The Eternal Throne Room of Heaven

Chapter 2

The Lord and I stepped forth into the throne room of Heaven and the sound of the trumpets ceased. There was a quietness that stirred my spirit. I looked, and before me was the image of the living God as He sat upon His throne. His glory shone forth, lighting up the entire hall, and the floor glowed with His light. The light was warm, and its power sank into my soul; the light itself seemed to be alive.

His vastness was beyond my comprehension, as His presence seemed to fill the entire world, and yet He appeared to be a great distance from me at the same time. I felt the energy and spirit of God, radiating directly upon the Lord Jesus Christ, as would a ray of light shining through dark clouds. There was a peaceful, warm and embracing power that filled the great throne room.

I gazed at Him but could not make out His features from where I stood; the brilliance that came from the throne was too great for me to penetrate with my eyes.

The Lord lifted His hand and pointed me to the right of the throne room entrance, which was to the front and left side from the face of the throne itself. I looked in the direction that the Lord pointed and saw six great pillars that were sectioning off part of the throne room, but not enclosing it. The pillars appeared to be bronze, brass or gold in color. Three of the pillars ran parallel with the hall and three ran perpendicular, forming an L-shape that faced the throne itself.

The Lord guided me towards the section marked off by the six pillars and I began to hear praising coming forth as the sound of men.

As we drew closer, I saw a large white table that sparkled like diamonds in the sun and was surrounded by white thrones. The people around the table were on their knees, raising their hands and bowing to their faces in a continuous motion toward the throne. They proclaimed in one harmonious voice, “Praise the Lord God Almighty, and praise the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”

As we walked through the pillars and into the room, the people bowed around the table began to rise to one knee and saluted the Lord with their hands folded across their chests. Their appearance reminded me of angels glowing in white light.

Then behold, their appearance transformed as they began to seat themselves upon the thrones placed around the table. Some of them were more aged, while others were younger. Some were women, others men. Each of them was unique, yet they seemed to be somehow the same.

Their clothes, faces and bodies changed before my eyes and each greeted me with a warm and gentle smile and welcomed me in one voice, saying, “Welcome Michael,” and I felt as though I genuinely was welcomed. They began speaking with each other cheerfully, with gladness in their eyes and joy in their laughter, as if to be one great family.

I seemed to know some of them, although I could not explain why. I saw Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, John, Paul, Mary and then others that I did not seem to yet know.

As we drew nearer to the table, one of them stood up, walked towards us and bowed his head to the Lord, saluting Him with his arm across his chest and said, “Praise, glory and honor be to you my King and my Lord.” The Lord touched the top of the man’s head and said to him, “Thank you my friend and blessed are you before me David.”

The man then stood up and reached out his hand to me, and the Lord said to me, “Michael, this is David.” I immediately began to drop to my knee before him, for I suddenly realized that he was the great king of men, chosen by the Lord.

David quickly reached down and lifted me up and said to me, “I am only David, and there is but one King that we bow down to. Come my friend, and I will speak with you.”

I began to take note of his appearance. He was no taller than I, which was slightly less than six feet in height. He had long dark hair with traces of silver and gray, and it was pulled back in a long braid behind him.

His eyes were like that of a hawk focused on its prey, narrow and deep-set with a dark bronzed color. He wore a small crown upon his forehead that encircled his head but did not cover it.

He had a small, well-groomed beard, which was dark and contained traces of silver and gray. He was dressed in a leather vest with scaled overlaying, the substance of which I could not make out.

Beneath his vest was a cloth shirt which covered his arms up to his elbows. He wore leather forearm bands that covered his arms from the lower elbow down to the base of his wrists.

He wore a covering that went down to the point of his lower knees and his waist was fitted with a large leather belt. He had a long sword fastened on the left side of the belt and a knife that was oddly shaped on the right.

He was muscular and built for battle, yet he had a gentle and humble demeanor. He wore plain leather sandals that were strapped and bound across the tops of his feet and were held steady by straps that crossed each of his heels.

He spoke to me like I was a friend, and he said to me, “Blessed are you Michael, for you have been chosen to write down what you see and what you hear. You will see and hear many things, and this means that the enemy will seek to destroy you. You will be in battles for all of your days. I wish to impart to you some wisdom and guide you in how to endure and be victorious when the battles come.”

He instructed that I was to kneel and cry out to the Lord for Him to have mercy upon His servant, and to ask Him to send Michael upon Michael. He then directed me to reflect on Psalm Sixty-One, and to always put myself into deep prayer before the Lord when the attacks came.

He then finished his words by telling me that the battle could only be won by faith in the Lord and in no other way. I thanked him for his wisdom and kindness, having no idea what he was talking about. What attacks, and what battles was he referring to?

