Journey through Heaven

Chapter 9

The Lord said unto me, “Come, so that we may look closer.”

He let go of my hand and sprang forth off the cliff and soared high above the land, as would a great eagle, and I watched in amazement.

The Lord said unto me, “Come and fly with me.”

I said unto Him, “Lord, I cannot fly, as I am not you.”

I then looked and I had two great white wings as did the angels, and the Lord said unto me, “Come now and let’s see it together. Jump out and fly by my side.”

He reached His hand to me and I leapt towards Him - and began to fall towards the ground far below.

I cried out to the Lord, “Lord, I am falling to the ground and cannot fly!”

The Lord said unto me, “Wings are of no use if you do not choose to use them.”

I spread the wings out from my sides and in an instant, was soaring upwards and made my way to where the Lord was waiting for me, feeling relief in my spirit.

The Lord said unto me, “Follow me and we will enjoy this place together,” and He soared down towards the land below and I followed with great eagerness.

We landed upon a small cliff covered in green grass with a river of clear blue water running beneath it. The river was roughly a thousand feet below us, and at the end of it I saw a waterfall that rose into white clouds, which were much higher than the cliff where we were standing.

I looked out from the edge of the cliff with the Lord standing to my left, and I saw beautiful meadows with layers of beautiful flowers that went on forever.

In the middle of the meadows were fruit trees that were gathered in spots throughout the meadows. The fruits they bore were of all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes and looked very pleasing to the eye.

The Lord asked me, “Do you enjoy swimming?”

I answered, “Yes my Lord, I do enjoy swimming from time to time.”

He then said unto me, “Let us swim together.”

He dove from the edge of the cliff into the water below, and I followed right behind Him, having no fear at all.

The Lord went into the water at great speed and I prepared myself for the force of the water. When I entered the water however, I felt no force upon me at all and the water had no resistance toward me.

I felt perfect coolness in the water, and it was so clear that I could see the Lord in front of me. There was no distortion of my vision and it amazed me. I did not expend any energy as I swam, and the water was refreshing in such a way that I cannot clearly explain.

The Lord surfaced from the deep and I followed up behind Him. He stood before me with a bright smile on His face and was completely dry from His waist up.

I looked and saw that the place where I had come up, which had been deep, now only came up to my waist, and I was also dry from the water line up.

The Lord asked me, “Did you enjoy that swim?”

I said unto Him, “Yes Lord, that I did,” and He smiled, turned and began walking towards the great waterfall and I followed behind Him.

As we walked, I got a closer look at the trees that were growing beside the waters and saw they were perfectly made. There was no decay or dryness in their leaves and their fruit was perfectly shaped, unlike anything I had ever seen before.

I turned my attention back to the Lord as He came up towards the base of the waterfall and then stopped and waited for me to come up beside Him.

The Lord said unto me, “Spread out your wings and follow me,” and He went into the waterfall, flying upwards in the midst of the water.

I stood there stunned for a second, and then followed Him up the waterfall.

I flew through millions of gallons of water crashing down from great heights, but I felt no resistance. This place contained all the wonders of the earth without the natural laws that governed the earth.

We came out of the top of the waterfall and the Lord and I stopped, suspended above it and behold, I saw an enormous crystal blue river flowing into the waterfall. Each side of it held great forests of trees that looked majestic.

The Lord landed where the river became a waterfall and I landed beside Him, and we were both completely dry. I realized that the air was neither cold nor warm and I felt a gentle breeze, but it did not serve to change the temperature around me, neither heating me up, nor cooling me off.

The Lord began to walk towards the riverbank in the direction left of us as we faced the river with the waterfall behind us, and I followed behind Him.

We walked onto the shoreline and I felt the grass against my bare feet. It was lighter than cotton and didn’t cause me any discomfort whatsoever, nor did I seem to cause it any by walking upon it.

