The Victory of the Lord

Chapter 6

I looked upon Him and began to think about how the Mother Mary must have felt, seeing Her beautiful and gentle Son this way. If it shattered my heart to pieces, how much greater was her suffering? I began to understand why so many people revere her in the way that they do, as I could not even fathom the level of her pain. Her faith must have been great, as it was said that she comforted others - yet I could not find words to comfort anyone in this moment, as I had none to give.

As I thought about these things, it suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea what to do next. I was so overwhelmed with feeling the need to take Him down and wash Him, that I had not thought about what I was to do with His body once I had done so.

I turned away from Him and began to look around, remembering that He had been placed in a tomb carved into a hillside. I could not see anything that gave me a sense of direction to go to find a location to place Him.

I said to unto myself, “What are you going to do now?”

Then I turned back towards Him, and He was gone - only the remnants of the robe remained, with the dust lightly blowing on it! I began to weep and panic.

Suddenly, I heard the Lord’s voice, and He said unto me, “Do not weep, for I have overcome the Cross, and the will of God has been done. The Light of eternal love overcame darkness in mankind, and my joy could be no greater.”

I turned and behold, the Lord was standing in the water beside me, dressed in a white glowing robe, just as I had seen Him before.

He had a warm and gentle smile on His face and the sun shone directly upon Him, and He said unto me, “I am glad to see you again.”

I dropped to my knees in the water, which had become crystal blue and clean, and I asked Him, saying, “Forgive me Lord, are you the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Christ, the Messiah, my Brother and my Friend?”

I knew not how all His names came to me, but I felt the need to proclaim each one of them before Him.

The Lord then gently laughed and answered unto me, “I AM,” and I kissed His hands.

He held each side of my face within the palms of His hands and said unto me, “Do not fear, as all is well, and I summoned you here so that you may understand the purpose for which you have been called, as much wisdom is to be bestowed upon you and it must start here.”

I began to weep with overwhelming joy at seeing His glory and His body restored.

His face and touch were so gentle, and He said unto me, “Love does not fear and it does not condemn, it holds no record of being wronged and it cannot be changed as it is eternal and never ending.

Love has no beginning, and through it, was put forth the creation of all things. Its boundaries cannot be measured, as it does not end. You will soon begin to understand the true nature of the light of God, as you have been a witness to it this day, and so you will be a witness to much more in love.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, I am not worthy of your love and I have shown you no love, nor have I ever felt love. I do not possess the ability to know love because my heart has been dark since as long as my memory can reach back.”

The Lord said unto me, “Love is not earned, nor can it be taken. Love is and was and is to come and nothing can change its course, for from it and through it all things exist and are held together.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, forgive me, but I do not understand what you mean, for my mind cannot seem to grasp the meaning of the things you say.”

He then said unto me, “I am going to baptize you, washing away your doubt and fear. When you arise, you will be taken on a journey with the Lord God and be shown many things, but first your heart and mind must be cleared. Do you understand this?”

I said unto the Lord, “Yes Lord, I understand. I must be cleansed of my sins, before I can be present with the Father and you again.”

The Lord then said unto me, “Already you are free from darkness, for that was the purpose for which I came. I baptize you to free you of your own fear and the limitations of your mind and heart - but the world has been cleansed of sin already.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, I do not completely understand, but I would be honored to have you baptize me and take me wherever you wish. I love you as much as I know how to love, and more than I can even begin to express.”

The Lord smiled and said unto me, “This I already know, and have known since the beginning of all things, so do not fear for I am with you.”

He then said in a gentle voice, “Let your eyes be opened, your mind set free and your heart be filled with wisdom,” and then He laid me into the water.

I saw the world flash before my eyes and I saw a timeless, endless darkness and a bright and shining light in the distance, which I knew was the glory of the Lord God Almighty.