He seemed aware that I had no understanding as to the meaning of his warnings. I was surprised when I later discovered that Psalm Sixty-One is David’s prayer of protection to the Lord.

He turned back to the Lord and embraced Him, and then walked back to the table and sat back down amidst the others.

I then asked the Lord what David was referring to, as I was somewhat confused, and I lacked the understanding I felt was needed.

The Lord answered me, saying, “David was sharing wisdom that he gained during his life on earth while engaging the types of battles you are about to confront. I tell you also to strengthen yourself against the enemy. Do as David has said, getting on your knees and crying out by way of the Holy Spirit, and then proclaiming with boldness the prayer, which I have given to mankind.

Open the word of God and reflect on Psalm Sixty-One, and also Hebrews Three and Hebrews Eleven. These additional words were written down by the hand of my rich young servant Nicodemus. I chose to impart wisdom to my people through him; however, many still rejected it.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, who is this enemy that is going to attack me and why would they choose to be my enemy?”

The Lord then said unto me, “The enemy is Satan, and all that obey him - and his true nature will soon be revealed to you.”

The Lord turned and walked over to the table. He cast greetings to those seated on the thrones and they returned his greetings with cheer and warmth.

Then the Lord said to me, “Michael, let us now go forth and present ourselves before the Throne.” He turned and began to walk between the pillars towards the center of the throne room and I began to feel trembling in my soul.

As I began to follow the Lord, one of the men sitting at the table said to me, “Michael, my name is Paul. Do not fear the light, for it is those who are of the dark that will hate you. You will be vehemently despised by the enemy, but you can trust in the Lord. He will guide you and give you the strength you need, my friend.”

I stared at him with great admiration. His appearance, like his words, was truly genuine and I felt as if he had been a trusted friend to me all of my life. I thanked him for his kindness and turned back toward the Lord as He was saying to me, “Let us go forth now Michael, for it is time.” I began walk with the Lord and I was overwhelmed in my spirit.

The Lord took hold of my left hand and said to me, “Do not fear, for I go to present you to the Father. Michael, I am in you and you are in me. For the Father loves the Son and all that are in the Son are welcomed by the Father.”

I said to Him, “Lord, I do not understand what is happening right now and I am trembling in fear. I know that no one can stand in the presence of the Father and His glory.”

The Lord said unto me, “The Son can stand in the presence of the Father. Those that are in the Son have become part of the Son’s glory by the Spirit that binds them as one. You have been glorified in the presence of the Father, for you are in the Son. Now let us go to the Father, for there is much for you to see and hear.” And so began our walk; hand in hand towards the throne of the God.

As we drew nearer to the throne, I began to perceive what I could not when we had first entered the throne room. The light from the throne seemed to be glowing as opposed to radiating, the nearer we drew towards it. I felt as if my legs were going to collapse, and I was very weak.

Then behold, the glorious throne appeared before me and I saw the image of God Almighty in His full glory. I dropped to my knees and fell on my face before Him, weeping as a child.

The Lord knelt down beside me and said to the Father, “Father whom I love and who loves me, I bring forth Michael, whom you also love.”

I then heard a great and thunderous voice which shook the throne room, saying, “Come forth my Son; for all that is mine is yours, for you and I are one.”

I raised my head and saw great and wonderful things appear before me. The Father was immeasurable, and His throne was great and mighty.

The throne itself was glowing of a golden color, but not made of gold. It sat high upon a large row of steps that were crimson red. The Father was spirit in His form, His face glowed, and He was covered from His neck to the base of His feet with a white robe that glowed with a golden aura of light. He seemed to be covered in flaming fire, yet I felt only gentle warmth.

His legs reached out to the bottom of the crimson steps and the soles of His feet rested on the floor at the base of them. His size, power and strength cannot be described with the words of man.

I saw sitting at the base of the steps, at the right foot of the Father, a Man and a Woman of excellent form. They were uncovered and naked and they were marvelous and beautiful to behold. They were embracing one another in pure love and peace.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, please tell me who are these people seated upon the steps of the throne?”

The Lord said unto me, “Michael that is Adam and Eve. They sit before the throne and give glory to the Father for the love, grace and mercy that He has bestowed upon them and their descendants.”

I asked the Lord, “Lord, why have they not aged? They look so very young in their appearance?”

The Lord said unto me, “They were formed by the very breath of God, which does not age, as they were not born of flesh into a dark nature as were all of their descendants. They were created by the hand of God, set apart for Him. Their death was a result of their separation from Him and not from the aging of the flesh Michael.

I could not comprehend it, so I asked no more questions. I just stared in awe of their beauty, for I had never seen anything so pure and unblemished, except the Lord Himself.

