The Other Religions

Chapter 23

I then asked the Lord, “Lord, other religions that do not accept you as their Savior but teach of good works, morality and submissiveness to God - are they condemned to blinding of the light?

I have always thought that there must be another way, and that you are God and therefore, can you not make yourself known in other forms to mankind?”

The Lord said unto me, “Does not your question contain the subtle error of deceit that has led many astray? If I am God, then tell me who I am? Where does mankind get his knowledge of me and how does he know me? Does the Lord God change from one moment of mankind’s time to another?

The Word of God is eternal and everlasting and has stood as His proclamation to mankind for thousands of years. It was revealed to mankind in the flesh.

The evidence of my being has been given to mankind since the beginning of their existence, and has never been lost, nor will it ever be.

The Word has been given to mankind for those who seek it in truth - and not one word of it, has failed to come to pass, nor will that which is written of what is still to come fail to take place.

I tell you that many have come, and many will come who will lead the world of mankind astray. Those who seek wisdom and truth, however, are to find it only in me.

If one proclaims as truth a revelation from God, test it against the word that has been written. The wisdom of the Lord cannot be set aside, nor can any promise of it ever fail.

Mankind can neither contain, nor corrupt the light; knowledge and truth of the Lord God and His word cannot be withheld from those who seek it in their hearts. I tell you that many false religions have risen and fallen.

To those who follow other gods and have been deceived, I say unto you, turn to me and ask for wisdom, and do not follow the hardness of your own hearts.

I am the God of all, and my love for you could be no greater. Come unto me and I will give you an eternal life of peace, joy and love in the light of the living God.

Those who seek truth will find it; And those who seek a lie, will find it as well.”