Fire in the Sky

Chapter 16

On the morning of the fourth day, after receiving the scroll that the Lord had placed against my chest, I went in and sat before the Lord. I offered up my morning prayer and bowed before Him and awaited His word to me.

Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was once again at the place in the desert. I saw the angels and the whirlwind in the red sky just as before, and the Lord was standing in the same place as before, again burning ablaze, as if covered in white fire. His glory radiated as His eyes shined like the sun.

My spirit burned inside me, and I felt the glory of the Lord upon me. I looked and again, I was burning as with white fire and my eyes were as sapphires in the sun. I bowed before the Lord, and He lifted me up once again and carried me back to the top of the cliff that rose from the desert floor.

The Lord then said unto me, “Michael, take out the scroll which I have given you and open it.” So I reached into my cloak and took out the scroll and the seal, which had been opened by the Lord before and was still torn in two. I then unrolled the scroll from top to bottom, and the letters which had appeared on fire, now turned to red before my eyes. Then the Lord said unto me, “Start to read the scroll out loud Michael.” So I began to read the words on the scroll.

As I began to read, the scroll faded from my hands and all the angels began to ascend into the whirlwind as before - and again, a great light shined down in the center of it. Then the Lord took my hand and said, “Come with me Michael and I will show you what you have read,” and at once the Lord lifted me up and soared into the center of the fiery whirlwind, and I was trembling in my spirit.

As we rose into the center of the whirlwind, I was surrounded by glowing red and orange flames. The center of the whirlwind was huge, and mighty angels (too numerous to count) were flying upward beside us on every side. I looked up and saw a bright light shining down the center of the whirlwind, and darkness on the outer edges of it.

Suddenly we came out of the whirlwind, having risen above it. And I looked and behold, we were in what appeared to be space, hovering above the circle of the earth. I looked, and all the angels had come to a stop and were hovering, looking down upon the earth.

Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, look and tell me what you see.” So, I looked down, and I saw on the surface of the earth a huge cloud of fire burning red, and a plume of white smoke rising above it. So, I said to the Lord, “My Lord, I see a great cloud of fire, and smoke rising from the surface of the earth.”

The Lord said unto me, “You see correctly. Now come and I will show you more.” It was then that I realized that the huge cloud of fire had been the whirlwind we had just risen through.

The Lord then descended towards the face of the earth, and all of the angels accompanied Him. This time He went around the large cloud of fire. We came to a point where I could see the surface of the earth, and there the Lord rested us down on top of a high mountain, some distance from the great cloud of fire.

From the top of the mountain, I could see a vast desert plain, and in the distance I saw the silhouette of a city. The cloud of fire rose from the floor of the desert plain and reached unto the sky. I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is this cloud of fire that I am seeing and why is it here?”

Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, it is the weapon of man that you are seeing - and you are witnessing the beginning of evils self-destruction.” I was shocked at what the Lord said, and I asked the Him, “Lord, where are we? And what is this place, and who is responsible for this destruction?”

And the Lord said unto me, “You are looking at the plains of Elam and the destruction that is being brought against it. For evil attacks evil, and by this act, the beginning of the end has begun for mankind.”

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I do not understand what this means, as I have not the wisdom to understand.” Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, you will soon understand, and I will show you what is to come.”

Then the Lord took hold of me and lifted me up, and I saw great cities and vast deserts beneath me. Then the Lord rested us once again on top of another mountain. I looked to the west and saw a great city, and then to east I saw a long mountain plain with a fertile valley that ran into an endless desert.