The Army of the Light

Chapter 20

In another vision, the Lord and I were sitting upon a great boulder. I looked out and saw that we were no longer staring out into the desert, for the deserts were gone - and instead a vast number of great cities lay before us, as far as my eyes could see.

The Lord stood up and I stood up beside Him, and He said unto me, “Come and fly with me above the earth, so that you may look through the eyes of the Lord.”

Then behold; The Lord began to shine as bright as the morning sun, and a golden crown of fire was set ablaze at the top of His head. He was covered in golden armor, carried a beautiful sword in His left hand, and had angelic white wings that draped over Him.

He looked into my eyes, and His eyes were golden like the Father’s, shining as if set on fire.

With a thunderous voice He said unto me, “Come now, and follow me where I go,” and I saw that I was in full silver armor, dressed in white, and possessed the sword and dagger at my sides.

The Lord leapt from the side of the boulder, and great light surrounded His presence. I then spread my wings and flew up to meet the Lord in the sky, and to fly beside Him wherever He was to go.

The Lord soared higher and higher, and I followed Him until we reached the outer edges of the sky. Then He stopped, and we both looked down upon the earth.

Then great light started to illuminate the sky from all directions. I looked above me, and behold I saw an endless sea of warrior angels.

The Lord called out in a strange language, and the angels unsheathed their swords - and so did I. The Lord looked upon me, and His glory was so bright that I felt partially blinded.

He then said unto me, “Now come Son of Man and see what I see.”

He began to fly at great speed, descending over the earth - and I followed, keeping up as best as I could. The army of angels was spread out to our left and to our right, as far as the eye could see. We descended through the clouds with the earth before us, and it was beautiful to me.

There were no cities and no sign of mankind’s building upon the earth. The oceans were blue and clear, and the meadows, forests, streams and rivers were beyond my ability to measure. We leveled off and crossed over the surface of the earth, and I saw that the earth was unscathed and healthy with life.

We came to the other side of the earth, and darkness was about - for the night hour was at hand. The light and glory of the Lord and the angels lit up the darkness as if it were noon day, and the sight of the earth continued to be beautiful to me.

Off in the distance, I saw a great mountain that stood alone. Its peak was at a great height, and fire and smoke were rising out from it. Beside the mountain was a great plain of meadow that expanded as far as the eye could see. Encircling the meadow was a continuous rolling hillside that sat above the plain and created a lower valley of the meadow.

The Lord descended and hovered over the top of the mountain, with the smoke and fire bellowing out below Him. I stopped and hovered beside the Lord, as the angels continued their descent past the mountain and onto the great plain. They encircled the plain, and in uniformity they landed upon the rolling hillside in a perfect formation of columns and rows. As far as the eye could see was the vastness of the army of angels and there was no end to their number; they could not be counted.

The Lord said unto me, “Look unto the plain and tell me what you see.”

I looked and said unto the Lord, “Lord, I see an endless plain of green meadow, surrounded by the rolling hillside, which is covered with angels forever.”

The Lord then smiled and said unto me, “Now that you have seen with your own eyes, look again with the eyes that I have given unto you.”

I looked again and behold; I saw a vast multitude of mankind that filled the entire valley, and their number was millions upon millions.

They were formed like a great army, possessing chariots of fire, great white horses with wings, foot soldiers, archers and spearman. They were covered in silver armor with traces of gold, and perfectly aligned in columns and rows.

The Lord said unto me, “Behold, the armies of Adam, Abraham and David!”

Then a great and mighty angel soared past us. He had two angels beside him, one to his left and one to his right. The three angels then split off into three directions, with one landing to the left side of the Lord and one landing to the right. They landed directly in front of the vast army of angels that had formed on the hillside, and all of the angels bowed to them as they did so.

The great and mighty angel who had led the other two, circled the great army of angels and mankind. As he circled over them, he began to glow as bright as the sun. A great shout arose into the air, with all of the angels and mankind cheering up at the great and mighty angel. The sound of their cheers shook the whole earth below.

The great angel then soared directly towards the Lord, and presented himself before Him, with his head bowed low and his hands joined together as in prayer.

As the brightness of the great angel began to fade before the glory of the Lord, I saw that the great angel was Michael - and he looked fierce in his appearance, as an indestructible warrior that could not be overcome.

The Lord then lifted His hand unto Michael, and he turned and soared down to the head of the great army of angels and mankind, placing himself in the front-right of it, as it faced the Lord and me.

The Lord then said unto me, “Go and take your place beside Michael.”

So I flew over the army of mankind and angels, and they cheered unto me as if I was as great as Michael himself. I felt uneasy for I was nothing to be cheered upon, but I took my place at the front of the army.

The Lord slowly descended forward and landed in front of the great mountain, with the great army of angels and mankind facing Him. His glory was beautiful and bright as He stood before us.

The moment His foot touched the ground, the entire army bowed to their faces before Him. Mankind, angels and animals all lay down before Him and gave praise to Him.

The Lord then moved forward and passed through the entire army of mankind, column by column and row by row, touching each of them as He passed by and calling them each by their names. I was amazed at this.

There was a sensation of absolute love and affection that existed throughout this place. They had love for the Lord and love for each other and there was no darkness, envy, jealousy or hate that existed. It was an eternal bond of angels and mankind, brought together by the glory of the Lord.

