The Great City

Chapter 18

I then looked out over the great city that lay below the mountain where I stood with the Lord, and it had been subjected to mass destruction. Buildings were ablaze, homes were flattened, and the massive structures throughout the land were reduced to rubble. The sons of Israel and those who stood with them had repelled the siege with the help of the Lord and His mighty angels, but the city was reduced to near ashes.

Then I looked into the distance, and I saw the great temple with the golden sphere and the crescent moon - and it was ablaze. The temple began to fall before me, and it was brought down to ruins and dust. Then I saw the sons of Israel and those who stood with them encircle the site of the fallen temple, and they began to fall to their knees and shout praises to the God of Heaven & Earth.

I asked the Lord what this meant, and the Lord said unto me, “Michael, you are witnessing the fall of the abomination that causes desolation, and the throne room of the false prophet who has led many astray.” So, I asked the Lord, “What is to happen now my Lord? Is this the end of all things? Is it now over Lord?”

The Lord turned and looked out over the valley of fertile fields and desert beyond, and all the angels came to Him and encircled Him in constant motion, while I waited to hear what the Lord would answer me. Then I looked out where the Lord was looking, and behold, I saw a group of men coming out of the desert, dressed in white and carrying a scroll.

Then I saw the sons of Israel come out to meet the men who came out of the desert - and when they met them, they all sat down opposite of one another. I saw one of the men with the scroll open it and begin to read it out loud in a language I did not understand. After the man had read the words on the scroll, I saw one of the sons of Israel stand up and take the scroll from the man wearing white, who had been reading it.

The son of Israel took the scroll and passed it around to the other sons of Israel, and they each read it. Then the sons of Israel stood up as one, and the men dressed in white did the same - and they all faced one another.

Then the son of Israel who had the taken the scroll and the man wearing white who had read the scroll aloud embraced each other and kissed each other on the cheek. Then they held each other’s hand onto the scroll, lifted their arms to the heavens, and seemed to be praising God.

All at once, the sky turned very dark and lightning flashed above them, across the sky. Then the men in white turned away and went back the direction they came, and the sons of Israel returned to the great city.

Then as I watched, the sons of Israel assembled inside the great city, at the place of the temple with the golden sphere which had fallen during the great battle. The people were rejoicing with singing and celebration, and the ones who had stood with the sons of Israel stood off at a distance and observed the celebrations but did not join in with the sons of Israel.

As I looked down upon the city, the ones that stood with the sons of Israel began leaving the city in great columns and headed back to the great Western Sea. Along the way, they reclaimed their dead with great care. The city was left with only the sons of Israel, and they began to rebuild the ruins of the city.

The outer walls were demolished and then rebuilt with fortification, and houses were leveled and replaced by new houses. I saw an innumerable amount of people going out to dispose of the dead bodies that were scattered throughout the city and the fertile fields and desert plains beyond.

For those who had fallen and were of the sons of Israel, great honor and care was given to their bodies - however the fallen of the hordes were picked up and tossed into large graves scattered throughout the land, and their bodies were burned. I did not see any of the armies of the hordes return to carry off their dead, and they were strewn out in great numbers throughout the entire land.

Then I saw a great number of the sons of Israel gather at the site of the fallen temple, and they began to offer prayers and incense up to the heavens. I saw men dressed in flowing robes with purple sashes, and they were accompanied by many who played instruments and sang.

Then the singing stopped, and I saw great machines come to the spot where the temple had fallen. They began to remove the debris that was left, and the ground was leveled. Then I saw huge trucks carrying a vast amount of building material and rock to the location where the temple had stood.

I looked, and I saw forty sons of Israel. They were all dressed in flowing robes, and they began to circle the location, each of them standing about a hundred feet apart in distance. As I watched, one of the sons of Israel walked into the center of the circle. He had in his hand a great scroll, which he opened and began to read in a language I could not understand.

As he read, I turned and looked towards the Lord - and He was facing towards the West and had His back toward the location of the temple. I looked up, and the angels were also facing West and had their backs toward the location of the temple. I asked the Lord, “Lord, why do you not look down upon this ceremony and see what I am seeing?” But the Lord did not answer me, and I knew it was not for me to know the answer.

I returned my gaze to watch the ceremony that was taking place. As I watched, I saw two more men in robes come to the center of the circle. I saw that each of them had a goat, and each of them had a lamb. One of the goats was laid on its side, and the son of Israel who had been reading the scroll took a large knife and slit the throat of the goat. He tilted its head back, and the blood of the goat poured out on to the soil.

As I watched, the other goat was set free, and it fled toward the East and out onto the plains of the fertile fields. Then I watched as both lambs were laid on their sides, and the men who had brought them to the center both took out large knives and slit the throat of each of the lambs. They also tilted their heads back, so that the blood of the lambs spilt out on the ground, just as had the blood of the goat.

Then I saw two more of the sons of Israel come into the center of the circle. They carried fire, and what appeared to be a censer that burned incense. The incense rose to where I stood, and the smell of it was terrible to me. When they reached the location where the lambs and the goat were lying, the three men who had slain the animals began to skin them and take the inner parts from the animals.

Once the animals had been cleaned, the other two sons of Israel with the fire and the incense began to pour out oil on the animals, and then set fire to them in the center of the circle. Then I watched as the sons of Israel who had killed and cleaned the animals walked out of the circle and disposed of the animal skin and parts they had taken, throwing them into a fire outside of the circle. They then turned and waded into a pool of water that was nearby.

The remaining sons of Israel who still formed the circle, all bowed down and put their faces in the dust. Then they all began to tear open their robes and pour dust on their heads, and they were wailing so loud it was deafening. Their sorrow seemed very great to me and I wanted to comfort them somehow, so I turned to see if the Lord was watching. But as I turned, I saw Him just as before, with His back toward the place of ceremony.

So I turned back and watched as the sons of Israel bowed low, prayed, and wept throughout the entire night. When the sun began to rise, they all closed the circle - and in a column they returned the direction they had come, back into the city center.