Finding the Lord

Chapter 21

I asked the Lord, “Lord, I know that we are not judged by the Law of Moses any longer, but that we are now under the grace, love and mercy of your sacrifice for sin, once and for all.

There are many who say that because of this, we are supposed to live by the Law - and when we are saved, we have the power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to do this.

However, I have seen many become lost by this as they cannot seem to live the life of morality that the Church teaches them, even though they have accepted you as their Savior.

The Church that worships you has taken many names and is made up of many different rules, regulations and ideas that they all claim are found in your word.

This has led to much confusion, hatred, war and heartache - and I feel that we should know what we are supposed to do and not be always guessing as to the right way, my Lord.

So my question is: What is the Law that we are to live by, in order to become the children of God and to know that we have found you, Lord?”

The Lord said unto me:

“The answer to your question for mankind has long been known, however many still have the corrupted belief that they can be good enough for the Lord God, when the truth is that you are good enough because of the Lord God and not for the Lord God.

My children continue to create rules, rituals and requirements in order to attempt to keep mankind Holy, and to remind mankind of my Holiness. This is the pride that came forth, when the line of Adam and Eve were corrupted in their knowledge.

I say unto you that a child must grow and mature, and as it does so it reaches many stages. The rebirth of mankind brought forth innocence, infancy, pride, rebellion, repentance, humbleness and then acceptance.

Do not accuse those who came before you, for I tell you that they sought me with all their hearts and minds. And as a child learning to walk, they fell many times - and not all who call on my name before mankind either know me or love me.

Do not accuse those who are with you today, for I tell you that you are of one body, maturing in me as you grow and becoming stronger in faith as you do so. This is evident to those who are truly in me, and those who are not cannot hide themselves in the darkness before the light of the Lord God.

While you quarrel amongst one another over which among you are righteous, the enemy laughs and grows in strength, as a great tide across the land. It is in me that you have been given life, this is not of yourselves. Do not be arrogant my children.

Do not defend my word, but rather go forth and proclaim it as one body in unity with me, so that you may be a light that destroys the darkness of the world.

For it is written that the gates of death will not stand against you - and what is death, but the darkness?

Gates are built to defend, not to attack, and so I tell you be on the offensive, arming yourself with the Seeking of God, the Humility of God, the Acceptance of God, the Determination of God, the Devotion of God, the Almightiness of God and the Invitation of God, doing so as the One child of God, as you are in me and I am in you.

You are all in me and I am in you and therefore, we are One child before the eyes of the Father - so do not grieve His Holy Spirit but sing forth the word of His heart throughout the world.

To those who are lost, come to me and call upon my name and I will welcome you completely. Your heart, mind and soul will be at peace with the Lord God.

I tell you that the light of the Lord God is love and If you call unto me, I am faithful and will come to you.

Your house has already been swept clean, therefore, do not leave the house empty, but fill it with light, so that it may not be occupied by an even greater darkness than before.

I give unto you Seven Stars that make One Eternal Light and One Eternal Light that make up the Seven Stars.

Seek me with all your heart, mind and soul, and never cease, for I will never cease to be with you, no matter the storm.

Humble yourself with me before the Father, for your pride separates you from Him and in me there is no rebellion against Him.

Accept the grace, love and forgiveness that have been given unto you and know that it cannot be earned or lost, for it is eternal and never changing, as you are in me and I am in you.

Determine in your heart to not judge others or yourself, because neither they nor you exist apart from the will of the Father. Let the light of the Lord God be the judge of the darkness.

Devote yourselves to trusting in me and do not live in fear of the world of darkness, for the Lord God is faithful and His promise to those who are in me will not fail.

Anticipate the coming of the Lord God Almighty in your life as each day passes before you, knowing that true faith means you have already received what you ask for and what you need.

Invite others to share in my joy and do not set those in the darkness aside, but surround them with the light, so that they may humble themselves and not suffer in eternal blindness.

I tell you the truth, these Seven Stars make up one Eternal Light and so let them shine in your hearts, singing forth the song of the angels and the Holy Spirit will guide you on your journey.

I say unto the Churches of Light: Do not enslave your flock again with rules, rituals, guilt and fear, for one cannot love that which they are afraid to go near.

I say unto the elders of the body of my Church: Do not conceal darkness, but cast it out into the light, so that the entire world shall see that the Lord God does not judge with partiality.

I tell you that whatever you bound on earth will be bound in Heaven and therefore, preserve the light of the Lord God, for it is not contained within walls made by man.

To all who seek me, I say unto you that I am the Lord over all things in Heaven and earth, but I am also the Lord that stands with you, regardless of what you have done, are doing or ever will do.

I am yours and you are mine and you have been bought with the price of blood and nothing will separate you from my love.

I did not ask anyone to lay down their lives for me, but only that they accept the life I have laid down for them and to share that truth in love with others.

Let those who seek this truth, find it, so that they may know and understand that I came to set the captives free, and freedom you have found in me.”