The Lord moved back towards the head of the great army, and we all bowed before Him again. The Lord said unto the army, “Arise, children of Adam, children of Abraham, children of David - and give glory to the light, for today we cover the earth as one, so that all may see that the glory of the light and the love of the Lord God has overcome the darkness!”

The whole army raised their swords, shields, spears and hands, and with a great shout they exclaimed in one voice, “AMEN!”

The Lord turned and behold, three great white horses covered in armor and fitted with wings were brought forward. One was given to Michael, one was given to me, and the other - which was the greatest of the three - was brought unto the Lord.

We mounted the great horses and the Lord lifted His sword, and with a great cheer the army moved forward with great speed and strength towards the mountain that lay before us.

A massive bolt of lightning came forth from the Lord and it struck the mountain before us. The mountain was shattered into a million pieces and fell to the earth as if it were made of fine grains of sand.

The Lord ascended into the sky and the great army followed Him upwards, with Michael at the head of the right flank and I at the head of the left flank.

The sky was lit in glorious light at all sides, and the army filled the entire skyline as far as the eye could see. As we soared above the earth, I looked below, and I saw great cities of mankind and great patches of darkness and light moving about the face of the earth.

As we crossed over the earth and the cities of mankind, the patches of light were drawn up into the army of light, and the army grew in size and strength. We circled the earth, and all light that existed upon the earth was drawn into the army of light. Once the Lord had led the army around the earth, He stopped and turned towards the army of light.

The Lord then cried out in the language that I did not understand, and a glorious and greater light descended from the Heavens above. It was like a great ocean, and was blinding to the eyes so that the entire army covered their faces, but I was able to see it clearly.

The ocean of light then formed as a great beam, and came down upon the Lord and enclosed Him.

Then the Lord said unto me, “See that Man and the Lord God have overcome the darkness as One and are now One in image and in likeness, so that now the day of rest may be given unto all who are of the light!”

The Lord turned and looked down to the earth below, and I saw the patches of darkness forming together as if the earth was covered with disease.

The Lord pointed His great sword towards the earth, and the great sea of light shot forth upon the surface of the earth and quickly enveloped the entire planet, causing it to glow and all of the darkness to vanish.

There was no sun, no moon, no stars, and no darkness in the sky - and where the earth ended and the universe began, I could not tell. I could see no trees, mountains, oceans or meadows, but only a continuous blinding light.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, is this all there is to be? Is there nothing but light forever more?”

The Lord came forward and said unto me, “Do not be troubled, for the new city is to be brought forth before you, as the darkness has been removed.”

The Lord then began to descend, and the army followed Him down. And behold, I saw before me a great and marvelous city made of white marble, gold, silver and all the colors of the rainbow. It went on forever, and I could see no beginning and no end to it.

The entrance to the city had great gates, shining as if they were made of gold, just as the gates to the throne room of Heaven that I had seen before.

The walls were massive and were made of marble, ivory, gold and other materials that I did not know. There were millions upon millions of homes, each made of ivory, gold, gems, silver and other materials that I did not know.

The streets shined like bright gold, beautiful streams of water flowed everywhere throughout the city, and the streets were lined with endless fruit trees.

The Lord called me unto Himself, down to gates of the great city. He stopped at the entrance in front of the great gates, and behold; I saw men, women and children laughing, singing and dancing.

The men and women were all youthful and the children all pure. They each had a different look, but all were beautiful and innocent in their presence and form. They were each clothed in white gowns and there was no pain, distress, heartache or fear.

They interacted with each other as if to be one great family, and I was amazed at what I saw. I asked the Lord, “Lord, may I enter the city and stay for a while?”

The Lord answered unto me, saying, “The time has not yet come, but do not fear son of man, for you will one day enter the city.”

We turned away from the city and back towards the army, but I saw that the army was gone. I looked back and saw that all the army was inside of the city and had become a part of the great family. The angels were stationed all along the walls, and there was a great and glorious light that shined down from the Heavens, which brought light to the whole world.

I followed the Lord, and as He moved away from the city, I began to hear screaming and wailing so loud that it deafened me. I heard cries, and people screaming out, “I am blind, and I cannot see, what has happened to me and where am I?” The fear and pain in their voice was terrible to me.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, the darkness is gone and there is only the light. Why then do I hear this crying and wailing in my ears, for has not all pain ended?”

The Lord turned to me, with tears welled up in His eyes, and the sight of it made me want to cry as well.

The Lord said unto me, “They refused to know the light. Now, that which they hated has become their Lord, and they will never understand it or be able to see it. I am the Lord, and in love I granted redemption to those who would believe - and they chose to hate the light. Come now, for we have more to see and I have more to tell you, so that those who hear may not find themselves blinded when the light comes.”

The Lord rose to the heavens and I followed Him.

As we ascended on high, I began to see darkness coming over me and I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, I see the darkness and it is overcoming me!”

The Lord turned and gently smiled, saying unto me, “Do not fear, for your vision is ending today and you are returning to the world of darkness. But know that I will call upon you again, so that we may finish the Book I have told you write down for mankind.”

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, please do not send me back, for I want to stay Here with you!”

I opened my eyes and I was back in the world, and I felt great sorrow and anguish because of it.