The Nations of our Time

Chapter 22

I asked the Lord, “Lord, the nations of the world today are much different than the kingdoms of mankind that ruled from the days of Abraham to the times that you walked the earth as a man, and the Apostles after you.

Our system of government and ideas of freedom greatly differ as well.

The country I live in is considered the wealthiest nation on earth, with the most powerful military the world has ever witnessed, and it is an avid defender of the Nation of Israel.

I have always wondered, what does this mean to you my Lord? Are the current systems of countries and government considered to be a good thing before you my Lord, and are we an example of how mankind should live?

I would ask the same thing for all of the countries considered to be the countries of the West, my Lord, for it is really through the spreading of your Holy Church that these countries have come to be what they now are.”

The Lord said unto me, “The whole earth is mine and everything that is in it, therefore it matters not where one boundary of mankind begins and the other boundary ends.

Many countries have been the greatest and most powerful and have risen and fallen.

Each had their own idea of governing, trade and military, and believed that they were the ones who governed rightfully, yet all have eventually fallen and did not rise again, except one.

Do not oppress the poor, while showing favor to the rich. Do not rule over the people with cruelty and injustice. Do not rule your nation with greed, nor burden the people with overbearing taxes. Do not go to war at the beckoning of those with dark hearts. Do not let wicked men and women rule over you. Defend those who are oppressed by evil. Refrain from removing me from your society. Teach your children the love of the Lord God.

If any nation does these things and honors my name, they will surely be blessed and I will cause them to prosper, but if any nation ceases to honor me, they will fall, and their time is short.

If you look upon the world of mankind, he is surely lost. Despite all his knowledge and strength, he cannot save himself. The world of mankind seeks its own demise, and they will surely destroy themselves by their own darkness.

Mankind has an insatiable desire for greed, honor, power, wealth and control. He sets himself up to believe that he is his own god, though he never considers himself to be this way.

I tell you that it is not the Lord God who will bring down fire upon the earth, but the angels of the Lord will allow the darkness to come forth as mankind has chosen - and those days will be a time of terrible suffering for all of mankind.

Darkness cannot help but destroy itself, as it is in the very nature of darkness to kill and covet. The light of the Lord God, however, does not destroy that which is eternally of the Lord God. The light and the darkness will not exist eternally, only the light.

I say unto the leaders of the nations of mankind, turn away from your path of destruction. Seek out my word and I will grant you wisdom to lead in righteousness, and do not dismiss in your heart the failures of the rulers before you.

Do not shed blood in the pursuit of power, wealth and gold. Do not create fortified cities to defend from the darkness, but march forward with the light of the Lord as your banner. Let your nation reflect love, mercy, forgiveness and peace, for power belongs to the Lord and the Lord alone, and I have granted it to you so that you may do good and not evil.

The nation that does these things will stand; the nation that does them not, will fall and will not rise again.”