Then the Lord raised me to my feet and behold, I saw the left arm of God Almighty reach forth, and the Lord and I were lifted into His hand and brought forth before Him. I began to shake uncontrollably as I was directly in the presence of God Almighty. I dropped to my knees and bowed my head low in fear.

The Lord, still having hold of my left hand, gently said to me, “Michael, lift yourself up and look upon the glory of the Father.”

I cried out that I feared that I would surely die.

The voice of the Father came forward and I felt its power surge through me. The Father said to me, “Do not fear, for I have only love for you and you are not going to die.”

His voice thundered, shaking my body as if I was being taken apart. I slowly raised my head and looked upon the face of the Father. I could only weep before Him.

His face radiated glory. It seemed like I was staring directly into the sun at first and I was blinded, but then my vision returned, and I could clearly see. He had golden eyes that radiated light, wisdom, love and power. His facial features were faded by the brilliance of His presence. He had a great white beard, perfect in form. It looked like white flames in its composure. His hair, also long and solid white, flowed perfectly.

He was ancient beyond understanding and without age. Wisdom, power, love and knowledge beyond anything I could ever comprehend. His entire being resonated forth all of His divine attributes and nature. Any conceivable notion I had ever conjured up about Him was shattered instantly, and even in His presence my mind was unable to comprehend Him.

Standing behind each of His shoulders were two great angels. Each of them stood a head length above the Father’s throne. Their faces were covered in silver masks and they were enormous. Each held a great spear in their hand, which was a full length higher than they. Their wings were massive, and each had three pair that covered their waists, sides and backs.

The angel on the right side of the Father held the spear in his right hand and the one on His left side held the spear in his left hand. They did not speak, nor did they move, except when the Father moved or spoke. When He moved, the angels’ wings would spread out and they would bow their heads and raise their spears across their chests.

I raised my eyes and looked far above the throne and I saw thousands of smaller angels singing in one voice, in a language I could not understand. Their song was peaceful to my spirit and they were in perfect harmony with one another.

I looked to my left and gazed upon the Lord and I saw that His appearance had changed. He was glowing even more glorious than before and there was a light that encircled Him that was coming from the Father.

I looked down at my hand that the Lord was holding, and to my amazement, I saw the light running through me and then returning to the Father. I suddenly realized that I had no fear, doubt or worry in my soul and I was at total peace.

I wanted to stay there forever and never leave that moment and place, but it was not to be my time. The Father then began to move His hand closer towards Him.

As the Father drew us nearer to Himself, I looked, and His form was indeed spirit. He placed the Lord and me inside of Himself, so that we were within Him and not without.

I looked and saw that I was no longer in the hand of the Father, but rather was in a spiritual place with the Lord standing slightly above me, and I was on my knees below and before Him.

The Father appeared beside the Son, and He was the size of a Man but contained the same glory. The Father and the Son appeared as one before me in presence yet separate in appearance.

I bowed low at the feet of the Lord and the Father. I felt so overwhelmed with peace and joy, beyond anything I could have ever thought possible.

They sat down in front of me, as would men around a campfire, and they invited me to sit with them.

They treated me as if I were family and I felt at ease, nearly forgetting who they were and who I was. I felt completely comfortable in their presence.

They then began to speak as one, saying Your sin no longer exists, and your darkness has been taken away. For the Father, the Son and the Spirit are as one. We are eternally bound by the spirit of love and perfection that exists in us. The spirit of love contains all knowledge, wisdom and power and is the gift that we bestowed upon mankind, for all who choose to come into that love. This is the love the Father has for the Son and the love the Son has for the Father. In love is found the light that shines on all treasure, mystery and knowledge, and it is our grace gift to men who choose to seek it in us.”

I asked them, “Lord God, I do not understand why I am here and being told these things and I know not what you would have me do? Please reveal to me, what your will is for me, so that I may give honor and glory to you in a way that you may find me worthy of this great calling.”

The Lord God said unto me, “You are already found worthy and my will is for you to awake and know that I will call out to you, and through you I will reveal much to those who seek it.

When you awake, you will have doubt in your heart and disbelief will come upon you. The enemy will soon put forth his attack, but you will overcome him in us, for we are with you. Now go, and when you awake you will know that you have seen and heard truth.”

Instantly, I came out of my vision and found myself lying on the floor in the darkness. I had fallen away from the place where I had knelt and cried out before the Lord and I was dazed in my spirit.

I was not the same man, and this could not be denied. My legs and body had gone numb as nearly two hours had passed. A terrible and dreadful fear began to fall upon me, the likeness of which I had never felt. How could I know if it was real or not? I trembled at the thought of blasphemy.

I studied The Word and seemed to know it intimately, even though I had barely read it before, except in casual passing of time. My mind was in a constant state of expectation and fear now.