The Building of the Temple

Chapter 19

I turned away from facing the holy place where the sons of Israel and been, and back towards the Lord. I went and I sat down at his feet, as He stood facing the north. I felt like weeping, and my spirit was disturbed at all that had happened.

Then the Lord reached out and placed His right hand on my shoulder, and He said unto me, “Michael, do not fear and do not let your heart be troubled. All that you have seen was destined from the beginning and must come to pass in order for the end to come.”

“Forgive me Lord,” I said, “But what does all this mean, and what is to happen next? Is it over, my Lord, or will there be more to come? This bloodshed and destruction have been horrific to watch, my Lord.”

Then the Lord said unto me, “Michael, turn and face the holy place again, and tell me what you see.”

I turned and looked down upon the holy place where the sons of Israel had been, and behold, they were constructing a temple of magnificent size. There was a large wall around it made of beautiful white stone, and the foundation had been raised at various levels. There were four gates in the wall that were very large, and they ran into an open courtyard.

The first courtyard was at the lowest level, and then ran into two sets of wide steps which numbered about twenty steps each. At the top of each set of steps was another large courtyard, and at the center of it was the beginning of a great foundation of walls.

I saw no machinery at the site, only craftsmen in strange garments - and they were using what appeared to be ancient carts of some sort to move the stones. They had a system of ropes and pulleys in place, with large wooden cranes that they used to lift the stones up.

Each stone was brought to its appropriate place in the wall, and there was no hammering or chiseling of the stones inside of the exterior walls. I looked, and I saw a vast workforce outside the walls, and huge pieces of machinery moving the stones and supplies to a location roughly 50 yards from the walls that surrounded the courtyards.

I watched as some of the stones that were taken into the courtyard to be inserted into the wall foundation were taken back out, and I saw craftsmen and machinery working together to reshape the stones that had been marred in one way or another - but no work on the stones was being done inside the walls, and no machinery was allowed past the walls.

I was astonished at how large the walls and the courtyards were, and how many of the sons of Israel were assembled to build such a great structure. I turned back to the Lord and I said unto Him, “Lord, how did they do this so quickly, and will you not turn to see how beautiful it is, Lord?”

The Lord then reached out and took my hand, and He said unto me, “Come Michael, for there is more I must show you.” And then all at once, the Lord took flight with me, and the angels accompanied us. As we rose into the air, I looked down to see the great structure - but all I could see was what appeared to be a black shadow, and I could not perceive the site or those building upon it, and I was perplexed by what I saw.

I turned to ask the Lord why this was, but then I saw that we were flying into pure light and I could not perceive anything, as constant pure light is all there was.