The Beginning of the Beginning

Chapter 7

I was suspended in nothingness, with darkness all around me, except for the shining light in the distance. This darkness contained its own energy and felt as if it was pressing against me, holding me in a grip of some sort.

I felt my hand being grabbed ahold of, and I looked to see the Lord to the left of me. He had taken hold of me with His right hand and had a gentle smile across His face.

He then said unto me, “You are about to see and be told many things. Some you will understand and some you will not, but you will see them and hear them nevertheless.”

I said unto Him, “I am ready Lord.”

The shining light came upon us and took hold of the Lord; through Him, the light took hold of me as well. We were both drawn into the light, first the Lord and then I.

We entered the light and the darkness was gone, along with the energy I had felt pressing against me. I was standing on nothing, but did not feel suspended either, as the shining light and I were of one substance, having no resistance between us.

I saw the Lord in front of me and He had a smile on His face. The light was going right through Him, and I only knew who He was by the spirit, for I could not see Him in the image of a man as before.

Then behold, the Father appeared beside Him, and great warmth fell upon me while my spirit felt a sense of utter relaxation. I bowed before them in the spirit and they began to speak to me in one voice.

The Lord God said unto me, “Turn and face the darkness.”

I turned and looked out from inside the light and saw the darkness, and I said unto the Lord God, “I see nothingness, emptiness and eternal darkness my Lord.”

He said unto me, “You are correct, for nothing that is to be created has yet been.”

Then I said unto the Lord God, “I do not understand my Lord, did you not create the darkness? For I have always been told that you were the Creator of everything my Lord.”

The Lord God then said unto me, Everything that ever was and ever will be, was created by my word, but the darkness was not. The darkness is the reflection of that which is without light and so by my will, I allowed it to stay within its boundaries until the time of my choosing. The darkness therefore, represents that in which I created all things and brought forth the light, yet the darkness had to remain, for in the eternal light all that is created ceases to be seen.”

I said unto the Lord God, “I do not understand my Lord, forgive me.”

And the Lord God said unto me, “Behold and you shall see with your own eyes and understanding you will have.”

I felt my spirit pulled back and sat before the Lord God, directly in front of Him with my face looking out into the darkness from inside of the light.

The Lord stepped forward and looked at me with a smile, and then I felt a great surge of energy rush through me and all throughout the place of light.

The Lord surged forward through the light and penetrated the outer edges of it and leapt forth into the darkness as would a ray of light.

He lifted His hands, speaking words of a language I did not understand, and great light shot forth which darkness began to flee from. I watched in amazement as the darkness was bent back, as if waters held back by a great dam, and the darkness groaned under the light of the Lord.

I began to see great formations take place within the great light. Formations of great planets, stars and galaxies began to shape and spread out in the light, into the outer edges of the darkness.

They moved very slowly, rolling forward, as would rocks sliding down a hill in slow motion. I saw all types of shapes, colors and lights begin to appear and it was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen.

The darkness tried to push back against the light, bent on flooding in and destroying the beauty of the Lord God’s creation, and I felt it might be too strong for the light to withstand.

I heard the voice of the Father, and He said unto me, The light is much greater than the darkness and it will not be overcome.”

I looked and saw that Lord was setting everything in its place and its vastness was beyond imagination, but I saw it all as if it were a painting on a board before me.

The Lord said unto the Lord, “Let us free the darkness, so that our work may be finished,” and then behold; the darkness began to run throughout the creation like a river running through a city, but without causing it any harm.

The darkness came rushing in, but it could not move anything that the Lord God had created or set in place. The Lord God had set beacons of light throughout His creation, to ensure that darkness could not prevail over all that He had created.

The Lord God had created all things over the darkness and forced it to give up its vastness, and it could not resist His will. I saw myself looking down onto all the Lord God had made, and I was standing far above the darkness and the creation, while still enclosed in the light.

The Lord God said unto me, “Open your eyes and see the vastness of the light that no one has known or understood.”

I looked and I saw a great light that encircled the darkness, which was never-ending and vast. The darkness and the creation of the Lord God were encapsulated inside of the light, enclosed and surrounded with no chance of escape. The darkness appeared as only the eye of a great hurricane, with an eternal cloud of light circling it in motion.

I said unto the Lord God, “Lord, my eyes see what my thoughts could not imagine. All of creation and all that I have known to be vast and endless are but a mere shadow of the eternal light. The darkness appears to have been as a single sheet of paper, which the Lord God chose to draw upon.”

Questions raced through my mind and I began to ponder the meaning of all that I was seeing. How did it all relate to mankind, the Holy Bible and all that I had ever known and perceived as truth?

I felt overwhelmed in my spirit, as I could not comprehend the vastness and enormity of it all, and I felt lost.

The Lord God said unto me, “Do not be troubled, for the wisdom you seek will be given to you and you will understand all things that you have seen and been told.”

I saw myself being led by the light throughout the creation and shown the beauty of it all. I saw great planets, magnificent stars and endless arrays of colors, shapes and images beyond the imagination. All of it set inside of itself, limited to its own purpose, yet tied together as part of a greater purpose.

The Lord God took me to the face of a massive planet at the very edge of where the outer light and the darkness met. The size of it was enormous and it contained nothing but the ambient light that shined from the rest of the creation.

I was taken down to the surface and there was nothing to be seen other than solid rock with mountains, canyons and flat lands. I saw no water, no sky, no trees, and no plants or grass. There was no breeze, sun or moon and the planet was dead, without any life.

The Lord God led me to a high mountain and set me down at the face of a huge cave with a long and massive cliff leading out to the edge of the great mountain.

I looked down and behold; the height of it was unimaginable, for I could see the face of the planet forever from where I stood. The depth to the bottom was beyond my ability to measure.

The Lord God took my hand and led me inside the mouth of the cave and the darkness illuminated in His presence, so that I could see out in front of me as I walked with Him.

The cave was vast, going on forever - and its walls, ceiling and floor were beyond my sight.

The Lord God stopped and turned around, facing the direction towards which we had entered, and He said unto me, “Sit and watch for I am about to show you the answer to one of the questions that you seek to know.”

The Lord God then smiled, being fully aware of what I was about to see, and He appeared to find it humorous as to what my reaction was going to be.

I found that to be a peaceful reassurance in my spirit, to know that the Lord God was gentle, and that He understood my being only a man and found humor to be good in His sight.