The Last Row of Great Trees

Chapter 24

I asked the Lord, “Lord, the last question that I have for you is about this tree where we sit. It is the last tree of the Great Forest, and it appears that no other rows can be added, as it comes up to the face of the cliff wall and cannot pass.

What does this tree symbolize my Lord, and will there be more?”

The Lord then said unto me, “The tree which is great and bears fruit is also a great tree of faith. It is the first of the last twelve, and this tree will grow to great heights and bear much fruit.

This tree will be joined by eleven others that will grow beside it. As it grows, so shall they, until the final row is completed.

I tell you that the light of man is in the world for only awhile longer and so we must work while it is still day - for when the night comes, no one can work.

The coming of the Lord God draws near, and the whole world will be exposed to the eternal light. I have called unto you so that mankind may hear the message of the Lord.

Come unto me those who thirst, for in me you will thirst no more!

Come unto me those who hunger, for in me is the eternal bread of life!

Come unto me those who are weary, for in me is eternal rest!

Come unto me those who are in darkness, for in me is eternal light!

Come unto me those who hate, for in me is eternal love!

Come unto me those who fear, for in me is eternal peace!

Come unto me those who are lost, for in me you have been found!

Come unto me all, for my hands have been laid open before you and my arms spread wide before the whole world. I will refuse no one who comes to me, for I am the eternal light of love, truth and peace.”

I said unto the Lord, “Come, my Lord, for your people long to see you again and forever thereafter!”

And the Lord rose and put His hands upon my face and smiled.

He then said unto me, “I AM. That, I AM.”