The Eternal Throne Established

Chapter 8

Then I heard a gentle whisper come forth from the Lord God in the same language that He had spoken before, yet this time I understood the words contained in this gentle whisper - He said:

“Let there be life.”

Then a floating mist of light proceeded forth from the mouth of the Lord God, which reminded me of a trail of star dust, for I know not how else to describe it.

The mist of light traveled slowly through the cave, leaving a trail of light behind it as it went forward, and I watched in anticipation as to what its purpose was.

I saw it exit the cave, then disperse and spread out into the vastness of the planet, losing some of its light as it did so. Time seemed to stop at that moment, and there was a great silence. The trail of light stayed suspended within that moment.

Then behold, a great and sudden flash of light exploded before me and its energy was awesome, yet I was not blinded by it.

I saw in the vast distance, a wall of light rushing towards the cave at great speed. It grew brighter and brighter the closer it drew towards the cave, and it covered over all the details of the land that I had seen before.

The great light rushed into the cave, yet its brightness and power had become so great that I had to look away, for it had become too much for my eyes to behold. I felt a surge go through me and felt as if I could not breathe.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, please Help me for the light is choking me!”

Then the surge stopped, silence returned, and I could breathe again.

I heard the voice of the Lord God and He said unto me, “Do not be afraid. Raise your eyes and see what I have created before you.”

I lifted my head and I was amazed at what I saw.

Behold, laid out before me was the throne room of the Lord God, and the great golden gates that I had entered with the Lord in my first vision!

I looked up and discovered that I was sitting upon the great red steps before the throne of the Lord God. He was sitting upon the throne in all His glory, with the great angels standing behind Him.

I cried out to the Lord God, “Lord, how can this be? What is this that my eyes have seen? Is your throne established inside the creation, Lord?”

The Lord God said unto me, “My throne is established inside of the creation for the purpose of which I established it, so that the darkness may know that I am the Lord God and I dwell forever within it. With the eternal light of love it was created, and in love it is forever established.”

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, please forgive me, but how can this be, for where is this written, that such things have taken place?”

The Lord God said unto me, “Is it not written that my word will go forth and accomplish the purpose for which I sent it, and that it will not return to me until it has done so? There is much more for you to see and know and much is yet to be revealed. Let us walk together, so that you may behold what I have done.”

The Lord God rose from His throne and stood towering above me as would a great giant, and all the throne room shook as He stood.

The angels began to cry out and sing songs of glory and praise to Him, and I bowed down before Him.

I felt the hand of the Lord take hold of my right hand and He said unto me, Come and I will show you what I have done before you.”

I rose and behold, the Lord was standing beside me, appearing in the image of a Man as I had seen in my earlier visions, gently smiling, and I felt comfort with Him.

We began to walk towards the golden doors, and I could see nothing else in the presence of the throne room besides the angels. I did not see the white table, the pillars, or Adam and Eve as I had before.

As we approached the golden gates, they began to open outwards this time, instead of fading away as before when I had entered them.

I looked and I saw two massive angels pushing the doors open and the great angel Michael, standing on the path of transcendent light and cloud which before had been a great cliff. He was bowed low, and as before, had His hands placed together before the Lord as if in prayer.

The Lord said unto him, “Go now and summon the guardian of the darkness and bring him before me,” and at once, Michael departed in flight, as if an arrow of light and was quickly beyond my vision.

Michael did not seem to notice me as he had before.

I then asked the Lord, “Lord, I did not feel that Michael knew that I was here, as if he did not perceive me?”

The Lord said unto me, “That is because you do not yet exist. Come now and see what I have brought you to see,” and I realized what He was saying, and it astonished me.

We began walking together and I again saw the endless array of angels before me, yet I also saw a beautiful sky above them, which I had not seen before. I looked closer at them and they had no armor, nor were they equipped with any weapon. They were glowing with light. The color of their skin and the white of their eyes appeared the same, but they did not seem to be of a warrior breed as before.

The Lord said unto them, “Go now and take light into the creation and deliver life unto it.”

In a flash, they were gone, and where millions had been there was not one left in my presence.

Then suddenly, all the creation of the planet appeared, which had been hidden from my eyes by the glory of the angels, before the Lord had sent them away.

The Lord asked me, “What do you see?”

I could not answer Him as I was in awe at what the Lord God had done to this barren planet of rock with only a whisper.

The Lord again said unto me, “If you can hear me tell me what you see.”

I looked at Him and He was smiling towards me with that look of amusement He had displayed before.

I said unto Him, “Forgive me Lord, for I was speechless before you because of what I see. I see beautiful waterfalls, rivers, streams and lakes. I see green trees, plants and grass. I see beautiful flowers, fruits and the colors of rainbows throughout it all.

I see glorious white mountains and the color of gold, diamonds, gems and rubies made of all colors throughout it, and it goes on forever and ever in my sight Lord.”