The Lord then reached a small, beautiful fruit tree and sat down beneath it, and so I sat down beside Him. He then took a piece of fruit from the tree and bit into it, offering me some and I bit into it as well.

The taste of the fruit was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. With just one bite of it I was filled, and I had no cravings for more.

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I do not need any more of the fruit, so what shall I do with what is left, as I do not wish to throw it aside and waste it?”

The Lord said unto me, “Set it down on the ground beside you and do not be troubled with what remains,” and so I did.

I looked up at the Lord and He was smiling at me, so I looked back where I laid the fruit and it was gone. It had grown back again at the place from which the Lord had taken it, and I was perplexed.

The Lord said unto me, “Do not be perplexed by what you see, for that which I give freely to you and you freely accept, will never perish, but will always be replenished.

But that which is taken, without being offered or accepted in love will always perish. Apart from love, there is not life and all that does not contain love within it is forever corrupted and cannot withstand the light of life, in which it was created.”

I asked the Lord, “Lord, is this the Heaven where people go when they die if they have believed in you?”

The Lord said unto me, “It is the place that was created for that purpose, but there is still much for you to see and hear before you will understand this completely.”

I said unto the Lord, “Lord, I am overwhelmed in my spirit at all that I have seen however, I am ready to go with you and see and hear whatever you would have me see and hear.”

The Lord smiled and said, “Your faith is growing and your resistance to my love is being overcome, so that the light may reveal more to you. Come now and let us return to the throne room, as we will be here many more times together.”

I was in an instant standing again before the throne, and the Father sat upon it while the Lord stood to my left.

Then I heard the sound of a great trumpet being blown. I turned to see the golden gates being opened, and the angels began to shout and sing praises of joy to the Lord God.

The Lord walked me to the top of the steps before the throne and sat me down directly before the Father. He then became light again, and He and the Father became united.

I saw the great angel Michael walking towards the throne of the Lord God and beside Him was a large creature of strange and distorted appearance, cowering before the throne. It contained the first shadow I had seen in this place.

Michael came before the steps of the throne with the strange creature beside Him and bowed Him down before the Lord God. Michael then turned and walked back towards the golden gates, and as before He did not perceive my presence.

The strange creature remained bowed with His face to the ground before the Lord God and said unto Him, “Lord God what have I done that you have brought this assault upon me? Have I not stayed in the darkness and not allowed it to come forth into the light, which you have commanded me to do?”

The Lord God said unto Him in a thunderous voice, “You know that you have committed evil with the darkness, attempting to resist my creation, not wanting the darkness to be used by the light.

The darkness has remained for the very purpose of the creation I chose to bring forth, and you were to be the guardian of it until the time I had chosen.

Instead of being a faithful guardian of the darkness, you have chosen for the darkness to be the guardian of yourself, making yourself subject to it.

Therefore, lord over you the darkness shall be, until the time that I choose to cast it and all that abides in it into the great light, which you have chosen to despise.

Your name is now Satan, for you are the one that chose to oppose me and yet was not consumed by the light, for the benefit of my creation.”

The creature now named Satan, kept his face bowed down and said nothing.

The Lord God said unto him, “Be gone from my presence until I choose to summon you again.”

The trumpets blew again, and the golden gates were opened. Michael came forth and took hold of Satan. He took him out of the throne room and then cast him back into the darkness from which he had been summoned.

I asked the Lord God with my head bowed low before Him, “Lord God, please forgive me, but why did you not destroy that creature this day?

I do not understand why you would allow him to oppose the love and light that you have brought forth? I also do not understand why there was a guardian appointed to protect the darkness?”

The Lord God said unto me, “It is not yet time for that to be revealed. You will soon see and hear more, and you will have the answers that you seek.

Return to your appointed time and place, remembering what you have seen and heard, knowing that the Lord God is a God of Eternal Light, which is the essence of Love.”

I awoke from my vision and was in a state of shock over all that I had seen and heard. My mind could not comprehend the vastness of it all.