or shall you serve me?

Evil abounds throughout the nations, and those I have redeemed have strayed from my path. The widow, the orphan and the weak are abandoned. Nations conspire against one another and use my Holy name to whitewash their actions. They have left the path of righteousness to pursue false gain and self-notoriety, and they heap up insult against my Name. The shepherds of my people lead them astray and they will offer nothing of themselves in service to those who are in need.

Who is it they are trying to deceive? The Holy One of Israel! Woe to those who live in comfort and luxury, while the poor desperately suffer! Woe to those who gain ill-gotten treasure and consume the wealth of the lost and desperate! Woe to those who claim to know my Name and proclaim their faith in my Name, and yet deceive the widow and the fatherless for gain! Woe to those who lead those who are lost into prisons of evil and despair, enslaving them with demonic addictions for gain! Woe to the nations who make war against a weaker people so that the wicked may satisfy their lustful desires for power and wealth!

Michael, look to South and tell me what you see. Look to the North and tell me what you see. Look to the East and tell me what you see. Look to the West and tell me what you see. Do you not see the injustice at every corner of the earth? The darkness has spread like a canopy over the face of the earth and there are only fragments of light, so that a small remnant of hope remains.

The poor and defenseless cry out, and would you have me ignore them Michael? Shall I not answer those who call upon my Name? For death, destruction, enslavement, poverty, tyranny, oppression, greed, lust, arrogance, pride and indifference have become the standard by which the nations are ruled. Even if you do not see this, do I not see it?

Shall I allow you comfort Michael, when I am afforded none? What is it you have been denied that I have not given you? Who is it that will weep for me, Michael? Therefore, write what I have commanded you and honor me as the Lord your God. Strengthen your heart, mind and body and put away your fear and contempt, that you may serve me - and do not arouse my anger against yourself, for, ‘My Righteous One will live by Faith!’

See, I will do as I have done since the beginning, and I will proclaim what I am about to do before it comes to pass. I am going to rise up against the nations, and my wrath will consume the whole earth. Nations will rise against nations, and the destruction of all they hold dear will come to pass. I will turn them over to their greed and desire for power, and they will see my back and not my face.

Therefore, proclaim it to the whole of the earth and let it be written before it takes place, so that their guilt will be upon them and they cannot deny that it was I who brought it to pass. The end has come, and the finality of all things is near. I will show you what will come to pass and then you will write down what you see and what you hear! Whether they believe or do not believe, you Michael will write it down, and it will be proclaimed.”

“Forgive me Lord for my deceptive and wicked heart,” I cried out, “Thy servant is truly unworthy of your love, grace and mercy. I repent of my wicked thoughts and I pray that my faith be restored, for it is with great fear and trembling that I serve you. Let your love and mercies guide me so that I may serve to bring honor, glory and praise to your Holy Name my Lord and my God!”