Siege of the Holy Land

Chapter 17

Then behold, as I looked out upon the fertile plain, I felt the earth begin to tremble and the ground shook. The mountain on which the Lord and I were standing began to shake, and all at once the angels that accompanied us took flight. Then I heard a great trumpet blast that was deafening to my ears.

I looked and saw the Lord was in all His glory, and a great sword was in His right hand. Then I looked and I saw a vast army that covered the fertile plains and the desert beyond. I turned and I looked towards the great city, and it was surrounded by hordes of darkness on every side.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is happening?” And the Lord said to unto me, “Michael, the sons of Ishmael, the sons of Esau and the sons of Canaan have gathered against the Holy City. They have risen as one man against the city that bears my name and have come to lay waste to all that it is.”

I cried out to the Lord, “Why Lord? Why would they do this?” And He said unto me, “For this is what was proclaimed, and this is what must come to pass.” So, I pleaded with the Lord, “Lord, is there nothing we can do? Is there no one that will stand against them and defend the Holy City?” Then the Lord said unto me, “Look to the great sea Michael and tell me what you see.”

I looked towards the West, and a great sea was before me that lay a distance from the Holy City. And behold, there were an endless array of ships in the sea, so that they appeared to cover the whole horizon. Then I saw a vast army coming ashore and I saw birds of preying soaring overhead, stalking over their enemies.

Then I saw the sons of Israel rising across the land, and they were each carrying weapons of war in their hands. I heard them shout, “Post the lookouts, sound the alarms, and every man take his position, for the Lord our God is with us!”

And then I saw an endless array of fire coming in all directions. Nations were rising against nations and the battle was fierce and seemed to be never ending. I saw the sons of Israel and those that stood with them from the sea to the west drive back the nations of the desert, and victory was within their grasp. The nations of the east began to draw back and reestablish new battle lines as the sons of Israel and those that stood with them pressed on.

Then behold, I heard another great trumpet sound and it shook the ground more than the first trumpet that had sounded. I turned to see a great horde of nations coming from the North, and they fell like steel rain as they crashed against the sons of Israel - but the sons of Israel did not fall. The sons of Israel and those who stood with them began to battle the hordes of nations from the North and from the East. The battle continued to be fierce, and the number of those killed was countless.

I turned to see the Lord and He stood silent with His sword raised high above Him as He watched the great battle unfold. His body was still ablaze with white fire, and His stare was fixed on the battle below us.

I then saw darkness fall over the land as the battle continued to rage on. Then the sun appeared again, and many days seemed to flash before me as if days were being measured in seconds.

Then I heard another great trumpet, and again the ground shook and trembled. I turned and I saw another great horde of nations rising from the South, and they also came against the sons of Israel and those who stood with them.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, can the sons of Israel and those who stand with them drive back these hordes of nations that are attacking them from all sides?”

The Lord then drove His sword into the mountain. The ground began shake, and the mountain began to crumble away beneath us, to the battlefield below. Then I looked, and I saw the angels descend upon the battle, and they were cutting down the hordes of nations that were attacking the sons of Israel and those who stood with them.

The hordes of nations attacking Israel began to flee, and the sons of Israel and those who stood with them pursued them in every direction. Many were slaughtered at every direction, and the sight of it was horrifying to me and I pleaded with the Lord to stop the slaughter, as it was appalling for me to see.

The Lord then pulled His sword out of the top of the mountain which remained, and the angels immediately withdrew from the battlefield. Then the sons of Israel and those who stood with them, turned back and returned to the great city below.