Of Michael

Chapter 25

I, Michael, whom the Lord God chose to write down this Book, now write down my own words, so that all who read this Book may know that I am the lowest among mankind.

I do not seek glory, honor or attention from mankind, and I did not choose to seek out the things revealed to me. I have prayed to the Lord that mankind may not know my name - and if they are to do so, may it be after I have left the world of mankind, for I do not wish to suffer the darkness of mankind’s heart and be subjected to the judgment suffered by those who have been called to write down the Lord God’s words.

Having said that, I am in complete surrender to His will, as my life is not my own. Do not think that I have not considered the costs of obeying the Lord God, as they have been great - but He is greater.

I always knew of the Lord God, and theoretically I believed in Jesus Christ, however I did not seek Him out, nor did I pursue a life of righteousness.

The way of the Lord I did not understand, and I had been a realist all of my life. I felt that if God was real and if He cared, I saw no evidence of this in my world, and I thoroughly believed that a man must look after himself, or no one else would.

I walked many paths in the world of mankind, and they all led me back to the Lord God. I did nothing to deserve His calling.

Many have said that prophets of the Lord are no longer necessary, because the full Word of God has been revealed unto mankind. I am not a theologian, nor will I speak against anyone who loves the Lord God, for they are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

As it is written, “If we are out of minds, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you.”

The Lord God has told me many things that have come to pass, and I have seen Him perform miracles through His word to me. The words that I have written were given to me in visions, conversations and walks with the Lord God.

In great fear, I have written down what the Lord has commanded me to write, for I am not without reverence for the Lord and I fear judgment as do all who know the living God.

The calling of the Lord God does not give a man room for his own will, as I say to you that one cannot know the living God and then walk in life as if he does not.

I do not claim to be a prophet, nor do I claim to be more righteous than any other. I claim only what the Lord God has told me, and that which I have seen, heard and witnessed. There is no deception in my heart as pertains to this book, nor do I seek self-acclamation. Glory to God and God alone.

I say to all who are reading this, so that you will know it and fix it in your mind, heart and soul:

The Lord God is real, Heaven is real, angels are real, the darkness is real, and it is a greater truth than I could have ever imagined.

With great pain and suffering I have written these words down, and whether or not they are accepted as truth by the body of Christ, I will leave to the Spirit of the Lord God to determine.

My only hope, which I pray for more than anything else, is that these words may bring some of those who have chosen to reject His love, into His arms.

I tell you that there is no greater love than that of the Lord God, and His beauty, majesty, power, love and gentleness cannot be truly understood or written down by mankind.

I pray for peace to those who seek to know the Lord God, and may the Spirit of Christ rest upon you, giving you faith, hope and love throughout all your days.

Trust in the Lord God, for He will not fail you.


In Christ,